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Elon, Bible Judge

Elon, which also appeared as Ahialon in other translations, was one of the judges in the land of Israel. His name was of Hebrew origin, which meant “strong” or “oak”. In Latin, he was referred to as Ahialon. This judge served in Israel after Ibzan, and his successor was Abdon. According to the Book of Judges 12:11, Elon came from the Tribe of Zebulun. He also became a judge for a period of ten years.

Accounts on Judge Elon

In the Bible, Elon was a Zebulunite. The length of time that he served as a judge in Israel was ten years, which was from 1073 to 1063 BC where  he is listed on the Bible Timeline Chart. When he died, he was burried in the land of Zebulunites, which was in Aijalon. Other than these details, there were not much mentioned about this man in the Bible. However, there were eight other men who also had the name Elon, based on the scriptures.

Beautiful and strong Oak tree the meaning behind Elon

According to the Bible, there were three great judges of Israel that helped shape the society during the time of their rule. Their goal was to maintain the society’s peaceful and happy state with their wisdom and ability to ensure justice in the lives of all the people in their land. Moreover, these judges aimed to live in harmony with others, as well as to be of service to the people around them. They also did their best to maintain a solid communion with God as they lived their life. This way, they could attain wisdom and all the right traits that would help them become of great assistance to the people.

One of the known judges in Israel was Jephthah, and he ruled for six years as a judge. He was a Gileadite, and he became notable for his wisdom in the tasks he performed. When he died, he was buried in Gilead, which was his hometown.

After the rule of Jephthah, Ibzan became the next judge of Israel. He was from Bethlehem, and he had several sons and daughters. He decided to send his daughters abroad, where they all got married to those who were outside the clan of Ibzan. The same fate happened to his sons who were also married abroad.

This great judge served Israel for seven years, and he was buried in his native land when he died.

Elon became the successor of Ibzan. This wise judge was a Zebulunite, and he became Israel’s judge for ten years. When he died, another judge took his place, and his name was Abdon, who was the son of Hillel. His successor was from Pirathon, and he became a wise and fair judge to the people of Israel.

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  1. What tribe does Judge Elon belong to in the 12 tribes.

    1. He belongs to the Tribe of Zebulun. Thank you!

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