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Tou and the Bible, King

King Tou sent his son, Prince Hadoram, to find out how David was doing and to pay him tribute for his victories. He also sent him praises for the victory he had over Zobah. He appears on the Bible Timeline between 1050BC and 1090 BC.  Scripture indicates that Hadarezer was the enemy of Hamath and apparently they couldn’t defeat the armies of Zobah. Once King David was able to beat them in battle, King Tou was elated.
King Tou first appears in 2 Samuel 8:9-10 and 1 Chronicles 18:9-10. In both passages of scripture, David is aided by God in his conquest of the nations that have constantly been a problem to Israel. Some of these nations included the Philistines, the Moabites and the Armeans.

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David had many battles against the Armeans and in 2 Samuel 8 he had to defeat them when the Ammonites used them in their war against Israel. This time, the Armeans came to the aid of Zobah, but they were defeated by The Israelites. Once he defeated the Armeans he set up garrisons inside of their territory to keep them under control, and they were never considered a real problem against Israel during the rest of his reign.

Tou, Ancient_King_of_Hamath
Euphrates River

King Hadarezer set up a monument at the Euphrates River. King Tou wanted to regain control over this region. He attempted to do this by placing a statue of a god or himself within the region of the Euphrates. King David didn’t allow him to gain control over the area.
King Tou had sent King David silver, gold and bronze items as a form of tribute. These articles were taken by King David and offered to the Lord for his victories. When tribute was offered to God, it was usually placed the treasure within a temple dedicated to God. The Lord was with King David during this period in his life, and this is one reason so many of his enemies were subdued by him. After King David defeated all of these nations, people far and wide probably feared and respected him.

King David’s victories could also be compared to the Israelites victories under Joshua when they were defeating various nations once they arrived in Canaan. In 2 Samuel 7 God had just promised King David that one of his descendants would forever remain on the throne of Israel. God was extremely pleased with King David’s request to build him a temple. Though he didn’t allow King David to construct the building he was glad that he made the request. This event happened shortly before King David’s victories in 2 Samuel 8 and 1 Chronicles 18. Ultimately, King Hadarezer’s defeat was the result of Gods favor on King David and Israel.

King Tou and Bible References

  • 1 Chronicles 18: 9-10 King Tou sends David tribute and praises for defeating King Hadarezer of Hamath.
  •  2 Samuel 8: 9-10 King Tou sends David tribute for his victories over the other nations and for defeating the King of Hamath.
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