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Jared: biblical figure, first son of Mahalaleel

Jared, is the first son born of Mahalaleel at the age of sixty five (Genesis 5:15 KJV). The name Jared came from Hebrew origin which means “descent” or “descendant”.

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Enoch Ancestor_of_Noah Biblical_Figure
Enoch taken by God

Jared, Father of Enoch

When Jared was one hundred and sixty two years old, he begat Enoch (Genesis 5:18 KJV). Should we check our Biblical Timeline, Adam must be six hundred and twenty two years old when Enoch was born. Jared lived another eight hundred years and begat sons and daughters (Genesis 5:19 KJV). The sum total of Jared’s life is nine hundred and sixty two years (Genesis 5:20 KJV) – this is from 3544 BC to 2582 BC.

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7 thoughts on “Jared: biblical figure, first son of Mahalaleel

  1. Hi. This didn’t help at all. Give more details and descriptions like his personality, their message, stories ,what was going on at that time, and other things. I was looking for much more. I hope you take my advice.


    1. There really is no additional material to reference. You may derive, what you will, from what is widely accepted. Jared’s lifespan was the second oldest. His son Enoch, was father to Methuselah, the oldest. Enoch did not die. Enoch walked so closely with God, that he took him. I suggest evaluating the relevancy. Additional note, after the sin of Adam, the following generations became more sinful. Many accept the meaning of the name Jared as “descent”, rather than “descended”. Yet his son of note, Enoch, existed as described above.

  2. “Easily See 6017 Years of Biblical and World History Together!”

    Sorry to say but you have messed up the timelines there. If we have already crossed 6017 years, then there is no truth left in hoping for “Millennial Reign” to fall on the 7th day [during 6001 to 7000 years].

    1. I would humbly suggest, out evaluation of time is/has/was been misunderstood. Difficult to quantify, due to several variables. How we interpret an experience provided through our creator for a more divine group of beings, biased by immense amounts of compounded sin. Just offering theory.

  3. I want to know more about that

  4. Thank you. Your description is on point. I chose the name Jared for my second son and he is 10 years old today – September 2.

    1. I also chose the name for my son spelled Jaryd, his birthday is also on September 2, he is now 29.

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