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Referred to as nomadic people, the Huns have settled in the eastern part of Europe, as well as in Central Asia. They remained in these areas during the 1st to the 7th century where they located on the Bible Timeline Poster with World History. Moreover, they were said to have lived on the eastern coast of the Volga River, particularly in a place that was originally a portion of Scythia. The arrival of the Huns was largely due to the migration of the Scythian people or Alans toward the west.

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Origins of the Huns

During the 18th century, scholars have established a link between the Xiongnu people near China and the Huns. However, some studies do not support the proposed link between the two since the Huns were known to have their own language and culture. During the Hunnic Empire, there were other languages that were spoken by the Huns. Such as the East Germanic or Gothic. According to historians, the Huns have prompted the Great Migration, which largely contributed to the fall of the Romans in the west. These nomads also established a strong and unified empire that was ruled by Attila. When he died, the empire fell apart, and its successors decided to occupy various parts of Central Asia and Eastern Europe from the 4th until the 6th century.

‘Hunnish Bracelet’

Historical Background

The Huns were primarily a Mongolian tribe that conquered some areas in the southeastern portion of Europe beginning 370 AD. They have come across other nomads during their explorations of new lands to conquer including the Visigoths and Ostrogoths. Nevertheless, they succeeded in dominating these groups of people, particularly during their encounters in the Danube that was a territory of the Roman Empire. In 451, these Asiatic warriors conquered Gaul, which served as the temporary center of the Huns’ civilization. While the Huns were considered as nomadic tribes, they were capable of establishing a distinct society. They even transformed the Danube frontier into a trading site where they obtained the finest wine and silk during fairs held annually. They also knew how to make good use of slaves that were captured and defeated in battles. For instance, these slaves were either sold for money or used for menial labor. The Huns also gave their contributions to European culture.

Their stunning artworks made of bronze including their fine jewelry gained popularity during their era. Their works of art were expressed in various forms such as bronze, which was used in crafting impressive vessels and cauldrons. Hunnic women were known for their enchanting pieces of jewelry such as their bracelets and necklaces. These items were embellished with precious jewels that added to their distinct and captivating appearance. Among the jewels commonly used at that time included the lapis, pyrite, pearls, and quartz. The designs and styles applied in these charming accessories were unlike any other, thus proving the creativity and artistry of the Huns. Indeed, the Huns left a legacy that was more than simply their brilliant military techniques. They also showed to the world their ingenuity in trading, art, and various aspects.

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