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Cain: biblical figure, eldest son of Adam & Eve

Cain is the eldest son of Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:1 KJV)1. It is said that God gave Adam a son – Cain, In Hebrew, the name Cain means “something that is produced” or “spear”.

Cain Commits Crime because of Jealousy

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Cain and Abel’s offering

Time came when Cain and Abel presented their offerings before the Lord. Cain offered fruits from the ground, while Abel offered selected fat firstlings from his sheep. The Lord God respected Abel’s offering but did not accept Cain’s. This made Cain’s countenance fall and his jealousy grew as time passed. One day, Cain invited Abel over to his field and slew him there thinking that his crime would be concealed (Genesis 4:3-8 KJV).3

Due to his actions, Cain was banished and fled to the land of Nod, east of Eden. Though he was cast out from the land where he shed his brother’s blood, God’s mercy was still with Cain. God gave Cain a mark for protection saying that who ever slays him, vengeance will be sevenfold (Genesis 4:9-16 KJV).4

Cain, father of Enoch

It is written that Cain had a wife and begat Enoch. He then built a city naming it after his son, Enoch. Enoch begat Irad; who begat Mehujael; who begat Methusael; Lamech (Genesis 4:17 KJV) The Bible does not explicitly state when Cain was born so he is placed on the Biblical Timeline Chart between the creation of Adam (4004 BC) and the birth of Seth (3874 BC)

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9 thoughts on “Cain: biblical figure, eldest son of Adam & Eve

  1. How do we know Cain was the eldest son of Adam and Eve? It does not state that in the Bible. It simply says Eve bore Cain. No children before are mentioned so we assume Cain is the eldest–but we really don’t know.

    1. When looking at how this represents Christ and the Jewish leaders. The jews came first, but the younger christian lamb was accepted. Jacob was younger than Esau but Jacob was preferred. Ishmael came from Abram first then came Isaac (who is also a type of christ, he was going to be sacrificed by Abram on the same mountain the cross stood on.) So when we see the patterns of brothers its always the eldest whos offering is looked ober for the younger.

      1. Jesus was the oldest of four…. Was James the Just the youngest

    2. This may sound like a ‘generic’ answer but consider Deuteronomy 29:29 that the things we are given to know are what we should use as proof and the rest is left to “Faith”. Peter says the whole word of God is ‘inspired’ by the Holy Spirit, so we have to believe that what is written is to be believed. It doesn’t matter if others were before or when ‘In the beginning’ really was. What matters is ‘Belief” in the Word. The Enemy looks for weakness to attack the believer and these questions are part of his arsenal.

  2. Where did Cain’s wife come from? Do we assume Adam and Eve had daughters also?

    1. Yes and no, yes they had other children. No we do not assume there were other children born to Adam and Eve. The Bible says as much in Gen 5:4, that Adam had sons and daughters throughout his life.

    2. In Genesis chapter 1 God created first couple ,Genesis chapter 2 God created Adam and Eve,the offspring of the first couple is where Cain wife came from! Watch Gods culture creation series,so you can know the truth behind ,the first couple

  3. Cain married his sister Awan. He also had three other sons and two daughters there names were Olad,Lizpha,Fosal and the daughters were Citha & Maac

  4. Jesus was the oldest of four…. Was James the Just the youngest

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