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Greece Beginning 1500 BC

During the Minoan period at about 2nd millennium BC an organized society -that would eventually become Greece – was created, particularly in Crete. It was at this period that there was great progress in the region, primarily when communication facilitated the interaction between East Mediterranean nations and the Minoans. Soon, there was a continuing exchange of ideas that had a huge impact on the Minoan culture, as well as the spread of government, religion and cultures throughout the Greek mainland and the vast Aegean islands. It was also in the Minoan period that Crete became popular for its craftworks and jewelry. They were also known as the leading importers of raw materials, oil, food and wine. Thus, the very first mercantile navy was also developed during this era in the region.

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When the Volcano Santorini erupted, there was mass destruction of Crete

The successful state of affairs flourished, although there was a disruption when Crete was greatly destroyed because of a natural catastrophe. The volcano of Santorini erupted during about 1500 BC, and this created much destruction to the region. When the Cretan culture collapsed, the Mycenaeans took advantage of the situation. They also positioned themselves as the primary force in the entire Aegean islands. The Mycenaeans established their cities including Athens, Lolkos, Thebes, Pylos and Tiryns as their bureaucratic centers. Greece can be found on the Bible Timeline starting 1500 BC.   During this era in the Mycenaean civilization, the Greek society was largely based on warfare ruled by the elite classes. Nevertheless, the culture continued to flourish for about 400 years. The war-chiefs created cities that remained powerful, particularly in agriculture and art. There was no equal distribution of wealth, unlike in the early Minoan societies. Instead, only the warring chiefs became richer, and they spent their wealth on invasions and battles.   The palace sites of the Minoans were under the control of the Mycenaeans beginning about 1420 BC, and they made use of the Linear A Minoan script to suit their own language. This was considered as a form of the Greek language. Overall, the Mycenaeans merely adapted the culture and art of the Minoan instead of destroying them. Although the Mycenaeans were in power during this period, there were clearly some traces of the existence of the Minoan culture as it was merely improved and adapted by the new rulers.   The rule of the Mycenaean kings continued until about 1200 BC, as it was during this period that


their power began to decline. Then, by the 12th century BC, they completely lost control of the region, specifically because of the invasion of the Dorian tribes coming from the northern portion of Greece.

At this time, Knossos was still regarded as the administrative center until the period of 1200 BC. The mountain site of Karfi became the last of the sites of the Minoan. This area also provided evidence of the Minoan civilization even up to the Iron Age.

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