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Numa Pompilius of Rome

Many historians and scholars claim that ancient Rome was one of the greatest empires to have existed on Earth. This empire has established many of the components that are an integral part of any modern society. This includes government, roads (highways) and extensive commercial markets are but a few of the societal attributes that were established and perfected during the era of Rome. According to legend, Rome was supposed to have been founded by two brothers named Romulus and Remus. The legend claims that when Romulus and Remus were building Rome, Romulus killed his brother Remus because he had belittled his efforts for protecting the city. After Remus was slain Romulus then became the first king of Rome. No one is certain about what happened to Romulus, but he supposedly had disappeared after he offered a public sacrifice. After his departure, Rome was governed by a group of men called a Senate. Eventually the senate elected Numa Pompilius as the second king of Rome. His reign began around 715 B.C. which is where he appears on the Bible Timeline.

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Numa Pompilius wasn’t a warrior king but more of a statesman and politician. Roman historical records claim that he was shrewd and very wise. He is credited with starting religious and political institutions. He built temples to one of Rome’s chief deities known as Janus. He established property laws by creating a god named Terminus. This particular deity had a set of rules that governed how men and Rome should live in harmony with their neighbors and fellow citizens. He created various offices and duties for civic workers, and he contributed a calendar system that influenced the modern calendar in use today. Numa came up with the months of January and February, and he adjusted the lunar and solar years that also would become a feature of modern day calendars.

Guilds and unions were also set up within the empire by Numa. He created these intuitions as a means to designate people to their proper roles within society and not to allow them to rise above their fellow man in prominence. He also didn’t want the people to worship images of deities within temples. He actually forbade the creation of images that represented their ancient gods. Once Numa had taken over the throne, he disbanded his royal bodyguard which was done to show people that he was a man of peace. It should also be stated that Numa was a very religious man who did not desire violence.

Numa was the son of Titus Tiatus, and he was a Sabine. In another legend surrounding the former King Romulus, the Romans supposedly had stolen the wives of a nearby tribe called the Sabines. Once the Sabines realized what had happened, they went to war against the Romans. Eventually, peace was made even though the Sabine women preferred the Roman males over their own men. As a sign of true peace, Romulus made Titus Tiatus a coregent with him while he ruled. After Romulus had died, he no longer retained his power because of the Senate but his son Numa was eventually elected to the position of ruler. Numa Pompilius ruled Rome from 715 B.C. to 673 B.C.

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