Meshech (meaning long, tall or drawn out by force) is the sixth son of Japheth listed in the Bible. He is usually closely associated with Tubal especially in the prophecy of Ezekiel in the Bible. He is found on the Timeline of the Bible after the Great Flood.

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He is said to be the ancestor of several nations like the Mosocheni, Illyrians, Georgians, Caucasians, Armenians.The two most prominent are the Mushki of Assyria and Moschoi of Greece.

It is also believed that the Muscovites descended from Meshech.

The Nations of Meshech

The Nation of Meshech was believed to have originated from the north-east of Asia Minor particularly the area which Turkey now occupies. Then they travelled north and settled in Rosh, the modern day Russia.

They traded copper vessels and people as slaves along with the people of Tubal and Javan.

It is thought that Meshech started the barbaric and brutal nation of Moschi who inhabited the Moschian Mountains that connected the lands of the Caucasus to the Anti-Taurus Mountains. Their heads were protected by “wooden caps”. And they were armed with “shields and small spears”. The name Moscow is said to have come from the term Moschi.

Moschi was closely related to the nations of Tubal named Toboli in Asia Minor. Together, they were the great opponents of the Assyrians for generations. These two nations, along with the nation of Madai were known to be harsh and tough people, not advisable to live with or especially not to have a conflict with.

Aside from the Moschi, Meshech was also identified with Rossi, the modern day Russians. The Rossi and Moschi have enormously multiplied their nations in the Russian area.

Moscow and Meshech

The World as known to the Hebrews. A map from Historical Textbook and Atlas of Biblical Geography (1854) by Lyman Coleman

According to legend, the son of Japheth named King Mosokh, identified with Meshech built a city named after him and his wife, Kva. He called the city Moskva which was later on known as the city of Moscow.

Moscow is spelled Moskva in Russian. It is situated in the middle of the Russian country called Muscovy. It is currently flourishing along the riverbanks of the Moskva River.

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is the main area of politics, culture, development, and modernization in Russia. It is the most populated city in Europe and housed the most number of billionaires in the world today. It is also the world’s most expensive city since 2008.

Inhabitants are mostly Christians led by the Russian Orthodox Church. Recently, movements against Muslims and foreigners have been growing around the city.

Meshech in the Bible

Genesis 10:1-2, 1 Chronicles 1:4-5. Meshech is the grandson of Noah born after the Great Flood and the sixth son of Japheth along with Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, and Tiras.

1 Chronicles 1:17, Genesis 10:22-23. Meshech, the fourth son of Aram, the youngest son of Shem.

Psalms 120:5-6. The place of the unmerciful nation of Meshech.

Ezekiel 27:13. Meshech, Tubal, and Javan traded slaves and bronze vessels.

Ezekiel 32:26. The troops of Meshech and Tubal were defeated and killed.

Ezekiel 38:2, 3 39:1. Prophecy against Gog, the prince who ruled the people of Meshech and Tubal.

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  2. It was an unmerciful nation. Slaves were traded there. The troops were defeated and killed. Sounds unholy.

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