Gomer Son of Japheth

Gomer, the eldest among Japheth’s seven sons, was referred to as “standing for the whole family” by the Jewish Encyclopedia. And the warlike supporter from the north of Chief Gog of Magog on his quest to destroy Israel by the Bible.  The name means complete or finish.  He appears on the Timeline of the Bible after the Flood around 2300 BC.

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Gomer was Noah’s grandson.

He has three sons, namely; Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah. In Islamic legends, Gomer is said to have reached the age of 1000, the oldest and unmatched age of a person in Torah.

The tractate Yoma referred to him as the ancestor of the Gomermians, the present day Germans who assaulted Assyria in the late 7th century BC. The Germans, from which the majority of the Western Europe nations such as the French, Spanish, and the Celtic people are descended, are said to have started from Gomer.

Gomer, a Hebrew name is commonly connected by the Assyrians to the migrant Gimirru or Kimmerians for the Greeks, who lived in the Eurasian Steppes.

Gomer and the Cimmerians

Gomer is said to be the father of ancient Cimmerians. Kimmerians or Cimmerians were warlike tribes of Aryans that fought against the nations in the northwest Asia during 670 to 570 BC.

They left their home found at the north of the Black Sea, the present day Ukraine of southern Russia, in the 7th century BC when they were expelled by the Scythians. They then transferred to the Caucasus and Armenia and Asia Minor of Western Asia putting great pressure on the Assyrians and other countries. They battled with Lydia and put the temple of Diana of Ephesus on fire. A portion of them went eastward to Media while some went westward and invaded Cappadocia then dwelt in it. Gamir, the Armenian term for Cappadocia has its roots in these people. They were forced out of these areas afterwards.

They then reoccurred during the Roman times as the Cimbri of Cimbrie Chersonese, the country we now know as Denmark. Afterwards, they travelled across the British Isles and became the forefathers of the present day Gael of Ireland and Scotland and the Cymry of Wales. Accordingly, the whole Celtic tribe that includes the Galatians are thought to have descended from Gomer.

The Country of Gomer

The Bible states Gomer was a country found in the north. It stretched from the Taurus and Amanus Mountains of the Asia Minor up to the River Tanais and expanded towards Europe up to the Cadiz of Spain.

The descendants of his son, Togarmah were depicted as dwelling in the “recesses” of the north. And they multiplied across the whole north up to Asia during the time of Ezekiel. They are believed to have occupied the lands to the north and west of Israel.

The Armenians, a nation found in eastern Turkey, have long claimed that they are of the House of Togarmah. Armenians are dwellers in the Caucasus and the Armenian Highland. Caucasus is located at the boundaries of Europe and Asia. Whereas, Armenian Highland is mistakenly regarded as Eastern Anatolia or Eastern Asia Minor and is referred to as the Aryan Highland or the “Fatherland of Aryan Peoples”.

Gomer, the son of Japheth in the Bible

Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5. Gomer as the eldest of Japheth’s descendants.

Genesis 10:3, 1 Chronicles 1:6. The three sons of Gomer.

Ezekiel 38:6. The armies of Gomer associated to Beth Togarmah.

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25 thoughts on “Gomer Son of Japheth

  1. Paul preaced to the Galatians the region is now central Turkey .I believe based on historical and archeological evidences that these where the celts who subsequently moved westwards to Ireland Cornwall and Wales

  2. Tremendously interesting.
    Well documented.

  3. The name Gomer still exists in Cymru today!

  4. I am a direct descendant of Gomer Noahs grandson…. just found out today and very excited.

    1. My genealogy, back to the mid-1500, says I’m German. My recent DNA says the majority ethnicity is Wales. Reading in Genesis about the grandsons of Noah and where they went after the flood, indicates I’m related to Gomer. I just can’t seem to make a connection from my currently verified roots, and the children of Gomer, some of which went to Wales. Has anyone made a connection from mid-1500s to the days of Gomer, who is reported to live 1000 years. Surely there is a verified connection, but I don’t know where to start my research. Anyone help me out?

      1. The Scottish claim a decent from the schythia in the arromoth declaration.

      2. I have gone all the way back to Adam & Eve from present day. I am from Noah, Japheth, Riphath. From Riphath I go back through all the Scottish Kings ….”Scottish Annals from English Chroniclers A.D. 500 – 1286″ to a Scottish princess who married one of my Great-Greats. If you run into trouble go to the internet & ask “Find the parents of ? ? born ?” it can help. I have been doing Genealogy since 2000. Good Luck

        1. How did you do to find out that?

        2. Doing genealogy since 2000? Are you familiar with the Genealogical Proof Standard? Unless each generation can be documented/justified by evidence, then your work is not credible and you have not traced your genealogy back to Adam and Eve.

      3. I have.. I am the daughter of Saltzman. Wow and ally of Gog. And how I found out is a miracle. The Gogs came to me after the bloodmoon 2019. And much more.

      4. Sir Richard of York can be traced back to Gomer, though the dark ages make this muddled as with pre common era dates and people’s. Though much documentation is available, it isn’t always reliable

    2. Same here, through my Maternal line.

    3. Hi, our family just found out we have bloodline from Gomers son Ashkenazi from the Ashkenazi Jews.

  5. I am very pleased with this information, it is so detailed a rarity!

  6. is there any record of the Tugglestein from Holland who emigrated to Northumberland Engliand.

  7. I thought the Celts were descendants of Zerah, Perez twin, who as Miletian kings ruled half of Spain and then, Ireland. Into this line had entered Tamar, Judeah’s King Zedekiah daughter, and prophet Jeremiah’s granddaughter, a descendant of Judah through Perez.

  8. What about the other sons of Japheth, like Javan? When it talks about the Gentiles who is it really saying? Is it saying there were Gentiles in every nation? Does Gentiles really mean non-Jew? Are Jews only the ones from the Tribe of Judah? What about the Israelites? Did Yeshua say he came only for the lost tribe of Israel? or Did Yeshua say that He came NOT only for the lost tribe of Israel? Does the lost books of the bible speak on this? Thanks for any responses, Shalom!

    1. Javan descendants are those who populated Eastern Turkey, the Mediterranean Islands (besides Crete that was one of Mizraim son Caphtor) and the Mediterranean Coast of Europe reaching Spain. Tiras as well settled in Sicily and Italy. Madai settled in Iran. The others (Gomer, Magog, Tubal, Meshech) settled in Anatolia, Armenia, and the Caucasus spreading into Europe and Asia.

    2. KJVA Bible. Jasher 90:29
      [29]And during his reign he brought forth an army, and he went and fought against the inhabitants of Britannia and Kernania, the children of Elisha son of Javan, and he prevailed over them and made them tributary.

      According to the book of Jasher; Javan is the grandfather of Britannia (Britain).

      According to the book of Genesis 10:5. Gentiles refers to ONLY the children of Japheth.

      By these (decendants of Japheth) were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.
      Genesis 10:5 KJV

      Yahshua’s first mission was to the Lost sheep of Isreal; but later salvation was offered to the Gentiles (Sons of Japheth) from the Book of Acts chapter 10.

      I appreciate corrections and constructive differing views.

      1. If you investigate the Hebrew word for Gentile in v. 5 of Genesis 10 and compare it with every other use in that chapter you will find that it is the exact same word translated “nations” in all the other references, which are talking about all descendants from the three sons of Noah, not just Japheth.

  9. I’m an O Gorman ,MacGarmain Garmah we are told that our family stretches back to ToGarmah and beyond. The annals supposedly includes us there. We are told the name has been adjusted over time?

  10. What do you think about Ukraine being Gomers children?
    Will the Ukrainians be among those mentioned in the war of Hesekiel 38-39? When I write this, there is a war there.

  11. Hello – I cannot fathom why you would refer to Gomer as the son of Hosea – Gomer was the daughter of Hosea and the Bible clearly refers to Gomer as female and not a “son”

    Hos_1:3  So he went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim; which conceived, and bare him a son.

    As for all the other verses where Gomer is mentioned – it says the sons of Gomer – which doesnt necessarily mean Gomer was a male – The Bible is consistent in mentioning the children of a person irrespective of whether they male or female – your writing suggest that the female offspring was not mentioned.

    1. Hi Melanie – There are 2 Gomer’s in the Bible. Please see also see https://amazingbibletimeline.com/blog/prophet-hosea/ and https://www.compellingtruth.org/Gomer-in-the-Bible.html. Thank you.

      ABT Team

    2. That’s a LATER Gomer. The Gomer we are referencing is the grandson of Noah, through Japheth, mentioned in Genesis Chapter 10.

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