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In the Bible, Kemuel is referred to as Nahor’s son, who was also the father of Aram. As for the meaning behind this name, Kemuel means “raised of God”, as it was evident in several instances throughout his life. He can be found on the Bible Timeline around 1854 BC.

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Possible Meaning of the Name

There are various assumptions about the meaning behind the name Kemuel. For instance, it is believed that this name means ‘Congregation of God’, which was proposed by Gesenius. However, there are also some people who referred to this name as “standing grain”. Or somewhat similar to the concept of the human harvest, which was synonymous with the grains of God as in the Book of Matthew.

On the other hand, the Hebrews considered this name as more aptly interpreted as the rising of God. This means, God is always in defense of his people, and that there is an existing campaign against evil.

Kemuel means “raised of God.”

Kemuel in the Bible

The name Kemuel was not frequently mentioned in the Bible. However, he had some relevance to the story of Abraham. Perhaps, it will be of help to go back to the story of Abraham, specifically the part where he was commanded by God to sacrifice his son and offer him as a burnt offering.

When God ordered Abraham to do this, the latter did his best to follow exactly what the Lord wanted him to accomplish. Thus, he woke up early the next day, and he traveled to the place God told him to go, along with his two slaves and Isaac.

Abraham prepared the altar where he would offer his son to God. Then, he ordered his slaves to stay with the donkeys, so he and Isaac could proceed to the altar for the offering. As they approached the site, Isaac asked Abraham where the animal to be offered to God was. Abraham only answered that God would provide the offering, and that all they needed was to go to the site where the altar was located.

The moment Abraham started to lift his hand to kill his own son, an angel of God spoke to him and stopped him from proceeding to slaughter Isaac. Then, God spoke and told Abraham that now he has proven his love, and there is no need to sacrifice his son. In a moment, a ram appeared, and Abraham caught the animal to serve it as an offering to the Lord.

From that moment, Abraham called the place as “The Lord will Provide”, all because of the situation where God provided him a better offering instead of sacrificing his son’s life.

For the second time, the angel of God spoke from heaven and told Abraham that he would be blessed with numerous descendants. This was all because of his obedience and great love for God. Moreover, he and his young men traveled to Beersheba, where Abraham lived.

The angel also told Abraham that Milcah, who was living with Nahor, has given birth to some children. These were Uz (the first-born), Buz, and Kemuel (Aram’s father). There were also Hazo, Chesed, Jidlaph, Bethuel, and Pildash, which were all the eight children of Milcah.

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