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Haida and Kwakiutl Tribes Thrive in Northwest America

The earliest remains found of humans that settled in the Americas came from a cave called On Your Knees located in Alaska. The DNA sample extracted from a human tooth in that cave proved that the genetic mutations were similar to the people from parts of northeast Asia and Japan. This indicated that people from Asia crossed over through the Bering Straight to the Americas. According to the Bible Timeline Poster with World History, the Haida and Kwakiutl Tribes that descended from these people began to thrive in Northwest America after 200 BC.

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The Haida people today live in Haida Gwaii (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) on the Pacific coast of Canada, as well as Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. The Kwakiutl people, meanwhile, now live in the coastal areas between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia.

“Kwakiutl man kneeling on one knee”

Many of the migrant peoples continued southward to the Pacific coast of the United States. They continued on until they reached Central and South America; this explains why the living Haida people share a close genetic link to the Chumash people of California, the Yaghan people of Tierra Del Fuego in Chile, and the Cayapa (Chachi) people of Ecuador.

The people of Haida Gwaii hunted around the island for food and fished around the Hecate Strait. The Haida also harvested the abundant shellfish. This stability of food allowed them to establish settlements on the island as well as devote time for arts. They were also able to improve the design of their canoes which they cleverly used to navigate the Hecate Strait in search of food and to raid the mainland tribes.

The Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka’wakw) was another group of people that settled in the coastal areas of British Columbia. The men engaged in hunting while the women gathered additional food. But their main source of food was the bountiful sea where they fished, gathered shellfish, and hunted for marine mammals.

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