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Egypt Subject to Persia

Egypt was a very powerful kingdom for thousands of years, and they ruled many lands and people all throughout the Middle East and Mesopotamia. Even though the Egyptians were a powerful and strong empire they were also a very pagan kingdom that constantly refuted God and his people. God finally had enough of Egypt and decided to judge the nation. He first used the Assyrians and then the Babylonians and finally the Persians to carry out his plans against Egypt.

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Egyptian Chariot

Various prophets such as Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah all spoke out prophecies against this empire until it no longer remained relevant. The Persian conquest is on the Biblical Timeline at the end of the sixth century BC God declared in the Bible that he was going to make Cyrus the Great a powerful ruler of the Persian Empire.

He was also going to use this empire to judge the nations that have rebelled against him. He judged the Babylonians, the Israelites, the Judeans and the Egyptians. After Cyrus had passed his son, Cambyses had carried out the conquest and dominance Egypt. Persia dominated Egypt starting in 525 B.C. they controlled the land and forced the Egyptians to pay them tribute until the Egyptians revolted in 490 BC. This revolt proved to be futile, but four years later the Egyptians managed to gain their independence. Even though they were able to be freed from direct Persian rule, they were constantly harassed by these people.

Eventually the Persians brought the Egyptians back under control and forced them to pay tribute. When Persia ruled Egypt, it was known as the Achaemenid period. Achaemenid was the official name of the Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great. Whenever Persia ruled over Egypt, they used satraps to govern the land. Many of the satraps carried out Persia’s agenda while they ruled. Life under Persia remained normal for most Egyptian people with the exception that tribute and taxes were paid to this foreign power. The Persians also controlled key aspects of Egyptian society such food production and military affairs. The Persians allowed the Egyptians to still worship their gods.

Even though many of the Persian rulers dominated Egypt, they were also influenced by this great civilization. A great deal of Persian people migrated to Egypt during this era and had grown accustomed to their lives in this kingdom. Many Egyptian people tried to overthrow Persian domination when they ruled, but they were unable to rid completely themselves from the Persians. A lot of the Egyptian temples were destroyed during the Persian conquest. They also had to deal with other nuances from the Persians and the Egyptians made it a habit to throw constantly off the Persian yoke.

All throughout the 4 century B.C. the Persians had to keep constantly Egyptian rebellion to a minimum. The years 485, 463 and 405 B.C. the Persians contained many rebellions except one that occurred in 405 B.C. The Egyptians finally had some success during the reign of Artaxerxes II. Egypt had used many different allies to help them to help shake off Persian rule including the Greeks and the some of the people of Cush. Egyptian independence was short lived. From the time of the Persian conquest up until nearly modern times, Egypt had been ruled by one empire or nation.

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