Moloch God of the Ammonites

The god Moloch was a Semitic deity of perverted cruelty. He was worshipped in Tophet, a city nearby Jerusalem. In this area, Moloch was honoured with human sacrifices. The people would burn their children in fire as a form of sacrifice while others would let their infants pass through the fire as a form of dedication. He is found on the Biblical Timeline as early as the 17th century BC.

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The Israelites were prohibited from offering their children as a form of sacrifice to Molech. Furthermore, any man who did sacrifice his child to Molech was punished by death.

Moloch was a Septuagint term thought to be derived from the Hebrew word “melekh” that means “king”. He was the chief god of the Ammonites. He was also known by the names Molech, Milcom, Malcham, and for the Moabites he was the god named Chemosh.

King Solomon erected an altar to honour Molech at the Valley of Hinnon which was destroyed by Josiah but rebuilt by Jehoiakim. Moloch was also worshipped by Manasseh.

Moloch was illustrated by a statue with the head of a bull and arms out-stretched as a representation of him receiving the children being sacrificed.

Moloch or Milcom in the Bible

1 Kings 11:5. King Solomon followed other gods like Ashtoreth of the Sidonians and Moloch (Milcom/Molek) of the Ammonites.

1 Kings 11:33. King Solomon’s kingdom torn down for worshipping other gods like Ashtoreth of the Sidonians, Chemosh of Moabites, and Moloch (Milcom/Molek) of Ammoniteshe and for disobedience with the laws and decrees that David, his father, had kept.

2 kings 23:13.

Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43. People were reminded to repent of worshipping the tabernacle of Moloch and Chiun as their persona of God, which they made to themselves.

Leviticus 20:2. Members of the community are to stone to death any Israelites or residents of Israel who surrenders their children to Moloch.

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12 thoughts on “Moloch God of the Ammonites

  1. Informative piece.Thanks for taking the time.Alot more people need to wake up and start STUDYING this stuff.Because it is everywhere,next door,across the street.Know your enemy! W.Cupp

    1. Dude stop watching Supernatural.

    2. My daughter told me to stop studying the different evil spirits the bible addresses, because am not to show interest in them. What is your take on this. I do i know what am dealing with unless its apparent to whichever one am coming up against.

  2. true statement but it is even more important to know how to defeat such principalities in high places

    1. Amen!

    2. we are seated in Christ in heavenly places FAR ABOVEE all principalities and powers and we do have all authority over them. Spiritual warfare every morning is the only way to get out from under the devil and the demonic forces that rule this earth.

      1. Excellent answer

  3. One of Solomon’s many wives, was the daughter of the King of Moab. He had for his many fathers-in-law most of the kings of Canaan and the surrounding kingdoms/city-states. She brought with her, and set up in Jerusalem, an altar to the god Molock/Chemosh. He did not forbid it. There it remained for 400 years, until Josiah II had it torn down. It was one of the reason Isaiah told them they had been led off to captivity.

  4. I had a vision of this thing actually moving its arms with black orbs coming and going from it a few years ago during a very serious property exorcism that invoved my 17 year old step daughter chanting lucifer and heavy drug use. She eventually accepted Christ and got baptised! I had no idea at the tume this was a actual god mentioned in the bible till now.
    This is heavy shit!!!

    1. Listen to Carla Butaud. Or go to Lake Hamilton Bible Camp and read the sermons or go to their youtube channel.. God bless you. We were meant to be over them, not the other way around!

  5. Stephanie get in touch w Rev. Miguel Bustillos, of Deliverance is The Children’s Bread. Google him. He does deliverance via Skype, if you can’t go see him in person.

    After a person receives Christ as their Lord and savior, they then must get inner healing & deliverance and fill their spirit w the Word of God.

  6. There are many today who worship this god today without knowing his name. We don’t want life and children are seen as a problem not a blessing from God, so they are sacrificed and killed on the alter of selfishness. They are killed with saline and burned alive in the womb. Children whom are orphaned are not taken care of but exploited for the pleasure of some sexual perversion and made slaves to the sexual fantasy of evil people who see them as income.
    It is the worship of a perverted cruel god of sexual deviancy that holds out its hands to receive the world’s children for the price of lust, greed and malice.
    The God who created all things said He loves justice and mercy. There is no mercy with this god of selfish deviancy and perverted sexual desires.
    We must protect these children.

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