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Etruscan Wars with Rome 

The Etruscan wars with Rome refer to a series of battles that involved the people of Ancient Rome and the Etruscans. It can be found on the Biblical Timeline Chart around 754 BC. These wars transpired during the early stages of Rome’s history. Based on the Roman foundation myths, the Etruscans were under the rule of King Mezentius. He formed an alliance with King Turnus of Rutuli, and they fought with the Latins and placed the Trojans in exile. These events occurred under the leadership of Latinus and Aeneas.

It was decided that the river Tiber would serve as the common boundary between the Latins and Etruscans. This served as an agreement to end the battle.

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‘ Bridge ruins over the Tiber River or Tevere at night Rome, Italy.’

During the 8th century BC, the Fidenates or a group of Etruscans aimed to suppress Rome as their future threat. This was during the time of Romulus‘ rule, and the king decided to march towards Fidenae to set an ambush and drive away the Etruscans from the city. At that time, the Fidenates were in disorder, and they were immediately caught up in the ambush. Another group of people called the Veientes were alarmed at the condition of the Fidenae because of the proximity to the Veii, as well as their linkage with the Fidenates. Hence, the Veientes decided to launch an attack to the Roman territory. Romulus and his army soon met with the Veientes and a battle was launched outside the territory of Veii. In the battle, the Romans won, and this caused the Veientes to leave the Roman territory and head off to the city. The Veientes pleaded for a peaceful agreement, and this resulted to a 100-year treaty that included giving a portion of their territory to the Romans.

‘Battle against the inhabitants of Veii and Fidenae.’

Another war occurred between the people of Veii and Fidenae, during the 7th century BC. Based on historians, Fidenae became a Roman colony. This was believed to have been made possible after Romulus was defeated in a battle.

In 7 BC, Tullus Hostilius became the third king of the Roman empire. A second war with the Veientes and Fidenates was declared. Initially, it began as an open revolt against Rome by the Fidenates. King Tullus ordered Mettius along with his army to go to Fidenae. The Roman and Alba Longa army joined forces, and they crossed the Anio and remained in the area near the Tiber.

At the same time, the Veii army also crossed and camped in the Tiber, and they prepared for battle together with the Fidenates. The Veientes was closer to the river while the Fidenates were near to the mountains.

When the battle began, the Alban troops along with Mettius decided to approach the mountains. The Fidenates feared that they would be overpowered by the large army, so they fled and escaped from the battle. This caused the Romans to head off towards the Veientes instead.

A series of other battles transpired, yet the Romans were able to overcome various groups of people that attempted to destroy their empire. Several battles also ended with a peace treaty despite the gruesome aftermath of these wars.

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