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Philip II of Greece

Philip II Rise to Power

King Amytas III was a Macedonian ruler who controlled Macedon in 393 B.C. and once again between 392 B.C. and 370 B.C. King Amytas III reign was relatively calm and he bore three sons. They were named Alexander II, Perdiccas III and Philip II and when he died of old age in 370 B.C. his sons Alexander II and then Perdiccas III became the next rulers. King Alexander II was murdered and a few years later Perdiccas III avenged his death and then became the next king. King Perdiccas tried to retake lost Macedonian territory and died in the process. King Philip II was finally placed on the throne in 359 B.C. which is where he appears on the Old Testament Timeline with World History.

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Philip II monument

King Philip II was an intelligent, diplomatic and warrior king who was capable of forcing the independent city states of Greece into one unified society. He learned how to fight and govern in his youth. It was customary for the wealthy and powerful children of Greek society to be held hostage by individuals who controlled the people. While he was a captive in Thebes, he was taught military tactics, government, and diplomacy. He used all of these skills to forge the coming Greek empire that would be completed under Alexander the Great.

King Philip II realized that he had the ability to unify the territory of Greece and after he completed this great feat he then turned his attention toward Persia. King Philip II knew that if he could take down Persia the rest of the world would follow. He was a bold military genius who wanted to take over the world and expand Greek influence as far as he could. He was never able to fulfill his vision because he was assassinated by one of his bodyguards in 336 B.C. Before King Philip II met his demise he had a son named Alexander III.

Even though King Philip loved his son, Alexander had shown more love toward his mother, Olympias. Regardless of the conflict that existed between the king and Alexander III he taught his son about warfare and instructed him in politics. He also shared his vision of expanding the Macedonian empire into the world. King Philip II wanted his boy to carry on his legacy if he wasn’t able to complete it himself. King Philip II and Alexander III, Olympias, mother also had an uneasy relationship and many suspects that she was a part of his assassination. When Alexander the Great became king and prepared his soldiers to march against the world, he had a seasoned and capable army already in place because of King Philip II efforts. He perfected the use of the phalanx in his youth, and this instrument would be his primary advantage on the battlefield. He also had the resources of many Greek cities to aid him in this process due to Philip II as well.

The most important thing that King Philip II set in place for Alexander was a unified Greek state. Alexander didn’t have to lose his time and energy fighting against local enemies and could now concentrate on taking over the world. King Philip II had already started to take over some minor foreign territories such as Scythia and Ardiaioi before Alexander III began his conquest. The League of Corinth was composed of various Greek states, and this group of allies was started by King Philip II right before invading Persia. King Philip II greatest accomplishment was probably giving birth to Alexander the Great. He set the stage for his son to conquer the world and to become one of the greatest military geniuses in all of history. Without Philip II and his vision, Alexander the Great probably would not have been able to accomplish this feat.

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