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Eve: biblical figure, first woman

Eve or Havva is a Hebrew word for “mother of living”. This will be clearly seen in Genesis 3:20 KJV, where Adam named his wife Eve. After they had eaten of the fruit and were being cast out of the garden, because she is to be the mother of all living. She is placed on the Biblical timeline next to Adam.

Eve was created by God from Adam’s rib (Genesis 2:21-22 KJV). Thus, Adam called the new creation a “woman” since she was taken from a man.

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Eve Biblical_Figure

Eve and the Serpent

The 3rd chapter of Genesis tells us the story of how the serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. Eve found the fruit good and shared this with Adam. This action was the first disobedience recorded in the Bible. (Genesis 3:1-24 KJV)

Eve, The First Wife and Mother

After disobeying God, Adam and Eve were cast out from the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve bear children – Cain, Abel, and Seth. (Genesis 4:1-26)

The Bible does not say how long Eve lived.

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Women of the Bible Timeline Part VI

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Tamar II

II Samuel 13
I Chronicles 3:9

The daughter of David and Maacah, she was raped by her half brother Amnon.

Tamar III

II Samuel 14:27

Daughter of Absalom; niece of Tamar (II)


I Kings 4:11

A daughter of Solomon


Genesis 36:12; 22
I Chronicles 1:39

Concubine of Eliphaz mother of Amalek


Numbers 26:33

One of the five daughters of Zelophehad and co-inheritor


Romans 16:12

One of the women greeted by Paul in his letter to the Romans


Romans 16:12

One of the women greeted by Paul in his letter to the Romans


Esther 1; 2:1; 4:17

The queen who refused to appear before her drunken husband King Ahasuerus and his friends. For this reason she was divorced and Esther took her place

Zebudah, Zebidah

II Kings 23:36

Wife of righteous King Josiah, mother of Jehoahaz and unrighteous King Jehoiakim


Esther 5:10, 14; 6:13

Haman’s wife, the man who convinced King Ahaseurus to all the killing of all the Jews


I Kings 11:26-40

Mother of Jeroboam who became King of Israel after the ten tribes revolted against Solomon’s son King Rehoboam


II Samuel 17:25
I Chronicles 2: 16

A sister of David, mother of Joab and Asahel


II Kings 12:1
II Chronicles 24:1

Wife of King Ahaziah, mother of Jehoash


Genesis 4:19-23

One of Lamech’s two wives, mother of Naamah and Tubal-cain


Genesis 29:24; 30:9-10; 35:26; 37:2; 46:18

Leah’s maid given to Jacob by whom he fathered Gad and Asher


Exodus 2:21- 22; 4:24-25; 18:1-6

Moses wife, mother of his sons Gershom and Eliezer

Women of the Bible Timeline Part I  Abhiahill to Bashemath
Women of the Bible Timeline Part II  Bathsheba to Hannah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part III Hazelelponi to Maachah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV Maachah to Noah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part V Orpah to Tamar

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Women of the Bible Timeline Part V

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Ruth 1

The other daughter-in-law of Naomi


I Samuel 1:2, 6

The second wife of Elkanah whose initially barren first wife Hannah became the mother of the prophet Samuel


Romans 16:12

A woman mentioned by Paul as one who labored for the Lord


Romans 16:1-2

A woman recommended by Paul as a servant of the Lord who should be assisted


Acts 18:2, 18, 26
Romans 16:3
I Corinthians 16:19
II Timothy 4:19

Priscilla and her husband Aquila are strong believers and good servants in building the church


Exodus 1:15

Egyptian midwife ordered to kill Israelite babies at birth but did not do so blaming lack of compliance on the quickness with which Israelite women delivered


Genesis 29; 30; 31; 33:1-7; 35:16-26; 46:19, 22, 25; 48:7
Ruth 4:11
I Samuel 10:2
Jeremiah 31:15
Matthew 2:18

Beloved wife of Jacob she was barren for years finally offering her maid to Jacob to bear children. Eventually a mother she died giving birth to Benjamin


Joshua 2:1-3, 6:17-25
Matthew 1:5
Hebrews 11:31
James 2:25

The Amorite harlot who helped Joshua’s spies overcome Jericho. She married Salmon, one of the spies; was the mother of Boaz who married Ruth. An ancestress of David and hence Jesus Christ

Rebecca or Rebekah

Genesis 22:23; 24; 25: 20-28; 26:6-35; 27; 28:5; 29:12; 35:8;49:31
Romans 9:6-16

Wife of Isaac, mother of twins Jacob and Esau. She helped Jacob trick Isaac into giving Jacob the birthright blessing.


Acts 12:1-19

The servant of Mary mother of Mark. She was so stunned by hearing Peter’s voice at the gate the night he was miraculously released from prison that she ran to tell the praying saints rather than open the door.


II Samuel 3:7; 21:8-14

Wife of Saul, mother of two of his seven sons. They were killed to appease the Gibeonites who survived Saul’s slaughter in hopes this would end a three year drought


Matthew 1:5

The Moabite who followed her mother-in-law Naomi to a foreign land where by her goodness and loyalty she won the heart of Boaz; an ancestress of Christ

Salome I

Matthew 14:6-11
Mark 6:22-28

Daughter of Herodias, she danced for Herod and won his promise of anything she asked. At her mother’s prompting she asked for John the Baptist’s head.

Salome II

Mathew 20:20_24; 27:56
Mark 10:35-40; 15:40-41; 16:1-2

Mother of James and John, she along with husband Zebedee followed Christ. She ministered to him, was at the cross and was with the group of women who discovered the empty tomb


Acts 5:1-11

She along with her husband conspired to sell all and give to the church but instead kept some back and lied about it. She dropped dead at her lie.

Sara, Sarah, Sarai

Genesis 11:29-31; 12:5-17; 16:1-8; 17:15-21; 18; 20:2-18; 21:1-12; 23:1-19; 24:36-37; 25:10-12; 49:31
Isaiah 51:2
Romans 4:19; 9:9
Hebrews 11:11
I Peter 3:6

Barren beautiful wife of Abraham she gave her maid to him who bore him Ishmael. In her old age she miraculously bore Isaac the heir.


Genesisi 46:17
I Chronicles 7:30

Granddaughter of Jacob through Zilpah

Shelomith I

Leviticus 24:10-13

A Danite married to an Egyptian; her son is stoned for blaspheming God when he was not allowed to camp with the Israelites.

Shelomith II

I Chronicles 3:19

Daughter of one of the Zerubbabel

Shelomith III

II Chronicles 11:20

Daughter (or possibly son) of Maachah and King Rehoboam


I Chronicles 7:24

An Ephraimite who inherited three villages and enlarged them


II Kings 12: 21
II Chronicles 24:26

An Ammorite whose son killed King Joash of Judah


Exodus 1:15

A midwife who protected the children born to Israelite mothers when ordered to kill them by Pharoah


II Kings 12:21

Moabite mother of Jehozabad who killed King Joash of Judah


Genesis 38:1-2

Daughter of Heber grandson of Asher


Luke 8:2-3

One of the women who ministered to Christ with her substance


Philippians 4:2

One of the active members of the early church at Philippi


See Dorcas


I Kings 11:19-20

Wife of King of Egypt whose sister was the wife of an Edomite King; she raised her sister’s son Genubath when her sister died


Genesis 38:6-30
Ruth 4:12
I Chronicles 2:4
Matthew 1:3

The woman who played the part of a prostitute to have a child with Judah, an ancestress of Christ

Women of the Bible Timeline Part I  Abhiahill to Bashemath
Women of the Bible Timeline Part II  Bathsheba to Hannah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part III Hazelelponi to Maachah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV Maachah to Noah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part VI  Tamar II to Zipporah

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Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV

Return to Women of the Bible Timeline Part III Hazelelponi to Maachah


I Chronicles 3:2
II Samuel 3:3

One of David’s eight wives, mother of Absalom


I Chronicles 2:48

concubine of Caleb son of Hezron


I Chronicles 7:12-16

Daughter-in-law of Manassas, mother of Peresh and Sheresh


I Chronicles 8:29, 9:35

Wife of Jehiel founder of Giveon, ancestress of King Saul


I Chronicles 7:18

Great granddaughter of Joseph through Manasseh and Hammoleketh


Genesis 28:9

Daughter of Ishmael, Abraham’s son through Hagar, Esau’s third wife


II Chronicles 11:18

First of King Rehoboam’s 18 wives and 60 concubines, granddaughter of David


Luke 10:38-41
John 11; 12: 1-3

Martha, Mary and Lazarus of the New Testament. She who was cumbered with much serving


Matthew 1: 2: 12:46
Luke 1; 2
John 2: 1-11, 19:25
Acts 1:14

Mother of Jesus

Mary Magdalene

Matthew 27:56, 61; 28:1
Mark 15:40, 47; 16:1-19
Luke 8:2; 24:10
John 19: 25; 20:1-18

Freed of seven devils by Jesus, she became a devoted follower and caretaker. She was at the cross, at the tomb and the first to see the risen Christ.

Mary mother of James and Joses

Matthew 27:55-61
Luke 8:2, 3
Mark 15: 40; 16:8

Mother of James the apostle and Joses. She was one of the women who followed and financially supported Christ; was at the cross and again with the women who saw the empty tomb

Mary mother of Mark

Acts 12: 12

Mother of Mark who wrote the gospel of Mark

Mary of Bethany

Luke 10:38-41
John 11; 12: 1-3, 7

The sister of Martha and Lazarus she is famed for choosing “that good part” of spiritual growth over worldly cares

Mary of Rome

Romans 16:6

One of the few given special greetings by Paul in his letter to the Romans


Genesis 36:39
I Chronicles 1: 50

Mother of Mehetabel who married a king of Edom


Genesis 36:38
I Chronicles 1: 50

Wife of Hadad, king of Edom


I Samuel 14:49; 18:17-19

Oldest daughter of Saul promised to David but given to Adried


II Kings 21:19

Wife of Manasseh king of Judah, and mother of Amon who also became king of Judah


I Samuel 14:19; 18:20-28; 19:11-17; 25:44
II Samuel 3: 13-14; 6: 16-23; 21:8
I Chronicles 15:29

First wife of David, younger daughter of Saul, she loved, protected and eventually lost favor with David

Milcah I

Genesis 11:29; 22:20-23; 24:15, 24, 47

Daughter of Haran, wife of Nahor, grandmother of Rebekah and Laban

Milcah II

Numbers 26:33, 27:1-11, 36:11
Joshua 17:3

One of the five daughters of Zelophehad and co-inheritor


Exodus 15:20-21
Numbers 12:1-15; 20:1; 26:59
Deuteronomy 24:9
Micah 6:4

Sister of Moses and Aaron, she followed Moses basket, was a prophetess to Israel, offended God by discounting Moses’ greatness and was cursed with then cured of leprosy

Miriam II

I Chronicles 4:17

Could be a man or a woman


Genesis 4:22

Daughter of Lamach and Zillah, sister of Tubal-cain

Naamah II

I Kings 14:21, 31
II Chronicles 12:13

Solomons wife (one of many). An idolatrous Ammonite whose son Rehoboam became the last king of a united Israel


I Chronicles 4:5-6

One of two wives of Ashur



The widowed mother-in-law of Ruth who became an ancestress to King David and Jesus Christ


II Kings 24:8

Wife of righteous King Josiah’s unrighteous son Jehoiakim


Nehemiah 6:14

A false prophetess who tried to stop Nehemiah from finishing the restoration of the Temple


Numbers 26:33; 27:1

One of the five daughters of Zelophehad and co-inheritor

Women of the Bible Timeline Part I  Abhiahill to Bashemath
Women of the Bible Timeline Part II  Bathsheba to Hannah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part III Hazelelponi to Maachah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part V Orpah to Tamar
Women of the Bible Timeline Part VI  Tamar II to Zipporah

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Women of the Bible Timeline Part III

Hazelelponi, ZalelponiI Chronicles 4:3Daughter of Etam in genealogy of Judah
HelahI Chronicles 4:5, 7Wife of Ashur in genealogy of Judah
HephzibahII Kings 21:1
Isaiah 62:4
Wife of righteous King Hezekiah, mother of unrighteous King Manasseh
HerodiasMatt 14:3-12
Mark 6:14-34
Luke 3:19-20
Illegal wife of Herod Antipas, she causes John the Baptist’s death by havng her daughter Salome dance before Herod
HodeshI Chronicles 8:8, 9One of two wives of Shaharaim in the genealogy of Benjamin
HodiahI Chronicles 4:18, 19
Nehemiah 10:18
One of Mered’s two wives
HoglahNumbers 26:33, 27:1-11, 36:1-12
Joshua 17:3
One of five daughters of Zelophehadwho won the right of inheritance to their father’s property as there were no male heirs
HuldahII Kings 22:14-20
II Chronicles 34:22-33
Prophetess during days of King Josiah
HushimI Chronicles 8:8-11 A Moabite, One of two wivesof Shaharaim in the genealogy of Benjamin
IscahGenesis 11:29A daughter of Haran, Abraham’s brother
JaelJudges 4:17-22, 5:6, 24-27Killed Sisera, an enemy captain, as he slept by driving a tent pin through his head with a maul
Jecholiah, JecoliahII Kings 15:2Wife of King Amaziah and mother of King Uzziah (Azariah)
JedidahII Kings 22:1, 2Wife of wicked King Amon, mother of righteous King Josiah
JehoaddanII Kings 14:2Wife of King Joash, mother of King Amaziah
Jehosheba, JehoshabeathII Kings 11:2
II Chronicles 22:11
The woman who saved and hid Joash from the murderous Queen Athaliah so that he might one day become king. The daughter of King Jehoram, wife of the high priest Jehoiada
JemimaJob 42:14A daughter of Job
JeriothI Chronicles 2:18.19Wife of Caleb son of Hezron
JerushaII Kings 15:33
I Chronicles 6:12
II Chronicles 27:1-6
Daughter of the priest Zadok, wife of righteous King Uzziah who died of leprosy, mother of righteous King Jotham
JezebelI Kings 16:31, 18:4-19, 19:1, 2; 21:5-25
II Kings 9
Wicked daughter of the king/priest of Baal, a Phoenician married to King Ahab who leads him into idolatry and murder. She dies an ignominous death as she is thrown from a wall, her body eaten by dogs
JoannaLuke 8:1-3, 23:55, 24:10Healed by Christ of evil spirits,one of the group of women who fed and cared for Christ and the apostles, also one of the women who saw the empty tomb
JochebedExodus 1; 2:1-11; 6:20
Numbers 26:59
Hebrews 11:23
Mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam
JudithGenesis 26:34Hittite wife of Esau, daughter of Beeri
JuliaRomans 16:15Mentioned in Pauls letter to Romans
Keren-HappuchJob 1:2; 42:14One of Job’s three daughters
KeturahGenesis 25:1-6
I Chronicles 1:32, 33
Abraham’s third wife whom he married after Sarah died. The mother of six of Abraham’s sons. Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah.
LoisII Timothy 1:5Mother of Eunice, grandmother of Timothy
Lo-RuhamahHosea 1:6,8Daughter of Josea and Gomer, given a name symbolizing God’s relationship with Israel ie no pity or mercy
LydiaActs 16:12-15, 40
Philippians 1:1-10
A successful businesswoman, the first convert in her family who brought the rest to conversion
MaachahII Chronicles 13:2
I Kings 15:1-2, 13
II Chronicles 11:20-22, 15:16
Granddaughter of Absalom, wife of King Rehoboam, mother of King Abijah
MaachahI Kings 15:10-11
II Chronicles 15:15
Moher of Asa, King of Judah

Women of the Bible Timeline Part I  Abhiahill to Bashemath
Women of the Bible Timeline Part II  Bathsheba to Hannah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV Maachah to Noah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part V Orpah to Tamar
Women of the Bible Timeline Part VI  Tamar II to Zipporah

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Women of the Bible Timeline Part II

Return to: Women of the Bible Part I: Abhiahill to Bathshemath

BathshebaII Samuel 11:2-3; 12:24
I Kings 1:11-31; 2:13-19
Woman whose beauty led to adultery and murder. Wife of Uriah one of David’s mighty men, mother of Solomon by David
BerniceActs 25:13, 23: 26:30Eldest daughter of Herod Agrippa, eventually becomes wife of her uncle and consort of her brother Agrippa
BilhahGenesis 29:29; 30:3-7; 35:22, 25; 37:2; 46:25
I Chronicles 4:29; 7:13
Handmaid of Rachel, given to Jacob as secondary wife, mother of Dan and Naphtali
BithiahI Chronicles 4:18Daughter of Pharoah married to Mered of the tribe of Judah
CandaceActs 8:27Her eunuch is converted to God and baptized in the desert by Philip
ChloeI Corinthians I:10-11Mother of Christian household at Corinth where Paul stayed
ClaudiaII Timothy 4:21Mentioned in Pauls letter to Timothy
CozbiNumbers 25:6-18Midianite woman killed by Phinehas son of Elezar to stop the plague of idolatry and whoredom overtaking Israel
DamarisActs 17:34One of Paul’s converts as he preached onMar Hill in Athens
DeborahGenesis 24:59; 35:8Rebekah’s nurse maid, a devoted friend who died revered and loved by the family
DeborahJudges 4 and 5
Hebrews 11:32-34
Prophetess, warrior and only female judge of ancient Israel, wife of Lapidoth
DelilahJudges 16:4-21Prostitute, traitor, wife of Samson the strong in body but weak in will
DinahGenesis 34The daughter of Jacob and Leah, defiled by Prince Shechem who desired her to wife, sibling of the men who slaughtered the Shechemites in reparation
Dorcas (Tabitha)Acts 9:36-43The charitable member of the church at Joppa who gave much Christian service, when she died Peter raised her from the dead
DrusillaActs 24:10-27One of three daughters of Herod Agrippa. Just as loosely moraled as the rest, she was the wife of Felix when Paul appears before his court the second time.
EglahII Samuel 3:5Another of the eight wives of David; mother of Ithream
ElisabethLuke 1:5-80A descendent of Aaron, wife of Zacharias, mother of John the Baptist in her old age
ElishebaExodus 6:23Wife of Aaron, sister-in-law to Moses, daughter of Amminadab
EphahI Chronicles 2:46Concubine of Caleb; mother of Haran, Moza and Gazez
EphrathI Chronicles 2:19,50; 4:4Caleb’s second wife, mother of Hur, after death of Caleb she has a son by her step-son
Esther (Hadassah)EstherThe queen who saved her people from destruction
EuniceActs 16:1-3
II Timothy 1:5; 3:14 – 15; 4:5
Daughter of Lois, mother of Timothy
EuodiasPhilippians 4:2One of the first converts at Philippi
EveGenesis 2 and 3Wife of Adam, first woman, mother of all, she first partook of the fruit; mother of a prophet and a murderer
GomerHosea 1:1-11; 3:1-5Wife of Hosea, a harlot – the story of this couple symbolizes God’s love for his adulterous people who wander after strange gods
HagarGenesis 16; 21:9-17; 25:12
Galatians 4:24-25
Handmaid of Sarah, mother of Ishmael by Abraham when he was 86, visited by an angel who declared the promise that her son also would be the father of many nations
HaggithII Samuel 3:4-5
I Kings 1:5, 11; 2:13
I Chronicles 3:2
Fifth wife of David, mother of Adonijah
HammolekethI Chronicles 7:17-18Daughter of Machir, sister of Gilead, an ancestress of Gilead
HamutalJeremiah 52:1, 2
II Kings 23:31; 24:18
Daughter of Jeremiah, mother of Jehoahaz and Mattaniah or Zedekiah a wicked king
HannahI Samuel 1; 2:1, 21Mother of Samuel the prophet, the barren wife of a man with two wives, she prayed and offered her child, if given one, to God. Samuel is that child, later she bears five more children

Women of the Bible Timeline Part I Abhiahill to Bathshemath
Women of the Bible Part III Hazelelponi to Maachah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV Maachah to Noah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part V Orpah to Tamar
Women of the Bible Timeline Part VI Tamar II to Zipporah

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Women of the Bible Timeline Part I



AbhiahilI Chronicles 2:29
In line of Hezron, wife of Abishur
AbiII Kings 18:2
II Chronicles 14:22; 29:1; 26:5
Wife of Ahaz, mother of Hezekiah
AbiaI Chronicles 2:24Wife of Hebron the grandson of Judah,and mother of Ashur in line of Christ’s genealogy
AbigailI Samuel 25:1-42
II Samuel 3:3
Wife of Nabal and David
Abigail 2II Samuel 17:25
I Chronicles 2:16, 17
Half sister of David, wife of Jether (Ithra), mother of Amasa
AbihailNumbers 3:35Daughter of a son of Merari, mother of Zuriel
AbihailII Chronicles 11:18Mother of Rehoboam’s wife Nahalath, daugher of Eliab, David’s eldest brother
AbishagI Kings1:3-4; 2:13-25Young woman married to King David in his oldest age just before he died
AbitalII Samuel 3:4
I Chronicles 3:3
One of David’s eight wives
AchsahJoshua 15:16-17
Judges 1:12-13
I Chronicles 2:4, 9
Othniel’s wife (Othniel, a judge in Judah)
AdahGenesis 4:19-23
Wife of Lamech, mother of Jabal and Jubal
Adah (Bathshemeth)
Genesis 26:36:2Wife of Esau, mother of Eliphaz
Ahinoam1 Samuel 14:50Wife of Saul, mother of Jonathan, Merab and Michal
Ahinoam1 Samuel 25:43; 27:3; 30:5
II Samuel 2:2; 3:2
I Chronicles 3:1
One of David’s eight wives
AhlaiI Chronicles 2:31, 34Daugher of Sheshan, descendant of Pharez wife of Jarba, mother of Attai
AhlaiI Chronicles 11:41Mother of Zabad, one of David’s mighty men
AholibamahGenesis 36:2-25Wife of Esaur, mother of Jeush, Jaalam and Korah
AnahGenesis 36:2, 18, 25Wife of Zibeon, mother of Aholibamah one of Esau’s wives
AnnaLuke 2:26-28Daughter of Phanuel, widow in the temple who recognized the infant Christ as the Messiah
ApphiaPhilemon 2Believed to be the wife of Philemon and either mother or sister of Archippus
AsenathGenesis 41:45-30; 46:20Wife of Joseph, daughter of Potipherah, mother of Ephraim and Manasseh
AtarahI Chronicles 2:26Second wife of Jerahmeel the grandson of Pharez, mother of Onam
AthaliahII Kings 8:26; 11
II Chronicles 22; 23:13-21; 24:7
Daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, wife of Jehoram, mother of Ahaziah, killer of worshipers of Jehovah, reigned for six years as Queen of Judah
AzubahI Kings 22:42
II Chronicles 20:31
Wife of righteous King Asa, mother of righeous King Jehosphaphat
AzubahI Chronicles 2:18.19Wife of a Caleb who was a descendant of Joshua’s friend Caleb
BaaraI Chronicles 8:8Moabitess wife of Shaharaim
BashemathGenesis 28:9; 36:3, 4, 13Daughter of Ishmael, wife of Esau, mother of Renel who fathered four of the tribes of Edom
BashemathGenesis 26:34; 36:10Hittite Wife of Esau whom he married out of anger that his parents didn’t accept his other Hittite wives
BashemathI Kings 4:15Daughter of Solomon, wife of Ahimaaz


Women of the Bible Timeline Part II  Bathsheba to Hannah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part III Hazelelponi to Maachah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV Maachah to Noah
Women of the Bible Timeline Part V Orpah to Tamar
Women of the Bible Timeline Part VI  Tamar II to Zipporah