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Titus 79 AD

Titus Flavius Vespasianus was born in 39 A.D., and he ruled Rome from 79 to 81 A.D. That is where he is listed on the Biblical Timeline Chart.  He came to power after his father Vespasian had died. His mother was named Flavia Domitilla. As a child, he was given a standard education though it was not the best that Rome had to offer. During his teenage years, he developed his skill and ability toward military service. After becoming a young adult, he joined the Army and then began to fight in Germania and Britain. He married two wives one named Arrecina Tertulla and another named Marcia Furnilla. Arrecina had died, and he had to divorce Marcia after he discovered that her family was involved in a plot to assassinate Nero. After losing two wives, he never married again. He also became a quaestor and practiced law.

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The Triumph of Titus

General Titus Stops the Jewish Revolt

A rebellion broke out in Judea in 69 A.D., and Titus father General Vespasian was sent to get Judea back under control. He was sent with legions to help his father quell the rebellion. Vespasian had started to gain control of the situation but was called back to Rome when Nero was assassinated. Titus was left to put down the rest of the rebellion, and he did this with honors. His father Vespasian had to defeat three other generals who were trying take over Rome now that Nero was dead. Vespasian managed to beat out his adversaries and became emperor. Meanwhile, Titus had returned to Rome triumphantly but he was not well received by the people. His father then made him co-ruler during most of his time in power.

Rome under the Leadership of Emperor Titus

After his father had died he quietly took control of the empire, and he started to pass legislation and perform public works. He took care of his people, and he beautified Rome. He completed the Colosseum. He built up the Treasury even though he was using funds to improve Rome. During his rule Mt. Vesuvius had erupted, and it devastated the city of Pompeii. He had personally toured the area after the disaster had provided relief aid help the disaster area. He also did the same thing when a huge fire broke out in Rome in 80 A.D. Titus started to gain some popularity with the people but they still didn’t fully take to him. Some people even plotted to take his life including his brother Domitian.

Even though this might have been true, sources claim that he refused to kill him. Emperor Titus did a lot to keep the empire intact during his brief reign and won military victories as well. Eventually he became ill with fever and died in 79 A.D. Since he already realized that his brother Domitian was going to become the next ruler he didn’t try to arrange for his children to succeed him as emperor. He loved his brother greatly, and this can also help to explain why he didn’t kill or banish him when he discovered that he wanted to take his life. He was deified by the Roman Senate and people.

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