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Bethuel the Syrian, Rebecca’s Father 1804 BC

Bethuel the Syrian was the father of Laban and more importantly, Rebecca. He is listed on the Biblical Timeline Poster around 1804 BC. Bethuel was also related to Abraham through his parents Nahor and Milcah. Who were Abraham’s brother and niece respectively. Bethuel was the youngest of eight sons which included Uz, Buz, Kemuel, Kesed, Hazo, Pildash, and Jidlaph. He was first mentioned in Genesis 22:22-23.

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Nahor settled in Paddan Aram (also known as Aram-naharaim, in northern Syria and now a site in Altinbasak village in southern Turkey) with his wife Milcah and eight sons which included Bethuel. Bethuel still lived in Paddam Aram when Abraham sent his servant to get a wife from his relatives for Isaac (Genesis 24).

“Isaac’s servant tying the bracelet on Rebecca’s arm”

Abraham’s servant prayed to God for guidance in choosing a suitable wife while resting beside a well just outside of town and saw Rebecca come out to draw water. Rebecca introduced herself as one of Bethuel’s children. He was also present (Genesis 24:50) during the servant’s narration of how Rebecca was chosen to be Isaac’s wife. Isaac and Rebecca were later married, making Bethuel both father-in-law and cousin to Isaac.

Bethuel’s grandson Jacob would come back years later to seek refuge from his brother Esau in his uncle Laban’s home in Paddan Aram. And later to marry two of Bethuel’s granddaughters Leah and Rachel.

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6 thoughts on “Bethuel the Syrian, Rebecca’s Father 1804 BC

  1. Jacob was not Bethuel’s grandson.

    1. Bethuel was Rachel’s Father, Rachel is Jacob’s Mother. I think in genealogy that makes him his grandson?

      1. Laban was Leah and Rachel’s father. Bethuel was Rachel and Leah’s grandfather or Laban and Rebekah’s father.

      2. Rachel is Laban’s daughter. Rebecca was Bethuel’s daughter

  2. Info tells who Rebeccas father was, but never refers to who her mother is. Is it possible she was illigitimate, and her father took her to raise?

  3. Who is Rebekah/Rebecca mother and did Betheul have a wife if what was her name

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