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Bible Timeline review by Glenn BrookeThe author of Teach To Change Lives, Glenn Brooke, made and posted a video of his Amazing Bible Timeline Review on YouTube. We think it’s great since he includes pros and cons. We especially like when he uses his foot to give you an idea of the size. Glenn also posted an Amazing Bible Timeline review on his excellent blog about Teaching to Change Lives.
“Fabulous reference tool, incredible detail.”, “I highly recommend it.” just a few of his comments.

Glen Brooke
Author, Teach To Change Lives



Dear Amazing Bible World History Timeline,

Where have you been my whole life? Do you have any idea how much I needed you while I was attempting to piece together some form of cohesive flow from the terrible mish-mash of historical highlights I was force-fed as a student? I’ll try not to be angry, but the truth is, I feel like you were holding out on me. There was really no reason for me to re-educate myself as an adult; the information was out there. And with you, it’s just so accessible! Read more of this review of the Amazing Bible Timeline

Mary Grace on her blog Of BooksandBairns

The chart is great. It is an awesome tool to have in the house, it will stir up some interesting conversation when some skeptic friends visit over the weekends. It shows interesting things like Buddha, Daniel & Ezekiel lived around the same time. Julius Caesar is from the descendants of Japheth son of Noah. I, myself a black South African, look like I descended from Ham son of Noah.

Pule Langa

We are really pleased with the Timeline. We can’t seem to keep our hands off it. We roll it up and put it away…. then one of us goes back and pulls it out again!
Have a great day!

A. M. (would you just use my initials? It makes me uncomfortable to see my name written down anywhere.)

Good morning Margaret,
Blue skies, gentle breeze just ruffling the sea – a nice early spring day – although here on the East Coast it can change and blow in some very cold air from Scandinavia! It was very pleasant to stroll along the beach – dogs throwing seaweed about (hopefully they won’t throw it up on the carpet) and great to be retired!
And to my joy, the postman had delivered the Timeline – many thanks indeed.
That’s the good news. My wife veronica has a lace-making class here this morning, a dozen or so ladies of a certain age doing exquisite things – and mostly taking the opportunity to talk to ‘people’, some, I think, rarely go out and meet anyone.
Me? I’m chief tea/coffee maker, agony aunt and confessor, sometimes get trapped in the kitchen and hear stories that would make your toes curl – I probably know more about their sheltered lives than their doctor, or priest!!
The bad news? The Timeline is laid out, with all thoughts of lace and gossip forgotten as they study it with great interest – I might have a job to get it back before the end of the day.
May God go with you


I teach a lesson FOR college, career and young parents. Just the age group I teach- 18-35 year olds, a very small, but mixed group. We are studying God’s will and timing back then AND NOW (how it relates to OUR relationship with God TODAY, in our daily lives).
Last Sunday, I had them help me hang the Timeline on the wall in our class (I kept the other one I ordered at home FOR ME!) At first they were pulled in by the colors, “what do they mean?”.
They figured the timeline out very quickly and easily. The more they looked and compared with each other, the more they were pulled in to wanting to look for more. They quickly recognized names of people they have heard of most all of their lives, and were amazed at how they related to history and each other (who is related to whom and how).

Deb Bolton

Thanks for the Bible Timeline. I have always wanted to know what was going on in different parts of the world during bible times. Your site is so cool.
I have been studying the bible for over 35 years and just learn so much the more I read it over and over again. Tying in other world events is so wonderful. I would like to be on a mailing list to get updates. Thanks again for a great job. You all are a blessing to us all.
Have a blessed day.

Doreen Henry
Bible Timeline review by Kate Kessler(From Home School The Amazing Bible Timeline Reviews)

Have you ever wondered what was happening in the rest of the world at the time of Moses or maybe David? Have you ever thought about the fact that the Bible is not written in chronological order? Do you know which came first – Ruth or Esther? What about Noah or Abraham? David or Solomon?Learning the order in which things took place is very important. Finding out what was happening in world history in relation to the events that are recorded in the Bible is equally important. The easiest way to learn this and commit these things to memory is by having some sort of visual aid to put all the events into perspective.How big is this timeline? BIG! I’ve received mine and am looking for a place of honor to hang it in our dining room/schoolroom. It will be so nice to have it in easy access, so we don’t always have to look things up in a book or on the internet.

Kate Kessler
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

You folks have done an incredible job of connecting the dots. Thank you for your work. I have no way of expressing my kindred spirit and gratitude in words.Two years ago I founded a tuition-free bible school here in Northern Michigan. Some students have used the few classes that we offer to articulate credit to Bible Colleges. Others, young and old, are simply getting really excited about the truths of the Bible now that they realize it is not separate from history. I tell incoming students that we do not have to validate the Bible with history. History must validate itself with the Word of God.It excites most who attend these classes when we draw correlations with secular historical events. It is my hope that young people will now begin to connect the Bible stories with historical events while in their secular classrooms in high school and college. There has been a void in the mind of Christians between the two for toooooo long.

Rev Dr Jstark
Associate Pastor: Northern Light Church of Cadillac [Michigan]

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