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Was Jesus a Jewish Rabbi?

Yes.  Two genealogies of Jesus Christ are found in the Bible, one in Matthew 1 and the other in Luke 3.  Both genealogies trace Jesus ancestry back to David. From David the genealogy goes like this: David son of Jesse son of Obed son of Boaz son of Salmon son of Naason son of Aminadab son of Aram son of Esrom son of Phares son of Judas (Judah) son of Jacob son of Isaac son of Abraham.

Was Christ a rabbi?

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Yes again.  This is a Jewish title for teacher given to Christ.  See Matthew 26:25, Mark 9:5, 11:21, John 1:38, and more.

Jesus Christ

How about the Apostles?

According to the Biblical Timeline ten of the original twelve tribes of Israel were lost during the various sacking and captivities from 735 BC to 720 BC.

The tribe of Judah had remained loyal to Solomon’s son Rehoboam when the nation split after Solomon’s death.  They occupied Jerusalem, the city of David. (I Kings 12:20)  Other verses suggest that Benjamin also remained. (I Kings 12: 23)

From this, we can safely conclude that not only was Christ a Jew but so were all the apostles.  In fact, we have not only the Bible (both the New and Old Testament) but Christianity itself thanks to the Jewish people who wrote and preserved these records and were the original members of Christ’s church.  They are still God’s chosen people, and He will redeem them. (Isaiah 11:111, 44:23, 51:11, 66:13 Romans 11:26 and other prophecies too numerous to mention.)


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13 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Jewish Rabbi?

  1. Was Christ a rabbi? – I wish to point out something that has never been talked about .. In the Jewish society, In the Temple Society, one could not be called a Rabbi, unless he was a married Man. and if a young man was not married by the time he became 20 years of ages, he was there upon forbidden to step foot within the Temple mount, until he could prove that he was a married man. Therefore for anyone to address Christ as a Rabbi, meant that they knew he was a married man. Yes, Christ had a wife at one time or another some where. But this fact has never been brought forth. The only clue that we have that he was a married Man was the fact that he was called a Rabbi. Paul Himself taught that for a man to be a Rabbi, he had to ”have a wife” .. I know that no one wants to accept this, but I think its time to change our view on this. Christ came to live as a man among us, thus, It only stands to reason, that he would also be a married man, just as the First Adam was a married man with a wife. Christ therefore to be called the Second adam, meant that he had to follow in the footsteps of the first adam and to have a wife. Remember, Christ told his mother Mary, know ye not that I must be about My Father’s Business ? Meaning, he was to become a Rabbi. He could teach the Temple Court, unless he was known to be a Married Rabbi .. I know many will reject this, but I believe it is the truth. If you wish to discuss this with me .. then do so with a open mind, not a close mind .. thank-you ..

    1. God purposely left these things out to keep Jesus’s blood line hidden to protect him. Jesus was here to live as a man. A commoner… This means he was allowed to be human, and although he was special from the get-go, I do believe that he had to discover who he was around the time that he became the Rabbi, or began his public Ministry. God made Adam in Perfection, then look down on him and said you know it’s no good for you to be alone, I will create you a mate. That is the whole point: LOVE and procreation. Life is made out of love to give and receive love. Jesus was probably married, but that is not as important as what he taught, and that is to love. I believe we spend so much time rebuking each other that we do not get the truth, because God infused his wisdom into all living things, therefore we have to string the truths together, to find the whole. No body is wrong, everybody is right, the trick is to find the truth in all the confusion… May God’s grace and piece be upon you all.

    2. That, I believe, is a most excellent answer and I totally agree with you! Most Christians, even the serious ones and many theologians have no clue concerning Jewish culture in the first century. If Jesus followed and filled (kept it perfectly) then he was married at the age of 18. At the age of 30 he had to be baptized so he could begin his own ministry, once again fulfilling the law. Jesus was not only a rabbi but a high ranking rabbi who was given “authority” to deliver interpretations of the Torah. I find it unfortunate that the majority of Christians that I know do not seem to care about this important aspect of Jesus’ life. He was much more than a simple carpenter in every way.

    3. His wedding was at Cana. It was hosted by his mother in the Jewish tradition. His miracle of changing water to wine was done as the grooms family is responsible for food and wine. The bride was Mary Magdalene an apostle who was always with him and he kissed upon the lips. The other apostles ask her why he didn’t confide some mysteries to her but not to them.

    4. one note married when the people of moses came to god they married him and when jesus came for the losted the lost had divorced god which is why jesus had to die because the law said so. Jesus was god in the fact that he had to die so the lost could remarry again which is how they can be saved. so the word married doesn’t always mean what you think in todays standers.

    5. AWESOME!!!!

  2. If He had a wife, how come not a single child? Isaiah 53:8
    “He was taken from and from judgement: AND WHO SHALL DECLARE HIS GENERATION? for He was cut off out of the land of the living”.
    Secondly Jesus wasn’t born of the seed of a man, He was the Spirit of God in body, so how do you expect the Spirit of God to copulate with flesh?
    Thirdly if you supposed Jesus because as the Second Adam had to go the way of the first Adam by marrying; of what good was Adam’s marriage to a woman to his life?. That means He should have also fallen the way the first Adam did.
    Fourtly if Jesus had a wife, she would picture in the scene at the cross where Jesus told His mother to behold her son. He would have as well spoken about Mary taking care of her daughter-inlaw
    Fiftly, everything you have just written here is heretic

    1. Yes .. I also think Jesus never married . It is clear from the Bible that Jesus is the biological son of God ( Joseph was not connected with His ancestry, and was his step father ) , so given that that fact is so important in Scripture, had there been a wife , and in the days before contraceptives, undoubtedly children also, the Bible would have had to address the question of grandsons and granddaughters of God . Significantly though, in spite of the fundamental importance of the Son of God, there is no mention whatsoever of grand-children of God.

    2. Such a bunch of baloney Isaiah 53:8 how do solely equate ‘who shall declare his generation?’ To ‘he doesn’t have a child’? It could mean a number of things most likely to do with the hope someone stands up and defends him before death.
      It’s a stretch to say it’s about not having kids 2) with his penis. You think he would have fit in in society, especially back then without one? No, he would have been a freak and probably killed in infancy 3) what’s all this Adam shit? He was a Rabbi preaching in a Temple, as such he needed to be married as were the ways of the era. It’s not mentioned in the bible because it is insignificant to the sexist authors to mention. 4) that’s entirely speculative, you can’t put words in a dead persons mouth and tell us what he would have said.

  3. I too, believe that Jesus was married, as that was the stipulated requirement to being a rabbi, as was the directive to produce children. As well, Mary Magdalene was his wife and recognized by the other twelve disciples as Jesus’s favorite. A single woman would not have been allowed to live, literally, in the company of men travelling around Judea at that time. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, but came from a significant family. Mary, the woman with the alabaster box of oils, to anoint those guests to her father’s home. She did wash Jesus’s feet and anointed him with certain oils that only the wealthy could afford.
    Pointedly, Isaiah 53:8, ‘… and who shall declare his generation?’ This statement can mean many things, but in context to his being the Son of God, it would very likely have been intended to mean “… and who shall declare me the Son of God?” Every follower of Christ shall declare him to be the Son of God!

  4. To my understanding one had to be married to be a member of the Sandhedrian / the jewish legislative body but to be a Rabbi I am not sure that it was manditory. At 12 years old he was in discussion with the elders / temple priests probably before his bitzah. So much spectulation it is not clear.

  5. Hi, I am writing forty devotionals, one each day, for the season of Lent for our church. We are protestant Christians and I am attempting to project an image of Jesus as a rabbi. I want the congregation to understand this time and era during the time of Jesus’ teaching His disciples; you above are right; many times this cultural context is overlooked by us protestants! So, I am not going to delve into whether or not Jesus was married. I do have a question though: The disciple Paul remained unmarried. I have a theory that Jesus had spent time with the monastic group of men called the Acenes, understanding their council of 12 and living for a while with them in an aesthetic lifestyle in the desert. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is it possible that both Paul and Jesus could have remained single and still be considered respected enough to be rabbi, especially Jesus?


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