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Enos: biblical figure, eldest son of Seth; Adam & Eve’s Grandson

Enos or Enosh (1 Chronicles 1:1 KJV), which means “mortal man” in Hebrew, is the eldest son of Seth, and Adam and Eve’s grandson. He was born when Seth was one hundred and five years old (Genesis 5:6 KJV). It was mentioned in Genesis 4:26 KJV, that Seth had a son and named him Enos, then began men to call upon the name of the Lord.

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Seth, Father of Enos

Enos, Father of Cainan

Enos was ninety when he begat Cainan (Genesis 5:9 KJV). After Cainan, Enos had other sons and daughters and lived for another eight hundred and fifteen years (Genesis 5:10). Enos lived a total of nine hundred and five years before he finally rested (Genesis 5:11 KJV). The Bible Timeline charts his birth at 3769 BC and death at 2864 BC.

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8 thoughts on “Enos: biblical figure, eldest son of Seth; Adam & Eve’s Grandson

  1. In Amazing Bible Time Line(ABTL), Enos(3769-2864BC) son of Seth is mentioned. Seth was 105, when Enos was born and Adam was 130, when Seth was born. This makes Adam(4004-3074 ). But it makes all the rest findings controversial. How may those be justified? I need Literature Survey, need clues. Best wishes. – Saleh Sheikh, Karachi.

    1. Coming shortly – we will be adding editorial notes to each article with the information you are requesting.

  2. Why When Enos ,eldest son of Seth,was born did men seek the LORD?!?!?


      1. What does the name Enos mean?

  3. Why is enos not listed as Shem son in genesis 10

  4. Men called upon the lord by calling him Lord. Enos was God in the flesh. Men mistaked him for the Lord. He is who we should pray too. He obtained the Holy land and he was known by all means he’s Seth’s. Adam was not God cain was not God and Seth was not God but enos was. He’s the first mentioning of name changing he is all that christians do. He obtained the land of the Muslims his ways are the laws of the jewish. He named the land cainan after his son- is that not what God does just a Jesus is his son? I know it’s hard to understand that God made man so he could come from his seed, but it’s 2022 as I wrote this. Should it be so hard to understand now? He did those things and it’s still here today. You know the holyland. You know his land. You know the land Moses was trying to get to. God’s land. There’s only one God and it’s Enos or his christian name enosh

    1. What are your references to validate your facts? Otherwise making up your own findings is just blasphemy.

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