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Aztec Calendar Similar to Asiatic 

The Aztecs and several other groups of people during the Pre-Columbian era in Central Mexico devised and used a calendar system called the Aztec calendar. It is part of the Biblical Timeline with World History. This served as a guide to the people, which also has some similarities with the Mesoamerican calendars that were used during that period.

Features of the Aztec Calendar

The Aztec calendar features the xiuhpohualli, or a calendar cycle that includes 365 days. Another component of the calendar is the tonalpohualli, or the ritual cycle that involves 260 days. Together, these cycles form a calendar round that includes 52 years. Since the xiuhpohualli is based on the sun, it is used for agricultural purposes. On the other hand, the tonalpohualli is made up of 20 periods that include 13 days. These periods have a specific name, which is represented by a symbol such as a rabbit or water, among a few others. As days passed, a dot was added next to the hieroglyph or symbol for each period.

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Aztec Calendar Stone

The 365-year calendar used by the Aztecs represents the solar year or the length of time that the earth takes before it completes one revolution. The calendar was helpful in guiding the Aztecs in determining the right time for performing agricultural tasks and religious rites. They also regarded the last 5-day period as an unlucky or dangerous time.

The periods included in the calendar come with their own unique festivals that are linked to the agricultural cycle. Moreover, the end of the 52-year cycles was considered as the time for celebrating religious rituals to renew the sun. It is during this time that the people extinguished the hearth fires, destroyed their household goods, fasted, and waited patiently for signs that show the sun’s renewal.

Analysis of the Similarities Between the Aztec Calendar and the Asiatic Calendar

The Asiatic calendar helps people to learn more about the order in which the world started. Scholars devised this type of calendar, and these people have the ability to analyze every composition of the planet. They also referred to the calendar to determine possible occurrences in the future. Furthermore, the Asiatic calendar gives people an idea that the universe is entering a new period, which also signifies a renewal in the world and man’s state of consciousness.

If taken into consideration the features and purposes of both calendars, it is safe to say that the Asiatic calendar has some similarities with the Aztec calendar. Both of these are intended to guide the people about the history and chronology of the world’s existence. In the Aztec calendar, the number 13 is referred to as the original 13 Tribes, a concept that is also presented in the Asiatic calendar. Moreover, both calendars are based on the science of astronomy and mathematics, which help determine how spiritual prophecies and histories are recorded in continual periods as civilizations advance in this planet. It is also depicted in both calendars that the world has reached a period in the repetitive cycle, and, as a result, renewals are expected to take place.

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