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Britain a Roman Province

Rome had been a part of Britain since 55 BC through 40 AD where it is listed on the Bible Timeline Chart.  During that time, there was significant influence from Rome to the British on many levels. An example would be how their culture was shaped and the way the economy flowed. In the end, Rome shaped the language, geography, structural design, and more. The current capitol is a Roman City, and for an extended period of time the language and religion was Roman.

Rome ultimately invaded Britain for the convenience of Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius. It started with Julius Caesar who had just conquered Gaul and did not want to return to Rome.  Britain had given him an excuse in 55 B.C. after King Cunobelin of the Catuvellauni imprisoned Commius for trying to prompt Britain to accept Roman protection.  Britain had previously overtaken the Trinovantes as the strongest realm in south-eastern Britain, overpowering the previous Trinovantian capital of Camulodunum (Colchester), and pressed the nearby Atrebates, ruled by the descendants of Julius Caesar’s former ally Commius. Caesar then battled his way to land in order to free him. It was a small victory but impressed the senate in Rome. He then organized an expedition to conquer and plunder Britain in hopes of more prestige and gold. He returned to Britain with five legions at his command and re-established Commius as king on the Atrebatic throne. He then returned to Gaul disappointed having found nothing to plunder.

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Later Emperor Claudius looking to make a better name for himself set out to return the Atrebatic throne to the rightful ruler of that time named Verica. He had lost his place to the new chief of the Catuvellauni, Caratacus. In 43 A.D., Claudius sent four legions overseas to conquer Britain. Starting at Richborough, they fought into the River Medway. The battle commenced when his general, Vespasian obtained the river with his legion sustained by a group of ‘Celtic’ auxiliaries, and the British were taken.


Temple of Claudius

Vespasian continued on to attack MaidenCastle and Hod hill. During this time, laudius penetrated the Catuvellaunian capital of Colchester in victory. He erected a temple there and a bronze statue of himself; then founded a legionary fortress. He stayed in Britain for merely 16 days. The remaining parts of the island took almost 30 years to overcome.

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