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Persia and the Median Kingdom 750 BC 

The Median Kingdom was made up largely of the Medes and can be located on the Bible Timeline Poster with History during 750 BC. These people were natives of ancient Iran, and they settled in a place called Media, which is now situated in southeastern Turkey and northwestern part of Iran. They first came to the region when the tribes of Iranic Aryans migrated into Ancient Iran. This happened during about 1000 BC and up to 900 BC. Persians and Medes During 10 to 7 BC, the Persians and the Medes were dominated by the Empire of neo-Assyrians. The empire was established in the northern portion of Mesopotamia, yet its reign expanded to Ancient Iran, Arabia, Caucasus, Egypt and Cyprus. There were several kings of Assyrian nationalities who set up the Vassal Treaties, particularly Esarhaddon, Ashur-etil-ilani, Sargon II, Tiglath-Pileser IV, Sennacherib and Ashurbanipal. These treaties also helped protect these rulers from any raids initiated by Cimmerians and Sythians.

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Maranjab Desert

It was during the rule of Sinsharishkun in 622 to 612 BC when the Assyrian Empire began to progress. Ever since 626 BC, there was a civil war going on in the empire large groups of people participated in paying their tribute. These people included Persians, Egyptians, Cimmerians, Arameans, Lydians, Babylonians, Medes and Chaldeans. In 612 BC, there was an alliance that existed among the Persians and Cimmerians, Chaldeans, Scythians, and Babylonians. This alliance helped the Persians and Medes in conquering Nineveh. Eventually, this led to the end of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, a period in history that occurred in 605 BC. Also, the Medes decided to build their own empire known as the Median Kingdom, where the center was located in Ecbatana. Soon after, the territory began to stretch farther to Anatolia’s Halys River. By the time the Assyrian Empire collapsed, another state was established. This time, it was created along with other nations including Egypt, Lydia and Babylonia. In fact, Assyria, and these three nations became the four powerful kingdoms in Near East during that time. By 550 BC, Cyrus the Great conquered the Median Kingdom, and the Persian Achaemenid Empire took its place.

The Zagros Mountains from space

Closer Look on the Medians

The Medians first arrived at the northern Zagros Mountains, which started during 1000 BC. Initially, this region was populated by Gutians. After the arrival of the Medians, Persians and Mannaeans, a state was built, although there were different rulers in each tribe.

Soon, the Medians formed an alliance with the Babylonians with their desire to destroy and conquer Assyria. Afterwards, Assyria was divided between the Babylonians and Medians, and the Medes were more concentrated in gaining power over Eastern Assyria.

At this time, Ecbatana became the capital. It was a period in Median Kingdom where the people were not too keen on constructing large-scale projects. The people were also vaguely interested in the idea of living in cities. There was also a lack of statues that served as the representation of the Median life or the royal family. This was the time when the Persians started joining forces with Median troops.

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