Hittites, The

The Hittites were the descendants of Heth, the second son of Canaan, youngest son of Ham.  In the Book of Genesis, they are declared to be one of the 12 Canaanite nations dwelling inside or close to Canaan from the time of Abraham up to Ezra’s era. They lived in the Promised Land to the Israelites. That’s why God commanded the Israelites to eradicate them. But they were not destroyed and still dwell in southern Palestine and around Jerusalem with the Hebrews.  The Hittite empire flourished and were shown on the Biblical Timeline chart starting from 2300 BC to about 1100 BC

The Great Hittite Empire

The Hittite Empire is mentioned over and over in the Bible as one of the most powerful empires in the ancient times. Scholars used to question the accuracy of the Bible saying that such a big Hittite Empire was only hearsay since it was nowhere to be found.  They considered the Hittites a small group of people living in the hills of Canaan together with Abraham.

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Hittite Kingdoms

This was until the discovery showing the center of this great civilization, Hattusa – which was then followed by unearthing the treaty of Kadesh in Egypt establishing the Hittite capital, Hattusa and Heliopolis. And other important proofs such as remnants, tablets, documents, and successful excavations soon revealed the truth about the existence of this great empire.

The Capital City, Hattusa

Hattusa, the capital city of the amazing Hittite Empire, was excavated inside the circle of Kizil River situated close to the Boğazkale, Turkey. It was surrounded by forest that supplied enough wood for building and maintaining a large city.. The land around it was suitable for agriculture, and the hill lands could support pasture animals. The small rivers around the area supplied enough water for the people. But since these rivers are not appropriate for big ships, transportation in and out of the city was mainly by land.

On top of the city was a rock used to shield the metropolis. Archaeologists today tried to reconstruct a small area of the walls with the same materials and techniques used by the Hittites to have a glimpse of how Hattusa looked in its glory days. Excavations showed that the city was almost deserted when it was attacked and burned.

Parts of the Bible that mention Hittites:

  • Genesis 23:5, 7, 10, 16, 18. Hittites as the sons of Heth.
  • Genesis 15:20. Hittites as one of Abram’s descendants.
  • Genesis 15:18-21. The Lord made a covenant with Abram giving the land from the river of Egypt to the great river the Euphrates to Abram and his descendants that includes Hittites.
  • Deuteronomy 20:17, 7:1, Joshua 3:10. The Lord commanded the Israelites to destroy the Hittites along with the other children of Canaan.
  • Numbers 13:29, Joshua 11:1. The Hittites are living in the “hill country”.
  • Genesis 23:8-19. Abraham bought the field of Ephron the Hittite located in Machpelah and buried his wife, Sara, in the cave facing Mamre.
  • Genesis 25:8-9. Abraham died and was buried in the cave of Machpelah, which he bought from the son of Zohar the Hittite, Ephron.
  • Judges 3:5. The Israelites lived among the locals that included the Hittites.
  • Genesis 27:46. Rebekah objected to Jacob marrying a Hittite woman.
  • 2 Chronicles 1:17. Imported chariots and horses were given to the kings of the Hittites.
  • 2 Kings 7:6, 1 Kings 10:29. Hittites have their own kingdoms and were hired by the king of Israel, along with the Egyptian kingdoms to fight against the Syrians.
  • Joshua 11:1-2. Hittites allied with King Jabin of Hazor to fight against Joshua.
  • 2 Samuel 11:3. The Hittite warrior, Uriah was the husband of Eliam’s daughter, Bathsheba.

Scholarly Debate  Concerning the Hittites

It is a matter of considerable scholarly debate whether the biblical “Hittites” signified any or all of: 1) the original Hattites of Hatti; 2) their Indo-European conquerors (Nesili), who retained the name “Hatti” for Central Anatolia, and are today referred to as the “Hittites” (the subject of this article); or 3) a Canaanite group who may or may not have been related to either or both of the Anatolian groups, and who also may or may not be identical with the later Neo-Hittite,Luwian polities.

Other biblical scholars have argued that rather than being connected with Heth, son of Canaan, instead the Anatolian land of Hatti was mentioned in Old Testament literature and apocrypha as “Kittim” (Chittim), a people said to be named for a son of Javan. (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hittites#Biblical_Hittites Retrieved July 2011)

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50 thoughts on “Hittites, The

  1. we now who we are and its just the matter of time before we are restored to our creator! be very afraid all who have trangressed against his annointed!

    1. The Hittites were not dark. They were fair skinned. Adam ish and Shah came to give us agriculture almost 24 thousand years ago. The recent agriculture site found along Galilee, not far from Magella and Tiberius. Ages of Aquarius and Capricorn…She, brilliant Havah, took on humanity to bring stone age man into agriculture, arts, sciences, and closure to our galactic family…Not sun or Leo Gods.Adam was too intelligent to breed with the Africans and natives…They travelled above the Caucuses and migrated back down about 5000 years ago…Sarah, the Nobel woman, was of the Hittites, Abraham was Semetic…As she held the history, the land and noble kings come from her, not Abraham. We know that Abraham treated Sarah terribly, he gave her to slavery two times, never praying for her well-being, unlike Isaac’s prayers and concerns for Rebecca…Abraham got Hagar from his dealings with Pharoh…When he gave Sarah up as a sex concubine…Ishmael was only to be the father of 1 great nation…He took over, Hebrew go into captivity, etc.because of the sins of Abraham towards God and Sarah…It is the spirit of Jesus that keeps saving Sarah from Abrahams plots.

      1. How can the Hittites be fair skinned whilst their father Ham was a Black man? How did they acquire white skin?

        1. Ham was not black. How can Ham be black while his brothers were brown or fair skinned? And How can Ham be black if the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese (who are descendants of the Sinites) are fair skinned? Furthermore, Egypt and Libya were not black and are still not black. Black people came from Cush/ Kush. How black people ended up black no one really knows. Its just a lot of speculation.

          1. The fact that Ham was the progenitor of the brown raced simply tells us that genetically something a bit different was introduced through him. We come in a rich range of colors. No one knows just how enhanced Cush was. Maybe he looked more like Mandela than Winfrey. Google Ethiopians and San peoples. Rich range.

          2. Why are you using Black” as if it’s a rigid color in skin tones? I’m as dark as Oprah, but Black folks describe us as “brown skinned” not a black. We refer to Halle Berry as light brown, but to compared to Norsemen, she’s dark. You don’t know enough to draw any conclusions about what the Hittites looked like. Visit Turkey and find out or just Google it. You’ll be surprised.

          1. Because of Noah being Ham father and not a curse.

      2. If you are not going to speak the truth then don’t speak at because you just make yourself look foolish. Even in the bible, and Torah it clearly say’s that Canaan was the son of ham and ham’s land is Egypt. Lets face it the Bible has strong black African roots. It was also a one point in history connected with the land of Ethiopia which is basically ancient name for parts of so-called “Asia minor,” or “middle east” which is really (North East Ethiopia, or North East Africa). The gentiles or non-dark skinned people came from Noah’s son Japhath.

      3. Depends on how you define dark. Halle Berry is dark, compared to most Brits, especially without makeup. That said, people come much darker. Greeks can get as dark as Ms. Berry without I’ll effects. People of the Mediterranean have ancient blood and live close to Africa, makes sense to me.

      4. What you have said here is utter nonsense and goes against scripture.

      5. What Jesus have something to do with Abraham ? Not same time not same period

  2. Revenge is the Lord’s alone. God will utterly destroy and finish what He ordered man to do the first time. The Lord is perfect. The called, the chosen and the obedient from all of mankind will be His.

  3. ” They lived in the Promised Land to the Israelites. That’s why God commanded the Israelites to eradicate them”…. What kind of statement is this? Sorry, it sounds like genocide, normally associated with groups like isis

    1. Yep… There were RETURNING. Not a new land of “milk and honey”
      KILL anything that breaths!
      Horrible to worship anything with that mentality.

    2. Hittites and all the Canaanite nations had to be eradicated because they were not created by the God of the Bible Ahaya. They were half-breeds. Part human and part Nephilim. This is as a result of satan’s fallen angels cohabiting with Canaanite women and bearing giants (nephilim). The Creator gave an order that all those hybrids should be eradicated from the face of the earth. Unfortunately, Israelites did not do as Ahaya has ordered.

      The so called Jewish today, are from this lineage of the fallen angels, through Esau who married Hittite and Hivite women who were hybrids themselves. Remember Ahaya did not create this earth for hybrids from fallen angels.

      Also note that these nephilim are the gods/idols that the Greek, Romans and their descendants (Europeans) worship even today. The Church of Rome still worship them even today. These are the idols that taught humans all the wickedness that you see on earth today including homosexuality, murder, sorcery, witchcraft, fornication etc etc.

      Also, they consumed everything that men had. After all that, they turned to men and started to consume human beings and to drink their blood. Ahaya destroyed them in the Noah’s flood, but some survived on the other side of the flood. These are the ones that Ahaya gave an order to the Israelites to destroy.

      Comparing our God Ahaya with Isis is far fetched. Isis is in fact the extension of the very same problem. Isis also worships those fallen angels that is why they cause so much havoc on this earth. I am sure you realise that if all the Canaanites were destroyed, the world would be a much better place today. Our God Ahaya was simply protecting us, his creation, by exterminating the Canaanites.

      1. I dont believed that there are survivors in The great flood during Noah’s time. God is very clear that Only will survives are the one in the Arc of God.

        Canaanite are started from Ham son of Noah who is crushed because of an unfortunate moment he saw his fathers drunk and naked. Curse Canaan and be a slave of his two son which is Shem and Japeth. Ham sons are scattered that time after the flood and build thier kingdom.

        1. Then why were giants alive after the flood? David fights Goliath, ETC.

          1. CHILD OF HALE DIED 1623. 9 FT 3 INCH

        2. Yes, and what did the Bible mean when it said that Ham “uncovered his father’s nakedness”? The answer is found in Leviticus 18:8. In fact, this verse is the key to understanding where the nephilim started to enter the picture AFTER the flood. Also a key verse is Jubilees 8:1-4, and vs. 7. Nebrod is another name for Nimrod, who became a “mighty hunter” (Ha GIbborim, aka Giant) before the Adonai (LORD). How? cutting of roots and mixing of genetic according to the book of Enoch.

      2. This is a false doctrine and not compatible with the Bible. All humankind are created in God’s image; though we have been given free will and thus can choose to serve God or no. Giantism is a genetic mutation that has nothing to do with the devil or his demons having sex with human women. Spiritual beings like that cannot have sex with humans. See Jesus’s explanation of the angels in Mark 12:25 and other places in scripture. The phrase “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 simply means those humans who served God as opposed to those who did not. It is a specific phrase only used one other place in scripture in Job 1:6. Also think about this: if the Nephilim were the product of demons and female humans and God wanted to destroy them with a worldwide deluge described in Genesis 6-8, only Noah and his family were living after the flood. How is it that we have giants living later in the time of Joshua and Caleb spying out the land or the boy David fighting Goliath before he became king? You can see the incompatibility with a demonic half breed theory with what the scripture states. However, wicked human beings who do not love and fear God will always exist because our sin nature is always with us. Sin exists. Evil exists. Christ Jesus who was God come in the flesh took that sinful nature upon Himself to deliver us through His death on the cross. This and this alone is the way to salvation, holiness and freedom from sin, not by blaming and killing other people groups.,

        1. Look at the wives they married and had children with. God demand only Noah to be perfect but clearly not morally for he was mis using wine to get drunk. So clearly the gospel is telling you he is gods perfect creation and the only one left in his generation. Therefore his wife and his sons wives are contaminated with this bloodline witch starts the rephaim descendent of the nephilim. Genetics is crazy and it only gets crazier when you find out the truth is more crazy because it is following Gods standing unlike imagination.

        2. I’m sorry, but if you believe that then you simply do not understand the scriptures. To even begin to understand the scriptures, you must come to accept the fact that giants are part of biblical history. Over 36 tribes of giants are mentioned in the KJV alone. With 22 giants mentioned by name even, Goliath being the most well-known. In fact Yahusha warned us that as in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the son of man. Shalom.

          1. could you name all the giants from 36 tribes

      3. where can i find Ahaya in the king james version

    3. The people of that region, the Hittites, the Girgashites,, the Amorites, and the Kena’anites, the Perizzites, the Hiwwites, and the Yebusites; were fertility cults who worshiped baal and his mother/ mistress; asherah. These fertility cults were practicing ritual prostitution and child sacrifices.

      1. They’re still here.

        1. Luciferians…

    4. It should be needless to say: No one is qualified or able to judge God. Some “people” were not merely people but instead a hybrid of people and demon (i.e. Nephilim) who God knew would never be His. Consequently, His order to the Israelites to truncate the lives of these beings was His prerogative. It should likewise be needless to say that God does not sin thus the comparison to the acts of murder committed by Isis members is beyond absurd.

  4. If a powerful king, in this case God, chooses to honor a particular family, one would be suicidal to oppose him…especially when you have the option to join the family. In that case, your identity is changed and your treason pardoned.

    1. Well said!

  5. The things of God has to be spiritually discerned. Your human (flesh) mind will not do. Submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, repent of your evil thoughts and ask Him to be born again by His Spirit. Perhaps He will grant you Grace so you can have the eyes of your understanding enlightened, so you can understand the glorious Word of God that is able to save Your soul.
    Lord Jesus help please!

    1. Christianity was created in 325AD along with Jesus the Christ and the New Testament at the Council of Nicea. The Old Testament (history modified) and the New Testament scribed from 2231 scrolls, myths, astrology and plagiarized cultures and superstitions was formulated by the genius Constantine and his right hand man Eusebius and the Old Testament and the New Testament were joined to make the Christian Bible. Jesus neve existed and there is no reference or evidence from any discoveries throughout history that even mentions a Jesus. The Christians were the Essenes who were part of the tribe of the Pharisees and the Sadducees whom the Essenes were at odds with. Hence, the Pharisees were written into the New Testament as betraying the Christ in order to draw distain toward the Pharisees. The Gospel was written out of plagiarism from texts and myths originating from Asia Minor where the Hittites and those before them existed. Christianity is a myth of plagiarism and astrology. There over 16 crucified saviors in world history born of a virgin and born on Dec. 25th, a day when the three stars of Orion’s Belt align with the Star of the East (Sirius) to a point at which the sun rises that day and during the period 1200 to 1250 BC the constellation Crux (meaning cross) hung just above the sun rise which explains the popularity of Dec.25th as the birth of many gods of many cultures. Christianity is a myth of plagiarism and astrology. And is the curse of mankind.

      1. Jesus in not mentioned in the bible because his name was Yeshua. He was not born on December 25, but at the feast of Sukkot, in late September.

        1. Actually, Yeshua means, “may his name be blotted out”. His true name, confirmed by findings in the Dead Sea scrolls, is Yahusha. Shalom.

      2. Astronomers observe “his star” Tzedek (Jupiter) as it comes into conjunctin with Melek (Regulus) between the feet of Ariyeh (the lion). 1st day of the 7th month 3998 FC, thursday, September 12, 3BCE
        Astronomical observation: second conjunction heralding the birth of Yeshua: Revelations 12:1.1 Just after sunset on September 12, 3BCE, while the sky was clothed with the last rays of the setting sun, the first sliver of the new moon (4% illuminated, 7′ above the horizon) appeared beneath the feet of the constellation of the woman Betulah (Hebrew for vergin) or Vergo (latin). At that moment, in the constellation of Ariyeh (lion) above her head, the planet Tzdek (the Righteous) came into conjunction with the star Melek (the king) that is astronomically positioned between the front feet of the lion. The sighting of the new moon that evening announced the Day of Trumpets., and the astronomical display in the constellation above the head of the woman heralded the upcomming birth of the Righteous KIng-the lion of the tribe of Judah. 15 days later, at the beginning of the feast of Tabernacles Yeshua was born.

        1. The previous information comes from The Chronological Gospels, The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah by Michael Rood, published August 2013 by Aviv Moon Publishing

      3. Astronomy, not astrology. The charting of the stars began with Enosh(Enoch 235 to 1140)..Grandson of Adam.

      4. Your history is extremely inaccurate and filled with anti Christian bigotry. That is sad but The Christ of the Bible still loves you and gave His life to forgive and save you! Turn to Him, you will find He is very real!

      5. Part of what you have said is true, but not all of it. Jesus, lets get his name straight first, Yahusha, did come, just as it is recorded. Yes man (the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits) has messed with the scriptures, but Yahusha did come. And Yahusha is the father in the flesh and not in his full glory whether you listen or fail to listen. Shalom.

      6. Yes it is a curse !! more people had been killed on the name of Christianity as any other war inquisition, religious wars etc …

  6. If it pleases God to command the killing of a whole people to fulfil his will, what is man to question that? Just Fear him, obey his son Jesus christ, repent of your sins and work towards making heaven. Its a personal thing you know.

    1. These people had to be wiped out-when the fallen angels had sexual relations with human women, the pure human bloodline was tainted; humans were no longer “pure bred” human, but a hybrid angel-human, or Nephilim! This is where the giants came from. That’s what I believe all the whoopla is about concerning Area 51. Where we get the term “Aliens”, but actually experiments to shrink down the Nephilim and not draw unnecessary attention to these experiments, hence the “Great Deception”!

  7. Though there were many sea worthy boats during the time of Noah and the flood… and all floated for a time. Only one boat made the complete journey of approximately 150 days of flood waters until Mount Ararat’s peak became its resting place. The Ark!
    And just as there were many physical boats during the flood, (since then and right now), there are just as many spiritual doors available to walk through…but only One door leads to eternal life. Jesus! “I Am the Door…”
    -John 10:7-10

    1. Well said

    2. it had never rained before when noah built his ark there was no other boats around .

      1. However, there were seas and other bodies of water from the beginning. God separated the waters from the dry land, during creation.

  8. Jesus has outlived all theories of men about the God of creation and is being proved by science to be a reality. accept the reality of Jesus the SAVIOR and keep an date with Heaven the dwelling place of God.

  9. I’m not sure about the old testament , but , I believe in Jesus Christ , and
    everything in the new testament . I hope i’m not speaking out of turn .
    God bless you all .

    1. God bless you as well, Madison. I pray the Lord, the Good Shepherd, leads and keeps you close to Himself, teaching you continually in His word and ways.

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