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China, Golden Age of Chang-An in

Chang-An, which is presently known as Xi’an, refers to the capital of ten dynasties in Ancient China. It was during the Neolithic Era that some people dwelled in this ancient capital, which also resulted to the establishment of the Yangshao Culture in Banpo. Moreover, the great ruler of the Qin Dynasty named Qin Shi Huang decided to construct a grand mausoleum that was protected by the Terracotta Army, which could still be found at present.

Information about the Chang-An

It was about 3 kilometers of the present-day Xi’an where the Han capital was historically found. According to historians, the capital served as China’s seat of culture, economy, and politics. Aside from being the center of trade and manufacturing, Chang-An also had a large population that supported its political strength. In fact, there were about 246,000 individuals residing in this area in 2 AD where it is listed on the Biblical Timeline. Most of the people who lived in Chang-An were classified as scholars who were supported financially by aristocrats and wealthy families, so they could sustain their education. Civil servants also resided in this city to protect and serve its people.

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A gilt-silver jar with a pattern of dancing horses found from a 1970 excavation in Xi’an.

Improvements in Chang-An

The great Emperor Liu Bang aimed to build a strong capital that is directly at the sun’s center, which is the current location of Luoyang. The site that Liu Bang was pertaining to was also the location of Changzhou, which was pertained as a holy place. Because the site was believed to be a holy and magical place, many people believed that it will become a strong and powerful dynasty to last for years. Thus, it was the kind of image that Han tried to emulate and project to the people.

According to history, Liu Bang decided to relocate a number of military aristocracy clans to this city. He had two intentions for doing so, which was to maintain the closeness of all his rivals to the emperor and to encourage them to defend this capital from the neighboring cities including Xiongnu. He decided to actualize his decision largely due to the guidance from his political adviser, Liu Jing.

Thus, three prefectures were set up to divide the city prior to the construction of various structures in the capital. When Chang-An was first founded, there were only 146,000 inhabitants in the city, but it soon grew as the place progressed.

When Emperor Wu ruled the capital, Zhang Qian, a scholarly diplomat was relocated into Central Asia. Ever since that period, the city served as the people’s gateway to Europe from Asia. It also became the departure point of Silk Road. When the Western Han period ended, the government of Eastern Han remained in Luoyang to make it its new capital. However, the court was eventually relocated to Chang-An, back to its original location, in 190 AD. This event was due to the orders of the Prime Minister Dong Zhuo, yet the capital was placed back to Luoyang after his death. During this era, several dynasties in the world considered Chang-An as the site of strong governance and power that reigned supreme throughout China.

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