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Aaron, Biblical Figure

Abel, Biblical Figure

Abdon, A Judge In Israel

Abijah or Abijam, King of Judah

Abimelech, King of Gerar

Abraham, Biblical Figure

Abraham, 75 years old, departed with Lot from Haran

Abraham Gave Tithes to Melchizedek, and Was Blessed By Him

Abraham in the Land of Abimelech

Abraham in the Land of Canaanites

Abraham Lived During The Life Of Shem

Abraham’s Long Journey to Canaan, Trusting God:


Adah, Biblical Figure

Adam, Biblical Figure

Adrianople, Battle of

Aeneas Town of Latium

Agrarian Law, Rome

Ahab, Unrighteous King of Israel

Ahaz, Wicked King of Israel

Ahaziah, King of Israel

Ahaziah, Wicked King of Judah

Alaskan Natives Inhabit Unalakleet

Alemanni and Franks

Alexander Jannaeus

Alexander the Great

Alexander Servius 222 AD

Andrew, Apostle

Almodad, Biblical Figure

Amaziah, Wicked King of Judah

Amon, King of Judah


Amenhotep I, Egyptian Pharoah

Amenhotep III, Egyptian Pharoah

Amenhotep IV Egyptian Pharoah

Ammon, Biblical Figure and Country

Amos,Prophet of Israel and Judah

Amram, Biblical Figure

Amraphael, Biblical Figure

Anasazi Enter Basketmaker Period

Ancus Marcius, Roman ruler

Anglo-Saxons and Britain Vandals in Spain (407 to 429 AD)

Antiochus I, Seleucid Era

Antiochus II, Seleucid Era

Antiochus III, Seleucid Era

Antiochus IV, Seleucide Era

Antonius Pius

Apocrypha, Bible Timeline and the 

Apostles of Christ Spread the Church

Apostle Matthias, The 

Apostolic Ministry Begins (33 AD), The

Arabs and the Philistines, Wars with

Arab Nations

Arcadius, 395 AD

Arianism Condemned

Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant, Taken and Returned (1180 BC), The 

Arminius 14-16 AD

Arphaxad, Biblical Figure

Artaxerxes I of Persia

Artaxerxes II and III of Persia

Arvad, Gebal, Phoenicia founded cities of 

Asa, King of Judah

Asa, King of Judah Defeats Ethiopians

Asher, Biblical Figure

Asoka King of Magadha

Asshur, Biblical Figure

Asshur (Syria) and Babylon 750 BC 

Asshur-ubalitt II Last Assyrian Monarch

Assyria, Biblical Place

Assyria, End of Empire

Assyria, Nations Subject to

Assyrian Power Beginning 1700 BC, Rise of 

Assyrian Soldiers Killed by an Angel, 185,000

Attila the Hun

Astarte, Worshipped by Phoenicians

Astronomy and Astrology

Athalia, Wicked Queen of Judah

Athens, Founding of

Athens, Thrives 700 to 500 BC

Augustus, Roman Emperors

Aurelius, Marcus

Aztec Calendar Similar to Asiatic

King Azariah or Uzziah 

Baal, Pagan God of Babylon

Baasha, King of Israel

Babel, Tower of

Babylonian Captivity, First

Babylonian Captivity, Second

Barak Judge in Israel

Barnabus, Council of Laodicea Forbids Use of Epistles of 

Battle of Adrianople

Belshazzar, Last Babylonian King

Ben Hadad, King of Syria

Benjamin, son of Jacob

Bethuel the Syrian, Rebecca’s Father 1804 BC

Brahmanic religion 800 BC, Development of Pantheistic 

Bilhah, Biblical Figure

Britain a Roman Province

 Britain Vandals in Spain (407 to 429 AD), Anglo-Saxons and

Buddha the Wise

Buddhism Spreads in China, IndoChina, Japan and Tibet


Burial Mounds in Illinois

Cadmus, Historical Mythical Figure

Caedmon, Portions of Bible Translated by

Caesar and Cleopatra

Cain, Biblical Figure

Cainan, Biblical Figure

Caleb, Biblical Figure

Calendar Reformed

Caligula 37 AD

Cambyses of Persia

Camillus, Dictator of Rome

Canaan, Biblical Figure

Canaan, Biblical Place

Captivity, First Carrying Away

Casears, Roman Emporers

Carthage, Ancient City of Phoenicia

Carthage, A Naval Power

Cerros Abandoned Within 100 Years

Chalons Won by Allied Armies of Europe against the Huns, Great Battle of

Chaldaic Kingdom, New 

Chandragupta of India

Chang-An in China, Golden Age of

Chavin Culture Unites Peru

Chavin People of Andes Make Llama Jerky; Raise Potatoes, Quinoa, and Maize

Cheops or Pharoah Khufu, Historical Person

China: Age of vigorous thinking

China, Animal Sacrifice

China, Buddhism Spreads

China, Brick and Stone Works

China, Chou or Zhou Dynasty

China, Eunuchs In

China, 16 Kingdoms of

China, Lyric Poetry

China, Great Wall of

China, Han Dynasty Incessent War

China, Math and Science

China, Nation

China: Spring and Autumn Period

China, Taxes and Tithing

Chinese Astronomers

Chinese Bury Companion of the Dead

Christ, Birth of

Christian Church Spreads

Christian Persecution in Rome

Cicero, Orator, Politician, Philosopher

Circumcision, God’s Covenant With Abraham, The Law Of 

Cimmerians and Scythians

Cincinnatus, Roman Dictator

Cimbri and Teutons

Claudius 41 AD

Cleopatra. Last Ruler of Ancient Egypt

Cleopatra, Caesar and

Codex Sinaiticus

Commodus, Lucius Aurelius

Confucius, Chinese Philosopher

Constantine Converted to Christianity

Constantinople Becomes the Capital

Constantinus I 301 AD

Constantius II 337 AD

Cuneiform Writing

Cush, Biblical Figure and Place

Cushan Rishathaim

Cyrus the Great

Dacia, 270 AD – Rome Abandons

Dan, Biblical Figure

Darius III, Persian Leader

David Defeats Goliath

David Subdues All Neighboring Tribes and Leads Israel Into Great Prosperity

David Subdues Edomites

David Subdues Moabites and Ammonites

David Subdues the Syrians

David Becomes King

Danaus Founds Citadel of Argos

Daniel, Major Prophet of the Bible

Darius I of Persia

Decius 249 AD

Decius Fights the Goths

Deiokes or Deioces of the Medes

Demosthenes, Greek Orator and Politician

Diaspora of the Jews


Domitian 81 AD

Draco and His Legislation

Eber, Biblical Figure

Edom, Kings of

Edomites, Biblical People

Edomites, Subdued by David

Eglon, Moabite King

Egypt, Biblical Nation

Egypt – 12th Dynasty

Egypt, Decay begins

Egyptian Dynasties 19-22

Egypt’s 22nd to 30th Dynasties

Egypt, Intermediate Kingdoms

Egypt, Subject to Persia

Ehud, A Judge

Elah, King of Israel

Elam, son of Shem

Elbe and Weser, Rome Conquers Germany to 

Eli, A Judge in Israel

Eliezer, A Minor Prophet

Elijah, Prophet of Israel and Judah

Elisha, Prophet of Israel and Judah

El Mirador (Guatemala): Early Maya City

Elon, Bible Judge

Enoch Son of Cain, Biblical Figure

Enoch Ancestor of Noah, Biblical Figure

Enos, Biblical Figure

Esau, Biblical Figure

Esau married Judith and Bashmeth, Hittites

Esdras Prophet and Book of the Apocrypha

Ethiopia 700 BC, The King of 

Ephraim, Biblical Figure

Ephraim, Biblical Figure

Esther, Biblical Persian Queen

Etruscan Wars with Rome

Eusebius, the Great Ecclesiastical

Exodus, Moses Leads the

Eve, Biblical Figure


Ezra, Bible Prophet

Fabius Maximus, Roman Dictator

Flavians, The

Franks The

Flood, Noahs

Gad, Biblical Figure


Gebal, Phoenicia founded cities of Arvad, 

Gedeliah, Governor of Judah

Gibeon, Biblical People and Places

Gideon Judge in Israel

Gomer, Biblical Figure

Gomorrah, Biblical City

Goths Invade Rome

Goths and the Black Sea

Greco-Macedonian Empire

Greco-Persian Wars Greece, Ionian and Dorian Colonies

Greece, the Beginning of

Greek, Universal Language 300 BC to 200 AD

Greek and Persian Wars

Habakkuk, Bible Figure


Hadrian, Emporer of Rome and the Jews

Hagar, Biblical Figure

Haida and Kwakiutl Tribes Thrive in Northwest America

Ham, Biblical Figure

Han Dynasty 202 BC-220 AD

Hannibal, Life of

Haran, Biblical Figure

Huastec Builders of El Tajin Create Fresh Water Canals for Irrigation Near the Sea

Hazael, King of Syria

Hazarmaveth, Biblical Figure

Heraclius, Jews Persecuted by


Herod Rebuilds Temple

Herod the Great

Herodotus, Greek Historian


Hezekiah, King of Judah

Himyarite Dynasty of Yemen

Hippias of Athens

Hiram of Phoenicia allies with David

Hittites, Biblical People and Places

Hittites Conquer Ninevah


Homer, Homeric Poems

Hopewell Culture 500 AD

Hopewell Culture in Upper Mississippi Region

Hopewell Trading Declines

Hosea, Prophet of Israel

Huldah, Prophetess to King Josiah

Huns and Tartars


Hyksos, People, Culture of

Hyksos, Victory of 

Ibzan, Bible Judge

Indo-German Tribes, Rise of

Infant Baptism and Sprinkling, History of

Irad, Biblical Figure

Isaac, Biblical Figure

Isaiah, Prophet


Ishmael, Sons of Ishmael, Generations of


Israel, Division of Kingdoms

Israel Enslaved 1530 BC, Pharaoh’s Death 

Israel Seeks Alliance

Israel, The Twelve Tribes of

Israel, Wars with

Issachar, son of Jacob

Jabal, Dweller In Tent

Jabin, Canaanite King

Jacob, Biblical Figure

Jacob Blesses His Sons

Jacob Blessed Joseph’s Sons

Jair, A Judge In Israel

James the Greater

Japan culture largely Chinese, Early 

Japan, Nation

Japan, First Emperor 660 BC

Japan, History of the Emperor or Mikado of 

Japan, Shrouds of Mystery Surround the Early History of

Jared, Biblical Figure

Javan, Biblical Character

Japheth, Biblical Figure

Jehoash or Joash, Righteous King of Judah

Jehoash or Joash, Unrighteous King of Israel

Jehoida, Unrighteous King

Jehoshaphat, Righteous King

Jehu, King of Divided Israel

Jeptha, A Judge in Israel

Jebusites, Biblical People and Places

Jehoahaz, Unrighteous King of Israel

Jehoahaz, Unrigheous King Of Judah

Jehoiachin, King of Judah

Jehoiakim, King of Judah

Jehoram, King of Judah

Jehoram or Joram, Wicked King of Israel

Jehoshaphat, King of Israel Subdues Moab and Ammon

Jeremiah, Major Prophet of the Old Testament

Jeroboam I, First King Divided Israel

Jeroboam II, King of Israel, son of Jehoash

Jerusalem and Rome 200 BC

Jerusalem Biblical Times

Jerusalem, City Wall Completed

Jerusalem, Commencement to Rebuild

Jerusalem, Destroyed by Titus 70 AD

Jerusalem, Destruction of

Jerusalem Middle Ages, Caliphates and Ottomans

Jerusalem of Omar

Jerusalem Overview

Jerusalem 1917 to Today

Jews, Extermination of in 135 AD

Jews Return from Captivity in Babylon and Begin to Rebuild the Temple

Jews Struggle For Liberty 167 to 130 BC

Jezebel, Foreign Queen in Israel

Joel Minor Prophet

John Hyrcanus

John the Baptist

John the Apostle, Banished to Patmos

Joktan, Biblical Figure

Jonah and the Whale

Jonathan of Maccabees

Joseph In Egypt

Joseph’s sons born in Egypt by Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, Priest of On – (1704 BC) 

Josephus, Jewish Historian

Joshua or Hoshea

Joshua Son of Nun

Joshua Miraculously Crosses Over Jordan

Josiah, Righteous King of Judah

Jotham, King of Judah

Jubal Player of Harp

Judah (Judah, Benjamin, and Levi), The Kingdom of

Judah, son of Jacob

Judas Maccabaeus, Liberator

Julian the Apostate 361 AD

Julians, The

Julius Caesar, Interesting Facts His Life

Justinian and Catholicism

Kassites Govern Babylon

Kemuel, Biblical Figure

Kingdoms (265-420), Three

Kings, Time of the

Kohath, Biblical Figure

Laban, Rebecca’s Brother

Lamech of Cain, First Polygamist

Lamech Father of Noah

Laodicia Council 360 AD

Laodicea Forbids Use of Epistles of Barnabus, Council of 

Leah, Biblical Figure

Leizu, Mythological Historical Figure

Levi, Biblical Figure

Library Preserved, Great

Li, Wicked Ruler of Chinas Zhou Dynasty

Lydia and Mycenae, Ancient Greece

Lycurgus, Spartan Leader

Lot, Biblical Figure


Macedonia (Under the Antigonid Dynasty)

Macedonian Wars with Rome

Madai, Biblical Figure

Magadha, Asoka King of

Magadha, Kingdom of

Magog, Biblical Figure

Mahalaleel, Biblical Figure

Mahujael, Biblical Figure

Malachi, Bible Prophet

Manasseh, King of Judah

Manasseh, son of Joseph

Marcommannic Wars, Marcus Aurelius and the

Marcus Aurelius Probus 

 Marius, Gaius Roman General

Mark Antony

Matthias, The Apostle 

Martyr Worship Introduced in Rome Christian Church

Maurya Empire of India


Mayans adopt a hierarchical society (nobles and kings), 300 BC The

Maya City of Cerros in Belize Rises

Mayan Civilization 500 AD, Pinnacle of

Maya Civilization, Early Classic Period of

Maya Civilization, Late Classic Period of the

Maya, Earliest Known Stone Calendars Carved by the

Mohammed born, Mecca 571

Mohammed Flees from Mecca to Medina

Memphis Menahem, King of Israel


Merneptah, Egyptian Pharoah

Meshech, Biblical Character

Methusael, Biblical Figure

Methuselah, Biblical Figure

Micah, Biblical Prophet

Mi’qmak (Micmac) Tribe of Nova Scotia, Hieroglyphic Writing System of the

Midianites Subdued Israel, The

Milcah, Biblical Figure

Mississippian Culture of Moundbuilders Replaces Hopewell

Mississippian Mound Builders 700 AD, Rise of

Miriam, the sister of Moses

Mizraim, Biblical Figure and Nation

Moab, Biblical Place and Biblical Figure

Moabites, Bible Nations

Mochica Culture (North Peru)

Mogollon Culture of Southwestern US

Moloch, God of the Ammonites

Mongols, Expelled from China

Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico (100-200 AD)

Moses, Biblical Prophet

Mound Builders in Illinois (1000 B.C.)

Mounds Built as Temple Bases, Flat-Topped

Mound Constructed, Great Serpent

Mycenae and Lydia, Ancient Greece

Naamah, Tubalcains Sister

Nabopolasser, Babylonian King

Nadab, King of Israel

Nahor, Biblical Figure

Naphtali, Biblical Figure

Nations of Ham

Native Americans belief in White God (Cortes, Columbus)

Nazca Coastal Culture in Western South America

Nazca lines on the southern Peruvian coast 200 BC

Nebuchadnezzar, Chaldaic King

Necho II or Nekau II of Egypt

Nero 54 AD

Neo-Assyrian Empire

Nicene Creed

Nicaea, Council of

Nimrod or King Ninus

Nimrod, Center of Babylon and Asshur

Nineveh, Ancient Capital of Assyria

Noah of the Ark and the Flood

Numa Pompilius of Rome

Octavianus First Caesar

Odoacer, King of the Heruli

Olmec Civilization, Collapse of the

Olmecs, Final Decline of the

Olmecs Unite Mesoamerica

Omri, Unrighteous King of Israel

Othniel a Judge in Israel

Olympiad, Last

Olympics, first 776 BC

Oracle of Delphos


Paganism in Rome, End of

Pakal Dies at the Age of 80, The Emperor

Parthians Conquered in 116 AD 

Passover |Old Testament Timeline

Pekehiah, King of Israel

Pelasgi of Greece

Peleg, Biblical Figure

Pekah, King of Israel

Pericles, Greek Statesman

Perizzites, Biblical Nation

Persia and the Median Kingdom 750 BC 

Persia, A Branch of Aryan Where Mentioned in the Bible

Persia, Biblical and Secular Nation

Persian Government, End of the

Persia: Media Conquered

Pharaoh’s Death – Israel Enslaved 1530 BC

Philip II of Greece, Father of Alexander the Great


Philistines Rule In Canaan and Israel

Phillip II and Alexander the Great Make Macedonia a World Power

Piye, Nubian King

Phoenicia Becomes a Greco-Macedonian Monarchy

Phoenecia, Bible Place

Phoenicia colonizes Europe and Africa

Phoenicia, First Trading Nation

Phoenicia Subject to Persia

Phoenicia, Trade with Britain

Phut, Biblical Figure and Place

Pliny (historian)

Plebian Dictators, Rome

Polygamy, Shang Dynasty Care for Old and 

Pompeii, Destruction of 

Pompey Conquers Jerusalem

Postumius, Roman Dictator

Ptolemaic Dynasty

Ptolemies Rule Egypt, The

Ptolemies Rule Jerusalem

Pueblo in Arizona, First Above-Ground Homes of the Ancestral

Pul, King (Tiglath-Pileser III) of Assyria

Pyramids, Building of the Great

Rameses II, Egyptian Pharoah

Rameses III, Egyptian Pharoah

Rebecca, Biblical Figure

Rachel, Biblical Figure

Rehoboam, Son of Solomon, King of Judah

Reu, Biblical Figure

Reuben, Biblical Figure

Roman Decline

Roman Egypt

Rome: Christianity Became the State Religion

Rome: Christian Emperors

Rome: Emperors of Adoption (Nerva-Antonine Dynasty) 96-192 AD

Roman Empire at its Greatest

Romania and Transylvania Subjected to Rome in 101 AD

Rome and the Great Fire of 64 AD

Rome: Emperors, Rule of the Military

Rome, Founding of

Rome and Carthage, Commercial Treaties

Rome, German wars

Rome into 10 Parts, Division of West

Rome Subdues Greece

Rome, The Fall of Western

Rome: Time of the Republic

Romulus Augustulus

Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome

Sabine History 

Saint Patrick in Ireland, The Life of

Salah, Biblical Figure

Samson Judge and Strong Man

Samuel Prophet and Judge

Sammetik III of Egypt

Samnite Tribes, War with Rome

Sanskrit, Ancient Language

Sara, Sarai, Sarah, Biblical Figure

Sardanapalus, Assyrian King

Sargon II

Saul, Biblical King

Saul’s Conversion

Saul Loses Kingship

Saul wars against the Ammonites, Moabites, Syria, Idumea, and Philistines


Saxons on the German Ocean

Seleucus I

Scotland Ruled by Rome in 81 AD

Senechereb II

Serug, Biblical Figure

Septimus Servius 192 AD

Servius Tullius, King of Rome

Seth, Biblical Figure

Seti I, Egyptian Pharoah

Shallum, Unrighteous King

Shalmaneser Assyrian Ruler

Shalmanezer III, King of Assyria

Shamgar, Judge

Shamshi-Adad I

Shang Dynasty Care for Old and Polygamy

Shang dynasty, High Degree of Civilization in China – 

Sheleph, Biblical Figure

Shem, Biblical Figure

Shishak, King of Egypt

Shishak (Shoshenq I) Against Jerusalem

Sidon, Biblical Place

Silk, History of

Simeon, Biblical Figure

Scythians and Cimmerians

Simon, High Priest

Snefru, Pharoah

Socrates, Greek Philosopher

Sodom, Biblical City

Solomon, King of Israel

Solomon Temple, Rebuilt

Solon, the Athenian Law Giver

So of Egypt, Israel Seeks Alliance with King

Spain, Beginning Conquest of

Stephen’s Lapidation


Suevi, Defeated by Julius Caesar

Sulla, Lucius Cornelius, Roman General and Consul

Sushen, ancestors of the Manchu

Sunday Worship Recognized

Syria, Ancient History of

Syria, Biblical Nation

Syria Governs Judah

Syria a Roman Province 64 BC

Tacitus (Historian)

Tang-Shang Dynasty, China

Tarquin Family Name

Tarquinius Priscus, Roman Ruler

Tarquinius the Proud, Roman Ruler

Tartars and Turks

Tea First Mentioned in 222 AD

Temple, The Completion of the Second

Temple, The Second Decree to Rebuild the

Teotihuacan in Mexico

Teotihuacan in the Valley of Mexico (Population: 40,000)

Teotihuacan Becomes the Cultural, Religious, and Trading Center of Mesoamerica

Teotihuacan Reaches Peak

Teotihaucan Rules the Maya Highlands


Tertullian in Apology, and Augustine in the City of God.

Teutoburg Forest 9 CE, Germans defeat Roman 

Tiahuano/Tiwanaku In Bolivia

Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) in Bolivia 200-375 AD, First Period of

Tiberius 14 AD

Tikal Becomes the First Great City of Maya

Tikal Becomes the Largest City-State in Mesoamerica with 500,000 Inhabitants

Tiglath-Pilesar, Leader of Assyria

Tiglath-Pileser III, Leader of Assyria

Thebes, Temple at

Theodosius the Great 379 AD

Thule People Expand to Alaska

Thutmose I, Egyptian Pharoah

Thutmose II

Tiras, People of the Bible

Titus 79 AD

Tiwanaku Civilization in Bolivia

Tola a Judge in the Bible

Tou, Ancient King of Hamath

Tower of Babel


Transubstantiation During Mass

Trojan War

TSIN Dynasty

Tubal, Biblical Character


Tullus-Hostilius of Rome

Tuniit/Dorset Culture

Twelve Tablets, Rome Law of

Tyre, Biblical People and Place

Tyre, Principal Seaport of Phoenicia

Tyre, Falls to Babylon

Uzziah, King Azariah or  

Valentinian 364 AD

Valentinian III


Vandals in France (425 AD)

Vespasian 69 AD


Vulgate (The Latin Bible)

Year Divided Into 12 Months

Yemenite Kingdom Subject to the Abyssinians

Yu, The Great of China

Walled Seven Hills of Rome

Wari in Peru

Zapotecs (Monte Alban and Mitla)

Zechariah, Unrighteous King

Zebulun, Biblical Figure and Place

Zedekiah, Unrighteous King of Judah

Zidon, The Principal Seaport

Zillah, Biblical Figure

Zimri, King of Israel

Zilpah, Biblical Figure

Zoroastrianism, World Religion

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