Where is Sidon?
Sidon, famous in the ancient Near East, is a Phoenician city located 25 miles up the coast from Tyre. It is one of the important cities in the Old and New Testaments. It is situated in Lebanon, with Tyre 20 mi south of Sidon and only 12 miles north of the Israel-Lebanon border.
Established from the start as a port city, Sidon was built on a peninsula with a nearby offshore island that protected the harbor from storms. Today Sidon is called Saida (Arabic for “fishing”).

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Sidon, Biblical_Place
The Castle of St. Louis (aka Qalaat al Muizz) in Sidon, Lebanon

What Part of the Bible is Sidon mentioned?

  • Genesis 10:15, 1 Chronicles 1:13. Sidon as the firstborn son of Canaan.
  • Genesis 10:19. Sidon as Canaanite neighbors, as well as Gaza, Sadoum and Amoura.
  • Genesis 49:13. Sidon as the boundary of Zebulun.
  • Joshua 13:6. Sidon as part of the land promised to Israel.
  • Joshua 19:28. Sidon was included in the inheritance of Asher, on its northern boundary.
  • Judges 1:31, 3:3. Sidon was not taken by that tribe in conquest.
  • Judges 10:6. When Israel was Oppressed Again, served the Baals and the Ashtoreths, the gods of Sidon and other gods.
  • Isaiah 23:2, 4, 12. Sidon included in the Proclamation Against Tyre.
  • Ezekiel 28:20 -23. Proclamation Against Sidon.
  • Matthew 11:21 – 23, Luke 10:13. Woe to the Impenitent Cities.
  • Matthew 15:21, Mark 7:24, Mark 7:31. Gentiles Show Faith in Jesus.
  • Luke 4:26. Elijah and the widow of Sidon.
  • Luke 6:17. Jesus Heals a Great Multitude
  • Acts 12:20. Herod’s Violent Death.
  • Acts 27:3. Paul and the Voyage to Rome.

Sidon in Biblical – Historical Perspectives:

  • First Phoenician City. Sidon was the first Phoenician city to send ships into the open seas and make contact with the Greeks.
  • Assyrian Subordinate. Assyria subdued Sidon and other Phoenician towns, and they were required to pay tribute.
  • Marriage and Power. King Ahab married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal, who was the King of Sidon, and she introduced her native cults to Israel.
  • Elijah’s Shelter. God directed Elijah the prophet to the widow’s house in the area of Sidon, to live during the three-year drought.
  • Transition of Power. Nebuchadnezzar conquered Sidon on his way to Judah, but when Babylon later fell, Sidon was revived, and under Persian protection became powerful again.
  • Encounter with Alexander the Great. When Alexander the Great conquered Tyre, Sidon gave up willingly and even benefited from the fall of Tyre.
  • More Invasion. In 198 BC, it was conquered by the Seleucids of Syria, and in 64 BC it was taken by Pompey.
  • Healing of the Faithful. Jesus traveled to the Sidon, Tyre region and cured the daughter of a Syrophoenician woman.
  • A Favor Granted. Paul, as a prisoner traveling to Rome, was allowed to visit friends when his ship docked at Sidon.
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