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Abraham in the Land of Abimelech

The mighty King of Gerar, who was named Abimelech, had an important role in the life of Abraham. Their interaction is shown on the Bible Timeline Poster around 1854 BC. It all started when Abraham and Sarah set foot upon the king’s land. Abimelech was kind enough to give Abraham rights to graze his cattle to any place in the land that he wanted. Unfortunately, there was a dispute that existed between the two, which mainly started when Abraham decided to dig a well only to be seized by one of the king’s servants.

However, Abimelech was clearly unaware of this dispute. The king only heard of Abraham’s complaint, and this led to an agreement that was first presented by Abraham. This situation was resolved by giving Abraham full rights of ownership to the well, and this also entitled him to proceed to his business activities in the land.

The Life of Abraham in the Land of Abimelech

For a number of times, Abraham was often forced to give up most things that he originally owned. In fact, he was commanded by God to leave his homeland in pursuit of the promised land that Abraham was not completely aware of. Although he had doubts and fears about departing, he allowed himself to put his trust on God as he left his native land.

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Yet, the situation that occurred with the well showed that Abraham was dedicated to securing what he believed was his own property. This only proved how Abraham was indeed a committed, responsible and hard working person who only wanted to live life in a fair manner. He also believed in the importance of making good use of legal protections for any property that he had.

During his stay in Canaan, Abraham lived by shepherding.

During his stay in Canaan, Abraham lived by shepherding. Thus, a good access to water is key for this business to thrive. Instead of allowing his livelihood and family to suffer, he fought for his rights and was able to succeed by doing so. This is a sign of Abraham’s love and concern for others instead of merely focusing on what he wanted for himself.

The Lesson We Learn from Abraham

Just like Abraham, it is only right that anyone who is involved in responsibilities where they need to protect others should think beyond their own needs. It is true that us humans are tasked to be the stewards of God’s creations, which means we should do our best to be responsible for everything under our care. With this in mind, every decision should not only remain on who is right, but it is important to take into account how each decision could affect other people’s welfare.

Although, in this story, Abimelech had every reason to be upset with Abraham, he even rewarded him in the end. For instance, he brought Abraham male and female slaves, as well as some cattle. Sarah was also returned to Abraham, and he was able to live a more comfortable life in this land. Indeed, the life of Abraham turned out for the best all because of his wisdom and ability to make the right decisions for the common good.

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