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Lamech: biblical figure & father of Noah

Lamech is the first son of Methuselah. Lamech means poor or bringing low. He was born when Methuselah was one hundred and eighty-seven years of age (Genesis 5:26 KJV).

Lamech means poor or bringing low.

Lamech is the eighth generation descendant of Seth from Adam. If we look closely at our Bible Timeline chart, Adam should still be alive until the fifty-eighth year of Lamech’s existence.

Lamech, Father of Noah

In the age of one hundred eighty-two, Lamech begat a son (Genesis 5:28 KJV). He lived for another five hundred ninety-five years after Noah‘s birth and had other sons and daughters (Genesis 5:30 KJV).

Lamech had lived a total of seven hundred seventy-seven years before he died (Genesis 5:31 KJV). Checking the Biblical Timeline, Lamech’s life is from 3132 BC to 2355 BC.

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3 thoughts on “Lamech: biblical figure & father of Noah

  1. Trying to answer SS class question. Why did they live so many years longer in bible times than now. We’re the days, months, years the same amount of time as our present days are

  2. It is my belief, Time has never changed since Gods Creation. He said The sun and the moon knows its course ( not a quote) Also as you read, God limited mans days to 120 years then to Three Score and Seventy!

  3. My first thought is and I am assuming… the atmosphere was different before the flood. It probably had different concentrations of atmospheric gases (maybe higher oxygen?) than today as well as different pressures that that were more compatible with longer lives. My second thought is that the first people were made perfect. Each generation after that became ever so slightly less until it stabilized where we are at now the (Three Score and Seventy) posted above. It may be one of those or a combination of both or I may be completely wrong as well lol. Those are the thoughts that came to mind when I was wondering the same thing.

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