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Is Troy In the Bible?

Troy isn’t in the Bible but so what?  It’s fun and helpful to discover what was happening in the Bible during the days of Troy.  I decided to check out just how useful the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History is.  I actually couldn’t remember if Troy was on there or not.

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The Burning of Troy

I checked the index printed right on the poster and sure enough, there was Troy – between 1200 and 1100 BC in the Greek line.  I went to that section and found “Trojan Wars 1184 BC”  It was an easy to check the Biblical events for those same years to find Samuel was the prophet during the time of the Judges.  For the following I also used the index to find Homer, Alexander the Great and more.

Here’s more about Troy and the Bible:

2000 BC to 1180 BC: Troy is a culture center
Bible: Abraham to Saul – ancient beginnings of Israel
1184 BC to 1100 BC: Trojan War. Troy is abandoned
Bible: Time of Samuel the prophet
Homer writes the Iliad and Odyssey: the story of Trojan Wars
Bible: Time of Solomon and the division of the kingdoms of Israel
700 – 600 BC: Greeks begin to move into Troy. Named Ilium
Bible: This is the century that begins with King Hezekiah and
ends with Josiah and finally the captivity under Nebuchadnezzar.
300 BC Alexander the Great rules Troy/Ilium.
Bible: These are the silent years of the Bible
85 BC Rome conquers Troy/Ilium. Roman general Sulla partially restores it.
Bible – still silent. Jerusalem is also under Roman rule. The stage is set for the birth of the Messiah.


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5 thoughts on “Is Troy In the Bible?

  1. Acts 16. Paul goes to Troy. Have a nice day.

  2. AT the start of all the Troy movies it says Troy was in the years 3200 b.c.

  3. The real Troy was described to have been located at the place where there were to 5 rivers and certain mountain picks…. but in the today’s find that was taught to be a location of Troy somewhere in modern Turkey there’s no 5 river anywhere around it or mountain picks described by Homer!
    Homer knew this better then sone German archaeologist who supposedly located ancient Troy…. even the book Iliad most probably has a lot to do with ancient Serbian people Illyrians where there are 5 rivers and mountain picks exactly as the location of Troy was located and even ruins of the ancient city that used to be ancient Serbian capital SKADAR but now occupied by Shqiptari. Alexandar of Macedonia did rule over Illyria and Troy and it’s another reason why Troy was most probably located near modern day Macedonia and Serbia just like Homer described the geographical rivers, valleys snd mountainous regions as they are the same even today…. Turkey is nothing like ehat was described in Iliad by Homer.

  4. The location of Troy in Turkey is nothing like what was described in Iliad by Homer.

    1. Slavica, check Hittites texts. Hittites called the city Wilusa while Greeks called Ilios and Ilion in their ancient language. The location of Troy is ACTUALLY in Turkey.

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