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Joel Old Testament Prophet

Joel’s name means the “Lord is God” and when God used him to judge Israel. God sent Joel to get the people to turn from their sins so he could restore the nation. Israel was occupied by a foreign power when Joel was prophesying in the area.  He appears on the Biblical Timeline during the Divided Kingdom around 930 BC.

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God Judges Israel‘s Sins Joel 1:4 – 2:11
God is declaring the judgment against Israel for their sins. He uses Joel to explain to the people that he will send a large and extremely powerful army to overtake the land and to rule over the people. Israel’s sins are great, and God decides that he must send a severe judgment to deal with their rebellion and sin.

Suffering of Man and Beast 2: 1 -11
Joel describes in great detail about the foreign army that God is going to use to punish Israel. This army will be ferocious, strong, swift and cruel. No man, beast, town or kingdom will stand against it once it attacks. There won’t be anything that will keep this army from advancing to destroy the places that God has chosen to wipe out. The nation of Israel was terrified of this judgment.

Call for Repentance 2: 12 – 27
Joel tells the people that God will drive the advancing army away from Israel if they repent and do right by him. He tells them they will get back the blessings that they had lost. God also planned on making them prosper once again if only they would turn from their sins and worship him once more.

The End Times 2: 28 – 32
Joel 2: 28 Is the well-known Biblical verse about how their children prophesy, see visions and dream dreams once the end time arrives. God is going to show great wonders and visions during the last days on Earth, and many people will see his power and know that he the Lord.

Judgment of Nations 3: 1 – 17
In the end times, God is going to gather the nations of Israel and Judah together once again and then he is going to judge the nations of the Earth. He is going to judge these nations for their treatment of his people. God declares that the nations have done some horrible things to his people, and he is going to pay them back for their sins. He also plans on doing it rather quickly. He tells the nations who have harmed his followers to get ready for war. He tells them to beat their plowshares into swords, their spears into pruning hooks and their weak men should say that they are strong so that they can receive judgment too. Joel goes on to say that in those days darkness will cover the sun. Stars were not going to shine on that day. God will roar with a loud cry from Zion and cause the Earth to tremble before him. In the last few verses of the book, God says that he will avenge his people while all of this is going on he will protect his people from any harm.

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15 thoughts on “Joel Old Testament Prophet

  1. I would like to know the exact reason why God punished Israel at the time of Prophet Joel? i want to know the exact reason

    1. That’s exactly what i am looking for too, could someone help?

      1. No. Literally, no one knows. No one really even knows which temple is mentioned, Solomon’s or the second temple.

        1. All through the Prophets, God clearly describes the reasons for both captivities. He laments that, astonishingly, even though He sent prophet after prophet to warn them, His people keep sinning more and more, worse and worse as the decades and centuries go by. Finally, He said Jerusalem was even worse than Sodom, and that’s why He had to destroy it and exile His people. Look at God’s list of Sodom’s progressively increasing sins in Ezekiel 16. This give an idea of what Jerusalem did – only worse. We can also see the parallels of how the West, including the U.S., has moved progressively from pride to multiple and varied abominations.

      2. My thoughts. (1) Sexual sins even trafficking (selling their own sons & daughters)- see 3:3. This means also that they were committing — (2) Spiritual Adultery – going after other Gods. (3) Also drunkenness 1:5 — which implies (4) spiritual drunkenness or sleep. (5) It seem the priests were at least part of the cause 1:9, 1:13 and 2:17 (which is consistent with the statements of other prophets) (6) but it seems the average citizen was also complicit in all this (husbandmen, vine dressers, farmers, etc. (7) Which meant that the people over all did not have a heart after the Lord implied by 2:12-14. The Lord was looking for them to repent with all their heart. This of course, is the basic and most direct answer to the question — the heart of God’s people had moved away from the Lord. All of the other points are mentioned as results of this basic problem. Just my opinion. I’m no expert.

    2. The Israelites started to worship other gods. They had focused on other things and disregarded the laws and instructions of Yâ-hweh.They forgot Him as their first love and displeased Him by not doing His will and not aligning to His plan. They did not go after God’s heart, instead, they went after other things or other created things whom they pleased to glorify. God does not allow any rival.

    3. They were worshiping idols gods of wood and stones and etc

  2. The sins that always bring punishment to Israel (God’s people) are idolatry, abominations like sexual sins and basically when they act like the people who worship other gods. We see this thruout the Scriptures.

  3. Why are so many artists depictions of the prophets insist on them being possibly Caucasian as the race of the prophets. If one looks at history of the people in the region where the bible records the people, events, time, the people of this region were people of African decent or people of color. I find this a serious confabulation in that people of color again look at these old paintings of the prophets and possibly think that white people are the only ones who can speak with GOD. The educated know this not to be true, but beginners do not. I just think peoples of color can be influenced by such misconceptions, they should know the bible contemporizes were people of color.

    1. Thank you Neal for this truth! I stopped following so may modern day Christian show/programs more than 20 years ago, because of their refusal to correctly depict the Bible geographically. I do still follow and serve Jesus. I am Christian 100%. People are fallible, but never God.

  4. What happened to Joel for the rest of his life?

  5. Acts 2:16 Peter stands up and uses Joel’s report as the end time of the law now saved by grace through Jesus. People don’t see the other end times. Remember the temple destruction, end time, poured out Spirit, the work of salvation through the preaching of Christ, an end of times, old, times. Then yes the rapture end of times. So many people don’t understand end of times and generations. Trying to be the one with the magic date and place prediction.

  6. Joel 2:31 sun darkened…Joel 2:32, who so ever shall call…Joel 3:15, another darkening of the sun… Seems like at least two darkenings. Two end times ?

  7. How did Joel become a prophet?

  8. These prophet was very special and always being blessed by god is great. I wished that i was a prophet of god after going through so much problems . I have suffered from depression from years being a prophet i would know that im blessed by god . God is number one in my life please help

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