In the Bible Tubal was the grandson of Noah through Japheth. Tubal means the earth, the world, confusion.  The Catalan legend states that he had three sons, namely; Tarraho, Iber, and Semptofail. His second son, Iber succeeded to his throne when he died after leading his nations for about 155 years.

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In History. He is said to be the ancestor of the Italians, Spanish, and Caucasian Iberians. Modern day Georgians descended from the Caucasian Iberians. Today, Georgians claim that they came from the nations of Tubal, Togarmah, and Meshech.

In the history written about the invasions of the Muslims in Spain, it was told that Tubal partitioned Iberia to his three sons. The northeast portion went to the eldest Tarraho, the seashore in the west to the second son Sem Tofail, and the eastern area to the youngest Iber. Then he founded his city named Morar, the present city of Merida in Spain.

Recent studies have associated the names Tabal, Tobal, Jabal, and Tibarenoj to Tubal. Iberians that comprise the Georgians dwelling in the east and south of Georgia are said to have descended from the Tobals. Descendants of Tubal were called Tibarenoi by the Greeks, and Tibareni by the Romans.

Usually, the close relationship of Tubal to Meshech and of their descendants today has been linked to the Bible particularly to the prophecies under Ezekiel.

The Iberians

Tubal, biblical_character
Iberian knight

Iberian is a collective term used to identify the nations that occupy the east and south-east portion of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the ancient past, they observed social stratification, urbanization, and development of farming methods. They worked metal and were trading valuable metals such as tin and copper. They actively traded with the Mediterranean nations.

The arrival of the Phoenicians and Greeks in Spain brought about the mixing of the cultures of two nations that later on led to the gradual disappearance of the ancient Iberian culture. They lost their native language after adopting the Latin language.

The Nation of Tubal: the Migration

The majority of the facts about the history of Tubal came from the Assyrian texts, Cappadocian tablets, and Luwian inscriptions. Using these texts along with the help of the old records and writings of the historians, the expedition of Tubal and his family were traced.

It was believed that Tubal and his family originated from a country in northern Asia Minor at the southeast of Black Sea, particularly in the land where Turkey now stands. After the arrival of the Assyrian conquerors, Tubal and his people migrated to other nations.

Tibarenians were listed as one of the armies of the Persian emperor Xerxes. Many years later, they were included in the history of the Greeks. Afterwards, they were sighted in the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, Portugal, and Andorra and were termed as the Caucasian Iberians by the historian Josephus. People in the largest and capital city of Georgia, Tblisi are closely linked to the people of Tubal.

Later Iberians moved further, towards modern Russia. People of Tobolsk, a city situated in Russia, are said to be strongly connected to the Iberians.

They lastly settled in the land of Siberia. Siberia was the name given by the Russians to the spot they had conquered inside the Urals and the Pacific particularly pointing to the city of Tobolsk.

Tubal and His Nations in the Bible

Genesis 10:2. Tubal listed as the fifth son of Japheth.

Isa 66:19. Tubal as one of the nations who have not heard of the Lord’s fame.

Ezekiel 27:13. Tubal and Meshech traded with Javan.

Ezekiel 32:26. Tubal is associated with Meshech.

Ezekiel 38:2-3, 39:1. Tubal and Meshech were ruled by Gog.

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  3. Your website is very accurate about Tubal and the Iberians of Georgia and Spain. My Y chromosome from my father connects the Iberians of both locations.

    Origins of the Ancient Iberians

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