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Ham: biblical figure, Father of Egypt

Ham, brother of Shem and Japeth, was born when Noah was five hundred years old (Genesis 5:32 KJV). He is also one of those who survived the great flood since he was in the ark with his father. The Biblical Timeline charts Ham’s birth in 2450 BC, when Noah, his father was five hundred years old. The Bible doesn’t say the total number of years of Ham’s existence. The name Ham in Hebrew origin means “warm” or “hot”. In Egypt, Ham means “black”. We have also considered the Egyptian meaning of Ham since Egypt is Mizraim in the Bible and Mizraim is Ham’s son. Ham is the father of Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan, whom Noah cursed after Ham did not aid his father when he was drunk and naked (Genesis 9:22 KJV).

Ham, After the flood

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Ham Biblical_Figure
Noah’s curse on Ham

After the flood, Noah planted a vineyard and drank from its wine. Noah got drunk and was naked in his tent. Ham witnessed his father nakedness and told his brother about it. Shem and Japheth walked backwards to their father and covered him. Noah woke up from his drunkenness and knew about what happened. Noah cursed Ham’s youngest son for Ham did not do anything to aid his father.

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21 thoughts on “Ham: biblical figure, Father of Egypt

  1. Genesis ch 9: 24-27
    Noah cursed Ham’s youngest son Canaan to be a servant to his brothers.
    Noah did not curse Ham’s other sons to be a servant.

    1. Ham was the actual first born, Shem was the actual second born and Japheth was the actual last born. Shem got the rights of the first born son. The one who sinned against Noah was Canaan and not Ham.

      1. Genesis 9:24 refers to Ham as Noah’s younger son. Genesis 10:21 refers to Japheth as the elder.

      2. Ham was the youngest son. Gen 9:24. Shem was the second son. This is seen by reading the text. Japheth was the older Gen 10:21. It does state that Shem got the first born rights according to the text in Gen 9:26_27. Shem is the ancestor of The Lord Jesus. The one who sinned against Noah was Ham Gen 9:20-25. But Canaan the son of ham was cursed Gen 10:6 shows us he was Hams son.

        1. Thank you, Your comment is 100% accurate according to the Scriptures.

        2. Cannan and two of his brothers violated their grandfather Noah. Cannan got cursed for it because Ham did nothing to prevent the abuse of the 3 boys. Whereas Ham’ brothers presumably stopped the abuse and covered up the old man.

      3. Interested where your proof is of the order of first born . It doesn’t say the order in the bible so where did you get this ?

      4. Naw, Ham REALLY sinned against Noah. Uncovering your father’s nakedness meant, you had sex with your father’s mother. The same phrase was used when Moses was giving the commandments to the children of Israel. It was used in conjunction with other incestuous examples that were considered sinful . Ham raped Noah’s wife aka Ham’s mother and the result of that rape was Canaan. So, Ham cursed Canaan because he was an incest baby.

  2. I need all the information about Noah and his three son Ham, Shem, and Japheth it is important to me please!!!!!!

    Thank You
    Mary Ealy

    1. According to one account I read the actual Hebrew language of the incident gives the connotation of a pulling back of the tent flap . That may mean that while Ham was out telling everybody about Noah’s nakedness Cannan may have opened up Noah’s tent so that the whole camp could actually see him. Ham had the attitude but being a son Cannan took it a step further an exposed his grandfather .
      He did not violate him !! If he had he would have died !! Even later on under the law of Moses sodomy was punishable by death !

  3. Which Noah’s son arrived in the south pacific

  4. Ham was cursed by Noah but not by GOD.

    Is there an important difference? As GOD through Ham through his son Miizraim established Egypt who by GOD, through one of its Pharaohs, establish Joseph the 11th son of Jacob to save the then current world from what could’ve been a devastating famine thereby allowing Israel to go to Egypt and establish the people Israel.

    See GOD’S ways are not man’s ways. HE used a man who was curse by his father, Noah to help establish HIS people, Israel !

    1. You have the right idea but you’re still lost. It sounds like you’re trying to discern The Bible with your carnal intelligence and believe me you will stay lost. The Bible can only be discerned/ understood with your spiritual mind. This is why Jesus gives us the Comforter/The Holy Spirit to intercede, teach, and guide us on this spiritual journey because our carnal knowledge and intelligence are insufficient. So if you haven’t already asked The Holy Spirit to remove the scales from your eyes and give you a new mind and a clean heart, you should because without Him (Holy Spirit), you will always be LOST

    2. noah didnot curse ham he cursed his son caanan

  5. Hàm in an effort to become head of the household disgraced Noah by sleeping with Noah’s wife, Ham’s mother, who gave birth to Canaan which is why the Canaanite s are a morally reprehensible lot. In the old testament references to seeing a man naked is a metaphor for cuckolding the man (sex with his wife-the ultimate disrespect). Not covering his father who was naked? Really? Why would that be so terrible if a literal interpretation were applied? These kind of ifiteral modern reads of the Bible is why so many people are utterly perplexed by the “sinful characterization” of seemingly innocuous e vents. In the Bible to see another man naked memes to have sexual relations with that man’s woman. The metaphor uses the term naked as a less graphic and offensive manner of describing a Despicable Act.

    1. Adam and Eve were the first to realize they were naked. To be naked means you are found in sin. The garments are what covers you, and in the New Testament, your garments come from being washed by the blood of the Lamb, and that is your garments for the wedding feast. This is why Revelation 16:15 is important. BEHOLD I COME AS A THIEF. BLESSED IS HE WHO WATCHES AND KEEPS HIS GARMENTS, LEST THEY SEE YOU NAKED AND YOUR SHAME. When you are naked in sin, this world shames you for it. This is why Jesus says you must love your neighbor as yourself, and love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you. Without love, your gifts mean nothing. Perfect love casts out all fear. Galatians 6:1-2 says to uplift your bretheren if you see them in sin and transgressions, thus fulfilling the law of Christ. God bless ❤️

  6. Tom,
    Woah … That’s way out in the weeds man.
    Way too presumptuous!
    Keep up the prayers

  7. Look on your father’s nakedness is an ancient Hebrew phrase for “have sex with them” because when else would you be able to see their nakedness.

    Ham slept with his mom and that is why Noah cursed Canaan – Ham’s son.

    Logical thinking here

  8. I’m studying Genesis 9:22 now. I actually looked up the original Hebrew words for “saw the nakedness of his father” . This verse did not say look upon his father’s nakedness in the King James Version. The original Hebrew word for “saw” is “ra’ah”(pronounced as “raw-aw”) which means to see, literally or figuravely, consider, discern, (make to ) enjoy, have experience, gaze. The original Hebrew word used in this verse for the word “nakedness” is the word “ervah”(pronounced as “er-vaw”); which means nudity, literally( especially the genital) or figuratively (disgrace, blemish): – nakedness, shame, unclean(-ness). The Hebrew word for “saw” means literallly “saw” or “gaze” such as to stare but it also means “enjoy” or “have experience” . Because of this definition it is a possibility that Ham did something inappropriate to his dad’s genitals; however, he could have just stared, which is also bad. The definition of the word “ra’ah” is a litlle to general to say with boldness that he had sex with his dad when the word also means to literally look. The truth is none of us know. We just just know that he either “looked/stared at his dad’s genitals and/or did something to his dad’s genitals. We know for sure he did at least one of them but to say which one; nobody alive knows. As far as Ham having sex with Noah’s wife, which would have been Ham’s mother is not true. That is not biblical at all. A matter of fact she is not even mentioned in that chapter. If I”m not mistaking the only time the bible talks about Noah’s wife is when it talks about him putting his family in and out the ark. Besides that it really doesn’t talk much about Noah’s wife.

    1. thank you for clarifying!

  9. the fact that his brothers backed to him with a cloth prevented them from staring but didnt keep them from seeing him naked because why would they back up to him unless they knew he was naked

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