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Enoch: biblical figure, ancestor of Noah

The name Enoch or Henoch (1 Chronicles 1:3 KJV) came from Hebrew origin that means “dedicated”. Enoch was the first son of Jared. He was born when Jared reached one hundred and sixty-two years old (Genesis 5:18).

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Enoch Ancestor_of_Noah Biblical_Figure
Enoch taken by God

The Biblical Timeline shows that Enoch’s existence is from 3382 BC to 3019 BC. Please take note that 3019 BC is not the death date of Enoch, but rather the last day / year he was seen on earth.

Enoch, Father of Methuselah

Enoch begat Methuselah when he was sixty-five years of age (Genesis 5:21 KJV). Enoch lived for another three hundred years after he begat Methuselah, and he had other sons and daughters (Genesis 5:22 KJV).

Enoch does not die

It was also mentioned in Genesis 5:22 that Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah. Three hundred years later the Bible says that Enoch skipped death. His body was never to be found after three hundred and sixty years of existence because God was pleased with his life (Hebrews 11:5 KJV).

Further, the book of Jude also mentions that Enoch prophesied the coming of the Lord with His ten thousand saints (Jude 1:14 KJV).

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11 thoughts on “Enoch: biblical figure, ancestor of Noah

  1. Thank you A lot of things I queation on You tube This really straighten s me out,

    1. This chart is a young Earth concept which is assanine! I have seen with my own eyes proof that the Earth is billions of years old. Among the proofs that don’t depend on radioactive carbon dating are: 1Tree rings date wooden objects back 10,000 years. if the Bible says (it doesn’t) that the Earth is 6,000 years old then it cannot be 10,000 years old. 2. Ice cores date things such as volcano eruptions back 80,000 years. 3. I have dived near Belize in a place called the Blue Hole. There at 110 feet you can swim around huge stalactites that took hundreds of thousands of years to form. But wait, stalactites can only form in the air where water evaporates and leaves the stone material. So, this cavern had to have been above water level when they were formed. Science tells us that a giant meteorite, in the distant past, hit the earth and formed the Caribbean Sea as it sunk this cavern below the water. That event could have been the first end that Enoch describes.

      1. No one said the Earth was not billions of years old time in heaven is much different than time on Earth. If you read the book of inac there are I think 8 weeks in total to the existence of the Earth some of them are billions of human years long.

        1. Read the Book of Enoch

    2. We as humans get a lot of this wrong… me on this…..the son of man with rightoussness is just that….a son of man……not Jesus the son of god…..thank you

      1. Jack is correct. Enoch is The Word and our Righteous Judge on Judement Day.
        The Recording Angel at the right hand of The Most High.
        He is named our true Messiah. Annointed and Chosen.
        He doesn’t say anything about jezues.
        He does tell us that all stars are fallen angels ✡️.
        If the book talks about Jesus, why did the Roman Catholic remove it?
        They removed it because it names Enoch our true Messiah and the name of The Most High 2nd Enoch 20:3.
        Another reason is,jezues had children and they are the leaders of the world right now. They are the offspring of a nephilim.
        Mary’s grandma was also diety born.
        Mary was set aside from birth for that day, it’s a Mason ritual.
        Jesus was a Mason not just a carpenter.
        The resurrection never happened, those are added texts to sealed texts.
        He died metapricaly at 33, reborn/resurrected a 33° Master Mason. Then fled with marry and his children.
        It’s documented throughout history and the whole world, Christianity is the only ones who deny it.
        Christianity is worshipping a star instead of the Most High.

  2. There is a book of the bible that has been omitted..The Book of Enoch.. from Enochs words, he describes what happened when he “walked with god” check it out 🙂

    1. Enoch was raptured off of the Earth before it’s first destruction. He was taught all things in heaven but when the earth was remade eons later, he was sent back to the Earth where he married, had children and eventually died. This was done so that Satan could not thwart God’s plan to bring a Messiah in the linage of Adam. The original creation is in Genesis 2 and the remake is in Genesis 1. See the book of Enoch. It explains Genesis. Also see my E-novel “Enoch’s Vision” on Kindel and Nook

  3. the book of enoch was not accepted as inspired back then, in the early church nor should it be today. people make way too much validation from it.

  4. How did you come up with 3384 – 3019 for Enoch’s birthday and date God took him to Heaven? In the story of Jared you said he lived from 3544 to 2582. Subtract 162 from 3544 and you get 3382 for Enoch’s birth, not 3384. That changes the numbers by 2 from then on.

    1. On the tool, it shows 3382. Looks like there was an error on the post and it has been corrected to 3382. Thank you for the question!

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