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Women of the Bible Timeline Part I



Abhiahil I Chronicles 2:29
In line of Hezron, wife of Abishur
Abi II Kings 18:2
II Chronicles 14:22; 29:1; 26:5
Wife of Ahaz, mother of Hezekiah
Abia I Chronicles 2:24 Wife of Hebron the grandson of Judah,and mother of Ashur in line of Christ’s genealogy
Abigail I Samuel 25:1-42
II Samuel 3:3
Wife of Nabal and David
Abigail 2 II Samuel 17:25
I Chronicles 2:16, 17
Half sister of David, wife of Jether (Ithra), mother of Amasa
Abihail Numbers 3:35 Daughter of a son of Merari, mother of Zuriel
Abihail II Chronicles 11:18 Mother of Rehoboam’s wife Nahalath, daugher of Eliab, David’s eldest brother
Abishag I Kings1:3-4; 2:13-25 Young woman married to King David in his oldest age just before he died
Abital II Samuel 3:4
I Chronicles 3:3
One of David’s eight wives
Achsah Joshua 15:16-17
Judges 1:12-13
I Chronicles 2:4, 9
Othniel’s wife (Othniel, a judge in Judah)
Adah Genesis 4:19-23
Wife of Lamech, mother of Jabal and Jubal
Adah (Bathshemeth)
Genesis 26:36:2 Wife of Esau, mother of Eliphaz
Ahinoam 1 Samuel 14:50 Wife of Saul, mother of Jonathan, Merab and Michal
Ahinoam 1 Samuel 25:43; 27:3; 30:5
II Samuel 2:2; 3:2
I Chronicles 3:1
One of David’s eight wives
Ahlai I Chronicles 2:31, 34 Daugher of Sheshan, descendant of Pharez wife of Jarba, mother of Attai
Ahlai I Chronicles 11:41 Mother of Zabad, one of David’s mighty men
Aholibamah Genesis 36:2-25 Wife of Esaur, mother of Jeush, Jaalam and Korah
Anah Genesis 36:2, 18, 25 Wife of Zibeon, mother of Aholibamah one of Esau’s wives
Anna Luke 2:26-28 Daughter of Phanuel, widow in the temple who recognized the infant Christ as the Messiah
Apphia Philemon 2 Believed to be the wife of Philemon and either mother or sister of Archippus
Asenath Genesis 41:45-30; 46:20 Wife of Joseph, daughter of Potipherah, mother of Ephraim and Manasseh
Atarah I Chronicles 2:26 Second wife of Jerahmeel the grandson of Pharez, mother of Onam
Athaliah II Kings 8:26; 11
II Chronicles 22; 23:13-21; 24:7
Daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, wife of Jehoram, mother of Ahaziah, killer of worshipers of Jehovah, reigned for six years as Queen of Judah
Azubah I Kings 22:42
II Chronicles 20:31
Wife of righteous King Asa, mother of righeous King Jehosphaphat
Azubah I Chronicles 2:18.19 Wife of a Caleb who was a descendant of Joshua’s friend Caleb
Baara I Chronicles 8:8 Moabitess wife of Shaharaim
Bashemath Genesis 28:9; 36:3, 4, 13 Daughter of Ishmael, wife of Esau, mother of Renel who fathered four of the tribes of Edom
Bashemath Genesis 26:34; 36:10 Hittite Wife of Esau whom he married out of anger that his parents didn’t accept his other Hittite wives
Bashemath I Kings 4:15 Daughter of Solomon, wife of Ahimaaz


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5 thoughts on “Women of the Bible Timeline Part I

  1. Women of the Bible were seldom mentioned unless by there husband’s or brother’s name because the were viewed as second class/insignificant.
    things have still not changed that much when one thinks about it. Even when I was in Seminary and in other schools the same was true and I believe it still is.
    Jesus, spent more time conversing with Mary(s) and Martha than anyone else documented during that time and in all probability more than actually was documented.

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