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Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?

Apostle Paul

 The book of Hebrews is thought of as more elaborate and refined than all of the books in the New Testament. This section of the bible has been titled as a ‘masterpiece’ and immensely complex. From the first records of the Christian church, its origins and who wrote it have been contemplated. It is thought that at one point the author had been recognized and revered by its audience. However that knowledge is lost and is now thought of as unattainable. There is in fact, so much information unknown concerning Hebrews that not only is the writer in question but the date it was made, and even the name, “To [the] Hebrews” is debated as the original title.

Traditional thinking states that Paul is the writer for the Book of Hebrews, and up till the 1800s, the question was satisfied. Even though there is a high number of Christians (scholars and common folk alike) today who still stand for the statement, the question has once again come to surface with doubts. Below is the thinking from both sides of the matter:

Paul wrote the Book of Hebrews

  • 13th Chapter of Hebrews mentions Timothy as a missionary partner with Paul (Jesus had sent disciples to go in groups of two)
  • 13th Chapter also says the words were from ‘Italy’ – this matches Paul’s location
  • The different ways of writing is to focus attention to a different people
  • The King James Bible clearly states Paul as the author
  • The author was a Jew, so was Paul
  • Paul didn’t want to include his name in the book of Hebrews since his relation with the Gentiles making him unpopular with his native people.

 Paul did not write the Book of Hebrews

  •  The ‘style’ of writing, the theological view, and religious memories are different.
  • The author was probably a student or a friend of Paul’s from the different way of writing
  • The author was probably a leader of a largely Jewish society for which they were writing
  • The author had to have been Priscilla, and the name was taken out to conceal its female origins or to prevent the writing from being suppressed.  “The lack of any firm data concerning the identity of the author in the extant writings of the church suggests a deliberate blackout more than a case of collective loss of memory.” Gilbert Bilezikian
  • No salutation – Paul always has some form of ‘salutation’, it would only be logical to say that the anonymous writing was not his.
  • Although Paul was an educated writer, he had personally declared that he did not write with a superior air of which Hebrews is written.
  • Paul often branched out from one subject to another whereas Hebrews stays on one concept from beginning to end.
  • Paul used personal pronouns such as “I”, “me”, “my”, and “mine” more than a hundred times per section. Hebrews only does that 7 times in the whole book.
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19 thoughts on “Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?

  1. Dear Amy,

    I am the author of a book and various articles that develop
    Harnack’s hypothesis that Priscilla wrote the epistle to the Hebrews.
    You can find several articles on Wiley Clarkson’s website http://www.wherethespiritleads,org; click on “Where the spirit leads” and scroll down
    the left margin to my name. Would you like a complimentary (review) copy
    of my book, “Priscilla’s Letter: Finding the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews” (In Spanish, La Carta de Priscila)? Ruth

    1. Yes I would enjoy reading your book

  2. I am thinking that it may have been Mary Magdalene that wrote Hebrews. It’s interesting that no one would sign their identity on this one book.

  3. I read greek in septuagint and Nt greek; Greek forms, words, usage are so non-Pauline as is the marvelous content. Highest greek is in Alexandrian tradition; use of Septuagint originated in Alexandria; author says he received the gospel from first generation Christians; Apollos was well acquainted with Paul and Timothy and he was encouraged by Paul to visit all the NT churches; and was so well thought of by NT Christians, that he had such a following in Corinth that many were in his camp along with Paul’s, Peter’s, Jesus’s; so these all wrote scripture.

  4. I believe that Paul wrote Hebrews because 2 Peter 3: 16-17 speaks of an epistle written to the Jews by Paul.
    If the epistle to the Hebrews was not written by Paul then there is an epistle missing.
    Peter’s epistle verse 15 clearly says that ” our brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him has written to you”.

    1. There are 13 books that Paul has written, and each one starts off in verse 1 of Chapter 1- Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, Timothy our brother. Hebrews does not start off and this epistle.The author has not directly indicated his name.

  5. I also am also a greek scholar; I read greek NT and Septuagint; Hebrew’s greek grammar is very sophisticated and definitely non-Pauline; Paul never used the many words and structure seen in Hebrews; I agree that It appears Alexandrian; Apollos is mentioned in 1Cor. along with Peter and Jesus who had factions following them. He was so well versed and wise in the scriptures; a very different focus is Hebrews to give especially Jewish Christians defense against the Judaizers who were defiling the new covenant gospel. I suppose it could have been Barnabas, but he does not seem as prominent in NT as Apollos.


    1. Jesus is indeed the author. Love up academia Jesus the author of the Epistle of Hebrews.

    2. Abraham, it was actually through a prayerful night I was taken in the spirit to meet Jesus after I discovered he wrote the Epistle of Hebrews. It is his words on the road to Emmaus.
      How did you come to discover this. I am making a very thorough research and find several key points. (see Academia: Did Jesus Christ Author the Epistle of Hebrews

  7. whether pouline or paul the message is very clear, Christ has unchangeable priesthood.

  8. If scripture is given by the inspiration of God, then maybe it does not matter who wrote the book, but that it was written.

  9. I want to know a little more about Hebrews and the real author of this book of Hebrews thank you

  10. Could it be Luke?
    1. Knew Jesus personally, so writes with authority about Him
    2. Well educated. Excellent writer
    3. Knew OT history and relates it well to NT.

  11. Is it possible that the Apostle Peter wrote it?

  12. There are several different points as to why it’s not Paul. One is that the writer states that he was told whereas Paul states in several places that what he knows he did not get from another man

    1. I would like to believe that it could be one of his brethren or scholars that visited him in aid, from time to time in his bondage (as Heb10:34 states) because we also know that he had a physical problem 2Cor12:7 and I believe that it could be his eyes Gal4:15 so someone was writing the things he want them to write but in a more understandable way, and therefore it seems that it was not of Paul himself.

      1. Sorry Bonds (Imprisonment), Not Bondage

  13. When I read Hebrews it is evident to me that the man who wrote it had an in-depth knowledge of the of the scriptures up to the arrival of Christ. Could it be that the man who taught Paul and encouraged him to persecute the followers of the Christ had a conversion experience and REALLY understood that Christ was the Son of God and that Old Testament Scripture completely supported that. It changed the writer’s life as much as Paul’s life was Saul’s life was changed.

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