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Eve: biblical figure, first woman

Eve or Havva is a Hebrew word for “mother of living”. This will be clearly seen in Genesis 3:20 KJV, where Adam named his wife Eve. After they had eaten of the fruit and were being cast out of the garden, because she is to be the mother of all living. She is placed on the Biblical timeline next to Adam.

Eve was created by God from Adam’s rib (Genesis 2:21-22 KJV). Thus, Adam called the new creation a “woman” since she was taken from a man.

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Eve Biblical_Figure

Eve and the Serpent

The 3rd chapter of Genesis tells us the story of how the serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. Eve found the fruit good and shared this with Adam. This action was the first disobedience recorded in the Bible. (Genesis 3:1-24 KJV)

Eve, The First Wife and Mother

After disobeying God, Adam and Eve were cast out from the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve bear children – Cain, Abel, and Seth. (Genesis 4:1-26)

The Bible does not say how long Eve lived.

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14 thoughts on “Eve: biblical figure, first woman

  1. Eve “the mother of living” was BLACK, so why give people false information? impossible for her to be “white”, all race came out of the black race. Plus if they were both so-called white, the human race would not be here today.

    1. you are misnamed… You have no clue what happened at the time of Adam and Eve, and what changes God made over that wide expanse of time. Why are you so intent on making such inane comments on every new article??

      1. How dare you! I have been here since the year 1. I know everything there is to know

    2. It’s not fair that others judge people on how they look

  2. How do you know for sure, were you there? You have offered no facts for why you believe what you do. The people who made this website do not deserve to be criticized unfairly.

    1. @ johnjoy316 it’s a fact that we all can see what color dirt or dust is, so this fact you didn’t have to be there to see, common sense should enlighten you. But where I am confused how is his comment criticizing the site. He is simply stating the truth. How long do you want to continue to live your life full of lies and deception? John 8:32

      1. God can pick up brown, black, red, white, orange, purple mud and make anything of any color he wants. HE IS GOD. Human studies seem to point to the supposition that humanity arose in Africa or Mesopotania.

    2. For a fact I actually was

  3. We do not know what color the earth was in Eden, and dust can be almost any color, including almost white. Since Eve was taken from Adam’s rib, there is no justification she was black. The rivers mentioned are the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in eastern Turkey (which is not Africa). Soils in that area range from reddish to gray-brown, so Adam probably was more of a brownish red coloring, and then so would be Eve since she was taken from Adam. However, that is the current coloring of the area, and we have no clue as to how the Great Flood would have affected these colors since Adam and Eve were around 4000 BC and the Flood was around 2350 BC. So “MR Logic” is totally off-base with his comment (which includes being very rude as well). There is no justification at all that “if white, would not be in existence at all today”. I am Native American, so I would be more apt to believe the reddish brown coloring, but that is my prejudice. I have no basis on the coloring as the only one who would truly know is God. There are no records about various races and coloring up until the Flood, although we do know other peoples were in existence after Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden as Cain, the eldest son, had children with his wife from the land of Nod (east of Eden). Since Adam and Eve had already been expelled from Eden, all their children were born outside of Eden. There are several accounts of the number of children that Adam and Eve had, but the only ones mentioned were the first 3. Adam was probably around 70 when Cain was born and Abel was born 7 years later. If the other siblings were living in the area, and Cain was banished from where Adam and Eve lived, it is probable that others had moved on as well. Depending on where the others lived, and the type of climate they were in, over years their skin color would have either darkened or lightened. As with anything else, my opinion and $1 will probably get you a cup of coffee

    1. … and more importantly… “skin color doesn’t matter!!!” Anyone who thinks so is a racist.

  4. Skin colour will vary depending on exposure to the sun’s rays. In hot climates clothes are not needed so the body is exposed to a lot of UV rays. The body compensates by increasing the melatonin (pigment) in the skin. As people moved further north clothes were needed to keep warm hence less exposure. The skin became lighter. The Africans of the Cape region in South Africa are lighter skinned because the sun there is milder. Skin colour means nothing really. It does not make a difference in learning ability. We are all one big extended family, living conditions determine our physical difference and appearance.

    1. Skin Colour unimportant.
      The important factor from the Bible is that She and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
      This was the one and only thing that God had forbidden them to do.
      When they ate, Sin came into the world, and as offspring of Adam and Eve the whole world is infected by Sin and therefore there is so much hurt in the world.

      The only answer is found in Jesus Christ who took on Himself the sin of the world when He died on the cross.

  5. It’s not important what color skin did the people had in Bible time. When all make the transition, we will have another body eternal. The most important thing is that our eternal body will be a glorified body or a condemn body.
    That’s very important

  6. I agree it don’t matter what color you are its whats in your spirit

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