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Abraham in the Land of Canaanites

Abraham was faced with several temptations throughout his life, yet he was able to fight all of these to prove his immense love for God. One of his greatest challenges was when he was ordered to leave his homeland. This is listed on the Bible Timeline Chart around 1954 BC.  It was a test of Abraham’s faith in God, although he had some fears about departing from his own land. In fact, he presented to God his worries, particularly the concept of leaving his father. However, God reassured Abraham and told him not to have any thoughts about what other people might think of him.

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Abraham in the Land of Canaanites

So, Abraham obeyed God’s orders and left Haran. He travelled to a distant place called Canaan, and he had faith that throughout his journey, God’s blessings remained with him. The thought that God once told him that he will be the father of a great nation stayed on his mind, and this gave him a sense of comfort each time he started to have doubts about his decision of leaving his native land.

‘The Vision of the Lord Directing Abram to Count the Stars’

God promised Abraham that he will be blessed and that he will soon become a great man whom people will look upon. Among all of these promises by God, he held on to the thought that he indeed would be a blessing to all. In fact, it did happen that anyone who came across Abraham was surely blessed. It was his presence that brought wonderful blessings to the people he met, just as God has promised to him.

While Abraham was full of questions upon knowing that he was to leave his homeland, he tried to push aside his worries and anxieties. God had not told him initially where he was to go, and Abraham only went onward to trust the Lord and his plans. All God said was he would reveal himself to that land where Abraham was supposed to travel, and eventually, it appeared that this place was Canaan – the promised land.

Upon Reaching Canaan

When Abraham arrived in Canaan, he was still unsure that it was the land that God promised to become his own. Yet, Abraham was filled with great joy upon setting foot to this land. He even noticed that a number of people were devoted to cultivating the land and making it richer. Thus, he prayed that this land, even if only a portion of it, would soon become his own.

It was right at the moment when God told Abraham that this land was his when he began rejoicing and thanking the Lord for his blessings. Overwhelmed with happiness, Abraham decided to set an altar to show his reverence and gratitude to God. He also raised a few other altars in some places including Hebron and Ai, with the hopes that these places of worship would bring good tidings to the people of each land.

As Abraham lived in this new land, he was able to live in harmony with himself and the people around him. He continued to become a blessing to others, and God continued to reward him for his great love and trust to his commands.

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