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Matthias, The Apostle

Matthias came from the Hebrew word “Mattithiah”, which means “the gift of Yahweh”. He was regarded as one of Jesus‘ disciples and was there during the baptism of Jesus. When Judas died, Peter made a proposal that Matthias join them. In fact, Matthias was selected, along with Barsabas. However, it was Matthias who became a part of the eleven apostles after the drawing of lots.

Matthias In the Bible

Matthias was not mentioned in any of the synoptic gospels as being one of Jesus’ followers or disciples. However, in the book of Acts, he was narrated as being with Jesus from the time he was baptized and up to the moment he went back to heaven during the ascension. Another man was chosen to join the apostles who were named Barsabas. After the apostles prayed to God for guidance and drew lots, Matthias was declared as the new member of their group. He was also present during the time that the apostles gathered at Pentecost. In the canonical books of the New Testament, however, there were no details about Matthias.

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The Apostle Matthias


According to scholars, Matthias hailed from Bethlehem. During his early childhood years, he was taught by Simeon the Law of God. He also believed that Jesus was the Messiah, and he followed the Lord along with the other apostles.

He traveled with Andrew and Peter to Syrian Antioch after coming from Jerusalem. He was in Sinope and Titanium, alongside these two apostles of Jesus. When he was in the Cappadocian city, he was locked in a prison. However, Andrew freed him in a miraculous manner.

Upon being set free, Matthias went to Amasea. He also journeyed to Sebaste and Edessa with the Apostle Andrew. He preached at Macedonia and Pontine Ethiopia, based on the Church Tradition. Although he met several instances that almost caused his death, he was constantly spared to continue his mission to preach and spread the Gospel.

One of the miraculous stories involving Matthias was when he was forced to drink a potion that contained poison. When he did so, he was not harmed, and he even healed some other prisoners who suffered from blindness after drinking the potion. He was also able to leave the prison without anyone noticing him. Afterward, he headed back to Judea to preach the works of Jesus. He also performed numerous miracles and converted several people to believe in Jesus.


Ananias, a High Priest of the Jews, gave a blasphemous speech that slandered Jesus’ name. Matthias defended Jesus by saying he was the True Messiah. This angered the Sanhedrin, and he was sentenced to be executed. He was stoned and died, although there were accounts that he died after being crucified at Colchis.

This was the life of a man who lived his life believing and expressing his faith in Jesus as the savior. He also remained true to his faith that made him one of the apostles of Jesus.

His feast day is on the 14th of May.

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