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Women of the Bible Timeline Part IV

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I Chronicles 3:2
II Samuel 3:3

One of David’s eight wives, mother of Absalom


I Chronicles 2:48

concubine of Caleb son of Hezron


I Chronicles 7:12-16

Daughter-in-law of Manassas, mother of Peresh and Sheresh


I Chronicles 8:29, 9:35

Wife of Jehiel founder of Giveon, ancestress of King Saul


I Chronicles 7:18

Great granddaughter of Joseph through Manasseh and Hammoleketh


Genesis 28:9

Daughter of Ishmael, Abraham’s son through Hagar, Esau’s third wife


II Chronicles 11:18

First of King Rehoboam’s 18 wives and 60 concubines, granddaughter of David


Luke 10:38-41
John 11; 12: 1-3

Martha, Mary and Lazarus of the New Testament. She who was cumbered with much serving


Matthew 1: 2: 12:46
Luke 1; 2
John 2: 1-11, 19:25
Acts 1:14

Mother of Jesus

Mary Magdalene

Matthew 27:56, 61; 28:1
Mark 15:40, 47; 16:1-19
Luke 8:2; 24:10
John 19: 25; 20:1-18

Freed of seven devils by Jesus, she became a devoted follower and caretaker. She was at the cross, at the tomb and the first to see the risen Christ.

Mary mother of James and Joses

Matthew 27:55-61
Luke 8:2, 3
Mark 15: 40; 16:8

Mother of James the apostle and Joses. She was one of the women who followed and financially supported Christ; was at the cross and again with the women who saw the empty tomb

Mary mother of Mark

Acts 12: 12

Mother of Mark who wrote the gospel of Mark

Mary of Bethany

Luke 10:38-41
John 11; 12: 1-3, 7

The sister of Martha and Lazarus she is famed for choosing “that good part” of spiritual growth over worldly cares

Mary of Rome

Romans 16:6

One of the few given special greetings by Paul in his letter to the Romans


Genesis 36:39
I Chronicles 1: 50

Mother of Mehetabel who married a king of Edom


Genesis 36:38
I Chronicles 1: 50

Wife of Hadad, king of Edom


I Samuel 14:49; 18:17-19

Oldest daughter of Saul promised to David but given to Adried


II Kings 21:19

Wife of Manasseh king of Judah, and mother of Amon who also became king of Judah


I Samuel 14:19; 18:20-28; 19:11-17; 25:44
II Samuel 3: 13-14; 6: 16-23; 21:8
I Chronicles 15:29

First wife of David, younger daughter of Saul, she loved, protected and eventually lost favor with David

Milcah I

Genesis 11:29; 22:20-23; 24:15, 24, 47

Daughter of Haran, wife of Nahor, grandmother of Rebekah and Laban

Milcah II

Numbers 26:33, 27:1-11, 36:11
Joshua 17:3

One of the five daughters of Zelophehad and co-inheritor


Exodus 15:20-21
Numbers 12:1-15; 20:1; 26:59
Deuteronomy 24:9
Micah 6:4

Sister of Moses and Aaron, she followed Moses basket, was a prophetess to Israel, offended God by discounting Moses’ greatness and was cursed with then cured of leprosy

Miriam II

I Chronicles 4:17

Could be a man or a woman


Genesis 4:22

Daughter of Lamach and Zillah, sister of Tubal-cain

Naamah II

I Kings 14:21, 31
II Chronicles 12:13

Solomons wife (one of many). An idolatrous Ammonite whose son Rehoboam became the last king of a united Israel


I Chronicles 4:5-6

One of two wives of Ashur



The widowed mother-in-law of Ruth who became an ancestress to King David and Jesus Christ


II Kings 24:8

Wife of righteous King Josiah’s unrighteous son Jehoiakim


Nehemiah 6:14

A false prophetess who tried to stop Nehemiah from finishing the restoration of the Temple


Numbers 26:33; 27:1

One of the five daughters of Zelophehad and co-inheritor

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