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Sushen, ancestors of the Manchu

In China, the Manchu people are an ethnic minority who came from the land of Manchuria. Their ancestors are the Sushen, which can be found on the Bible Timeline around 300 AD. The largest population of Manchu is in Liaoning, while other areas such as Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Hebei and Jilin have more than 100,000 people that are all Manchu. However, there are several autonomous counties in the country made up of Manchu people. Which are located in Yitong, Weichang, Kuandian, Beizhen, Fengcheng, Fengning and Qinglong, to name a few of the 300 townships and towns of the Manchu.

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According to historians, the Manchus were descendants of the group of people called Jurchen. These people formed China’s Jin Dynasty, although in the chronicles of ancient China’s Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors; the Sushen were mentioned. They were believed to have come from the North Eastern Asia’s Manchurian region in the north. The Sushen paid their tribute to the Shun with bows and arrows. This minority group was famous for their hunting and farming skills, as well as in using wooden arrows with flint heads. They settled in areas such as in the trees or caves.

In the Book of Wei, which was written in the dynastic era in China, the Sushen was mentioned once again. Also referred to as Jichen, they were considered as the tribes of Tungusic Mohe who came from the Northeast regions. Based on scholars, the Mohe were sedentary people who had expertise in farming pigs. They had pork as a staple in their meals, and their coats were made from dog and pig skins. They were excellent farmers who grew rice, millet, wheat and soybeans.

People of Manchu

Additional Facts about the Sushen

The northeastern portion of China was occupied by an ethnic group called the Sushen. The site where they lived was specifically in the Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces. In the Zhou dynasty, the Sunshen people were very much active. In fact, there were archeological relics found in the area that were believed to have been from the Xituanshan Culture by the Tungusic.

The Sushen lived most of their lives in the Liaxi and Shandong borders. This was based on the Shanhaijing and Guoyu that were released during the Zhanguo in 476 to 221 BC. However, the Sushen was first documented in 6 BC, as featured in early documents in China. For a time, nothing much was known about this group except for their common dwelling that was in the forest and caves. Their way of living was documented, and their arrival in China was said to be an auspicious symbol of the virtue of the ruler in the country.

There were historians who believe that the Sushen and Mishihase were similar, according to ancient records in China. However, there were those who assumed that the Japanese gave the name to a group of indigenous people found in the northeastern part of the country. The Sushen were said to have been the Mohe’s ancestors, as well as the Manchu, Jurchen, and Nanai, among some Tungusic group of people.

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