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Kings, Time of the

The time of the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah spanned 390 years (combined). Outlasting the northern Kingdom of Israel by some 150 years. Israel was first a unified nation during the time of David but split up into two kingdoms after Solomon’s death. The 10 northern tribes formed their own kingdom led by Jeroboam, and the Kingdom of Judah and Benjamin stayed under the leadership of the House of David. The Time of the Kings is recorded on the Bible Timeline between 974 BC – 604 BC.

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“Depiction of Jewish king and soldiers in ancient Judah”

The longest reigning king of the Kingdom of Israel was Jeroboam II, who ruled for 41 years. The shortest was Zimri, who ruled only 7 days. In the Kingdom of Judah, King Manasseh ruled the longest with 55 years. Jehoahaz and Jehoiachin ruled the shortest with 3 months both. Athaliah was the only woman who reigned the southern kingdom. She got her power by killing all of the members of the royal family, except for Joash, who was hidden by his aunt.

The Kingdom of Israel was not without its problems. Several kings of the North were murdered by their successors and dynasties often passed from one family to another. However, the House of David continued to rule in the southern kingdom until the destruction of Jerusalem.

Prophets Who Lived During The Time of the Kings:

* Ahijah
* Elijah
* Micaiah
* Elisha
* Hosea
* Amos
* Jonah
* Shemaiah
* Micah
* Isaiah
* Zephaniah

Foreign Kings Who Lived at the Same Period and Had Contact With One or Both of the Kingdoms:

* Shishak (Shoshenq I) of Egypt
* Ben-Hadad I of Aram
* Mesha of Moab
* Ben-Hadad II of Aram
* Hazael of Aram
* Ben-Hadad III of Aram
* Sennacherib of Assyria
* Tirhakah (Taharqa I from Kush) of Egypt
* Merodach-Baladan II of Babylon
* Necho II of Egypt
* Tiglath-Pileser III (Pul) of Assyria
* Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon
* Osorkon IV (So) of Egypt
* Shalmanesser V of Assyria

Kings of Israel

Kingdom of Israel Length of Reign Death
Jeroboam 22 years
Nadab 2 years Killed by Baasha
Baasha 24 years
Elah 2 years Killed by Zimri
Zimri 7 days Suicide
Omri 12 years
Ahab 22 years Hit by an arrow in a battle with Arameans
Ahaziah of Israel 2 years Died from injuries after falling from his upper room
Jehoram of Israel (Joram) 12 years Killed by Jehu
Jehu 28 years
Jehoahaz 17 years
Jehoash 16 years
Jeroboam II 41 years
Zechariah 6 months Killed by Shallum
Shallum 1 month Killed by Menahem
Menahem 10 years
Pekahiah 2 years Killed by Pekah
Pekah 20 years Killed by Hoshea
Hoshea 9 years
End of the Kingdom of Israel and captivity of Israelites in Assyria.

Kings of Judah

Kingdom of Judah Length of Reign Death
Rehoboam 17 years
Abijah 3 years
Asa 41 years
Jehoshaphat 25 years
Jehoram of Judah 8 years Severe intestinal disease (2 Chronicles 21:18)
Ahaziah of Judah 1 year Killed by Jehu (2 Chronicles 22:9)
Athaliah (Queen, daughter of Ahab) 6 years Killed after Joash was proclaimed king
Joash 40 years Killed by his own officials
Amaziah 29 years Assassinated
Azariah (Uzziah) 52 years Suffered from leprosy
Jotham 16 years
Ahaz 16 years
Hezekiah 29 years
Manasseh 55 years
Amon 2 years Killed by his own officials
Josiah 31 years Killed during the Battle of Megiddo
Jehoahaz 3 months Taken captive by Pharaoh Necho II and died in Egypt
Jehoiakim 11 years
Jehoiachin 3 months Became a captive in Babylon until his death
Zedekiah 11 years His eyes were put out and he became a captive in Babylon
End of the Kingdom of Judah and the Fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians.
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