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Seth: biblical figure, third son of Adam & Eve

Seth or Sheth (1Chronicles 1:1 KJV) is the third son of Adam and Eve named in the Bible.

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He was born when Adam was a hundred and thirty years old. It is said that Seth was born to replace Abel, who Cain slew (Genesis 4:25 KJV).

In Hebrew, Seth is equated to “set” or appointed. Since Cain killed Abel, God gave Adam a third son whose descendants would bring the Lord’s name (Genesis 4:26 KJV).

Seth, Father of Enos

Seth was one hundred and five years old when he begat Enos in his own likeness and after his image (Genesis 5:3 KJVT). After Enos, Seth also begat other sons and daughters, and lived for nine hundred and twelve years (Genesis 5:7-9 KJV).

Seth lived a total of nine hundred and twelve years before he finally rested (Genesis 5:6-7 KJV)

Seth is born in 3874 BC on the Biblical Timeline Chart. He died in 2962 BC

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4 thoughts on “Seth: biblical figure, third son of Adam & Eve

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  2. so all humans stem from two people? That’s a whole lot of incest

    1. RE: ‘That’s a whole lot of incest’. Yes, in today’s world, what was happening prior to the Law being given to Israel could be perceived as incest. However, we need to remember that Adam and Eve were ‘perfect’ and their ‘seed’ or offspring would be ‘near perfect’ copies of them, living for hundreds of years. However, after the Flood of Noah’s day, you will notice a drastic decline in the length of life. In addition, when The Most High chose Israel and gave them the 613 laws, among them were laws forbidding close relation marriage/intercourse. Those laws are still being used today to prevent birth defects, now that we are thousands of years removed from perfection. Hope this helps a little. Shalom.

    2. Adam was the first Homo stellaris, a genetically modified Homo sapien. Eve was his clone. Their genetics were dominant over the recessive humans. What you call incest was necessary for the Adamec civilization to flourish.

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