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Anglo-Saxons and Britain Vandals in Spain (407 to 429 AD)

One group of people with Eastern Germanic heritage were called the Vandals. These people were originally from Jutland, and they settled in areas between the Vistula and Oder rivers during the first century AD where it is listed on the Biblical Timeline with World History. Based on historians, these people had wagons as their home, and they travelled from one pasture to another. When they remained in the Danube region, they provided troops and military reinforcements for the Romans. They also adopted Arianism or the heretical form of Christianity.

Key Facts about the Vandals and Anglo-Saxons

Tacitus first used the word Vandilii to describe this group of Germanic people that were from the ancestry of East Germans. During the Marcomannic War of 166 AD, these people decided to live in a place that is now referred to as Silesia. By the third century, or the time when the Roman Empire was experiencing great crisis due to invasions from its opponents, the Vandals joined forces with the Samaritans to conquer the frontier of the Roman Empire along the upper areas of the Rhine River.

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Anglo-Saxons_and Britain_Vandals_in_Spain(407_to_429_AD)
‘Reconstruction of a Germanic Iron Age warrior’s garments representing a Vandalic man’

The Anglo-Saxons, on the other hand, were people who remained in Great Britain since the fifth century. They also included a few other groups from Germanic tribes who stayed on the southern portion of the island along with their descendants.

The early parts of the Anglo-Saxon era included medieval Britain’s history from the end of the Roman’s reign. This period was also considered as the migration period because of massive human migration throughout Europe beginning 400 AD. These migrants included those with Germanic ancestry including the Anglos, Saxons, Suebi, Goths, Franks, and Lombards. However, these people were eventually defeated by the Slavs, Huns, Avars, Alans and Bulgars.

Vandals Joined Forces with Other Tribes

In 406, the Vandals decided to join forces with some of the freed slaves from Pannonia, as well as with a few other barbarian tribes. These people included some Goths, Suevi and nomadic Alans that bravely overcame the frozen Rhine into the Roman Gaul. Their reason for following this route was to save themselves from the attack of the Huns.

After these people have conquered France, they decided to remain in the southern part of Spain after crossing the Pyrenees. The Vandals also lived in the countryside, yet it left several towns with their native population. These people also seized the Roman ships, and they succeeded in piratical raids to the coasts of Greece and various parts of the Mediterranean.

Downfall of the Empire

By 409 AD, the Roman empire began to fall apart because of a lack of control from its emperor. It was at this time that some of Emperor Constantine’s army were in Spain, and that made it difficult for his army to reach Gaul quickly. Eventually, the Germans residing at the western part of the Rhine river revolted against him, and a number of invaders from the eastern portion of the river finally reached Gaul. At that time, Britain no longer had any form of protection or troops after it had succumbed to massive raids by the Saxons from 408 to 409 AD.

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