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The Lombards once gained full control of Italy from 568 until 774 AD where they are located on the Biblical Timeline with World History. According to historians, this Germanic tribe came from a smaller group of people called the Winnili. They were originally from Scandinavia and eventually migrated to various areas in search of new lands to conquer. By the 1st century AD, the Lombards formed a portion of the Suebi that was located in northwestern Germany. Four centuries after, they transferred to another area that was situated in the northern part of the Danube river. They also fought with the Heruls and Gepids during a few encounters with these other tribes.

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‘Paul the Deacon, historian of the Lombards.’

The Rise of the Lombards

King Audoin, a Lombard, successfully defeated the Gepid military leader named Thurisind in 551 AD. When Alboin took the place of this great Lombard king, he was able to destroy the Gepids during the Battle of Asfeld. With much inspiration from his victories, Alboin led his people to settle in Italy. At that time, the land depopulated as a result of the Gothic War. Upon reaching Italy, the Lombards joined a few other tribes such as the Gepids, Ostrogoths, Saxons, Bulgars, Heruls and Thuringians. In 559 AD, the Lombards had already invaded all of the major cities in the northern part of the Po River. Even several areas of the southern and central portions of Italy succumbed to this powerful tribe. The Lombards established a kingdom called Regnum Italicum, which was situated in Italy. However, the kingdom fell apart when it was conquered by King Charlemagne, a Frankish ruler who decided to integrate this into his very own empire. Nevertheless, Lombard nobilities maintained control of some parts of Italy into the 11th century until they were invaded by the Normans.

Origin of the Lombards

In a written account by Paul the Deacon, a historian, the history and practices of the Lombards may be taken from the document made in the 7th century, which explained the origin of this tribe. In the said narrative, there was a small tribe referred to as the Winnili that lived in southern Scandinavia. The tribe was divided into three groups, and one of these departed from their homeland in search for foreign fields. Based on researchers, a possible reason for this would be overpopulation. In one occasion, the Vandals, another powerful tribe, were preparing for war against the Winnili. Before the battle, they prayed to Godan, who replied that victory will be given to those who would come first at the battlefield before the sun rises. However, the Winnili were much fewer in number, and they asked for advice from Frea. The goddess suggested that all of the women should tie and wear their hair in the front part of their faces like a beard. They must also march along with their husbands. When Godan found them early in the morning, he asked Frea who these long-beard mean were. Frea only answered that it is only fair that this tribe should be given victory. Thus, this started the name “Lombard”. Originally, it was referred to as Langobardi, Lombardi, and Lombards. These people also grew their beards in memory of Godan, and they decided to keep this appearance that gave them a distinct quality from the others.


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