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Isaiah, Prophet of the Old Testament

Isaiah’s name means salvation of the Lord and some of his prophecies told of the coming Messiah, who is Jesus Christ. He appears on the Biblical Timeline poster with World History during the time of divided Israel. Isaiah’s prophecies were given during a turbulent period in the history of Judah and Israel. God’s judgment had finally come to a breaking point, and he sent the Assyrian army to take the people into captivity. Judah remained in peace, but it no longer was as powerful as it had been in the past.

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Isaiah spent close to 70 years prophesying for God. His prophecies are so extensive that he is considered one of the Major Prophets in the Bible. He is ranked with other leading prophets such as Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. Isaiah also had a wife, and she was referred to as “the prophetess”.

Isaiah’s Prophecies against Judah (Chapters 1 -39)

Judah had abandoned God, and God had finally had enough of their rebellion and sin. Most of the messages that Isaiah tells between chapters 1 and 39 explain why God is mad at Judah and what is going to happen to the people for their disobedience. In Isaiah Chapter 1: 2 – 4 God explains in great detail that he is fed up with Israel not following after his ways and worshipping him as Lord. In the rest of chapter 1 of Isaiah God pretty much has given up on Israel turning on their sins and coming back to him anytime soon.

He hasn’t completely abandoned his people, but he no longer wants them to represent his name on the Earth. This is one reason he dispersed them among the nations. Chapters 2 – 6 go into further details about God’s judgments against his people. In Chapters 7 – 12 Isaiah gives the people of Israel and Judah hope and speaks about the coming Messiah. Even though God is going to punish his people his mercy is ultimately going to win out over their sins. He ultimately understands their condition, and this is why he has Isaiah tell them he is going to send Jesus Christ so they can have a way from their broken condition. The nations of the Earth during this period are judged, and God proclaims judgment on the whole entire world. The rest of the books from Chapters 13 – 39 goes back and forth between God’s judgments and his mercy.

Isaiah 40 – 66

Isaiah tells the people in Chapters 40 – 53 that they will return from captivity because of the mercy of God. In many of the chapters that lie between 40 and 53 God constantly has Isaiah speak about Jesus’ role as savior. The remaining chapters from 54 to 66, Isaiah speaks about God’s plans for Israel and the rest of the world. God uses this prophet to explain how he will ultimately do away with sin and evil. God also said that he would lead the people back to holiness and righteousness.

Bible References Here are some verses and facts from the life and times of the prophet Isaiah.

  • Isaiah is quoted 66 times in the NT.
  • Amoz is the father of Isaiah. Isaiah 37: 21
  • He was privileged to see angelic beings Isaiah 6:2
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