Mizraim is a son of Ham, the son of Noah. He was the younger brother of Cush and elder brother of Phut and Canaan. His children were Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, Naphtuhim, Pathrusim, Casluhim (out of whom came Philistim) and Caphtorim. He was the ancestor of the Hamites in lower Egypt and Africa, and of the Hamites of Canaan and several others.  He appears on the Biblical Timeline around 2300 BC

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Hebrews associated Mizraim with the land of Egypt also known as “the land of Hamites” as referred to in Psalm 105:23. In the Old Testament, the twofold form of matzor could signify the two Egypts;  Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

Egypt: the land of Mizraim

Egypt, Decay begins
Egypt: the land of Mizraim

Egypt, also known by the names Musuru, Musru, Misir or Masri in other languages is where the story of the Israelite nations started. It is a transcontinental country found in North Africa. With the land bridge, Sinai Peninsula connecting to the Southwest Asia, it had great influence in Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East, and other Muslim countries. Its boundary is defined by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Sudan to the south, Libya on the west, and the Red Sea on the east. The Gaza Strip and Israel can also be found bordering on the northeast.

It was declared a Republic country since 1953 but is under Emergency Law starting in 1967, so it has been governed autocratically by Mohamed Hosni Mubarak from 1981 to 2011. On February 2011, the country’s revolution ended the almost 30 years of Mubarak’s authority giving way to the ruling of a military council.

What Part of the Bible Mentions Mizraim?

Genesis 10:6,13, 1 Chronicles 1:8, 11. Mizraim as the son of Ham, along with Cush, Phut and Canaan.

Genesis 10:13. 1, Chronicles 1:11 Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim, and Naphtuhim, as sons of Mizraim.

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15 thoughts on “Mizraim

  1. Iam carrying out research on my ethnic tribe known as Masara in the horn of Africa.We are the descendent of Misraim and do strongly believe that we are not Arabs but black Masara or Egyptian.Could you then please kindly contact so we might share more on the subject of Misraim.

    1. I have contacted you and look forward to your information

      1. Dear Margaret, after all these years am back to you and wish to share the information about people known as Masara originating from Egypt. I am a member of this people called Masara.

      2. Dear Margaret, it is not too late to thank you the Bible timeline you sent me sometime back 2014
        It is amazing information on Misraim/Masara .
        Thanks. Abdinoor Ali Khansoy

    2. Jeremysconiers1@yahoo.com. that the real American Indians are descended of mizraim in Egypt because we have land there in we lived there for 430 years. We out breaded them so we are one. The truth needs to be told.

      1. HelloJeremy, It took me a long time to reply to you. The fact is that we are one people. But so many historians steal other people’s history and this happens always. I know indigenous Americans are our people’s ethnicity, descendants of Misraim or Masara from Egypt. That is our origins. Thank you for the contact.Great.Please contact me soon possibly

      2. We share the same origin I agree with you and it is the truth.

    3. Abdinoor Ali khansoy, I’ve a question..
      Are the Origins Egyptian Pharohs, are they related to Mizraim family ?

      1. Why not my dear. Remember the desert origins of the Pharaohs, Egypt before the mummies, the Neolithic period civilization in Egypt, and finally, Mizraim or Masara Fathered the great pharaohs! According to the bible timeline. Mizraim was born in Mesopotamia and died in Masr(Egypt by the greeks). Egypt Masar is the land of Mizraim where our origins come from.

  2. Am yet lost in search of masara nation .thanks for the bible timeline very educative.anyway this is my details bellow. Thanks. Abdinoor ali khansoy.

  3. Palestine descended from children of Misraim. They are not Arabs but Masara origins.

  4. May I congratulate the amazing bible timeline which clearly indicates how Misraim fathered Egypt

  5. Hello,

    Can you tell me when Mizrahim was changed to Egypt?


  6. arent the Philistm the ancestors of the Philistines / Palestinians or were they of the generic Arab race descended from Canaan-Egypt/Lebanon/Jordan/Syria- Palestine is not mentioned in the bible maybe King James twice. There is the Hadrian curse story 132 AD and the Greeks of 5th AD references..then how about the Noah curse on the tribes/descendants of Ham for his sexual abuse of his drunken father and castration?

    1. Actually, the curse was because Ham (Cham) uncovered his father’s nakedness. That’s is an idiomatic expression meaning he slept with Noah’s wife (or his own mother). I don’t recall reading anywhere in Genesis about anyone being castrated. The curse fell upon Canaan, which cursed those people (the Canaanites) into slavery to serve his brothers and cousins; probably because he’s the product of incest between Cham and Noah’s wife.

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