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Laodicea Council 360 AD

Arranged the Canon of Old and New Testament 

In about 360 AD where it is marked in the Biblical Timeline Poster, the Laodicea Ad Lycum, or simply the Laodicea, is where the Synod convened in Phrygia Pacatiana. This place is quite different from Syria’s Laodicea, much to the confusion of some people. While the actual year of the council remains to be unclear, some reports state that the event was held in 365 AD. On the other hand, there are others who agree that it was probably in 363 AD when the council convened.

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‘Colonnaded Street in Laodicea’

There were those who hoped that the 7th canon would provide a hint to settle the accurate date of the Council once and for all. For instance, it was during the 4th century that the great Bishop Photinus rose into prominence. There were more Eusebians during the synod held at Antioch (about 344 AD), as well as the Orthodox situated at Milan that condemned him. In 366, this bishop died out of banishment and condemnations.

To put it safely, it may be best to consider that the Synod of Laodicea met at about 343 to 381 years. It also took place over the years that the Sardican and Second Ecumenical Council were held. Moreover, people have come to terms with the minimal importance of knowing the accurate date of the council.

Key Facts about the Council of Laodicea

The Laodicea Council was referred to as a regional synod that was composed of 30 clerics all coming from Asia Minor. They all gathered in Laodicea, specifically in Phrygia Pacatiana from the year 363 to 364 AD. Moreover, the council commenced after the Roman and Persian War, which was waged by the last of the Constantinian emperor named Julian. He aimed to revive the practice of paganism in the empire while discriminating and punishing Christians.

According to researchers, the 59th canon put restrictions on the canonical books included in the Old and the New Testament. Then, the 60th cannon provided a list of all the books, where the New Testament consisted of 26 books, not including the Apocalypse or Book of Revelation. On the other hand, there were 22 books in the Old Testament, which was also made up of the 22 scriptures of the Hebrew version of the Bible. Also included in the Old Testament were the Epistle of Jeremy, as well as the Book of the prophet Baruch.

However, there were some doubts that circulated in terms of the 60th canon’s authenticity. The reason for this was the missing manuscripts that were added eventually to present the content of the books included in the 59th canon. Thus, Cyril provided a list that matched the one presented in the Laodicea Council, in 350 AD.

In the said council (which Cyril was a part of), a list was given to show all the books included in the Holy Scriptures. This list was not contradictory to the one provided by Eusebius. In fact, Eusebius suggested that there should be unity in terms of the accepted writings recognized by the Church. Thus, he was against the reading of scriptures that were not generally received to avoid confusion among the Christians who are exposed to these writings in the Bible.

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