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Amos a prophet of Israel

Amos is a Hebrew name and it means “to carry” or “carried”. This name was given to Amos who carried the messages from God to the people of Israel.  He appears on the Biblical Timeline Chart around 750 B.C. He was shepherd from the town of Tekoah in Judah. God called Amos to prophesy during the reigns of King Uzziah of Judah and Jeroboam II of Israel. There was an earthquake in the land of Judah and two years before this quake had happened God sent Amos to warn the people about their sins and his judgment.

Amos 1 God Punishes Israel’s Neighbors

Amos begins his messages to Israel by explaining to them that God is shouting loudly from his Temple on Mount Zion. He tells them that God says that he is going to punish Israel’s neighbors for their sins against his people and against him. Damascus, Gaza, Tyre and Edom have all done something cruel and wrong to the Israelites and God had punished them in different ways according to the sins they had committed.

Amos 2 God Judges Judah and Israel

Amos says that God will punish his people because they refuse to obey his commandments and follow his instructions. He says that God will destroy the fortresses in Judah and he explains why God is so angry with Israel. Amos also points out that the Israelites run over helpless people, pervert justice, steal and sell honest people into slavery.

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Painting of Amos

Can Two People Walk Together?

In chapter 3 verse 1 in the book of Amos there is a famous verse which asks the question “Can two people walk together, except they be agreed?” God uses Amos to present this question to Israel so that they can take a good look at their relationship with him. The Lord wants Amos to tell the people that he is not going to be with them unless they follow his direction.

Amos 3 Witnesses against Israel

Amos tells the people of Israel that God usually sends a warning for people before he exercises judgment against them. He lets the people know that God has sent prophets to turn the people back to God. He then goes on to say that God will punish Israel by destroying the homes of the wealthy, allowing the Israelites to be taken captive by foreigners and destroying the pagan altars at Bethel.

Amos 4 to 6 More Judgments from God

The prophet Amos explains some more judgments to the people from God and in chapter 5: 1 -17 he calls for the people to repent before going back and pronouncing more punishments from the Lord.

Amos 7 Visions

In chapter 7 of the book of Amos God gives him a series of visions and the first vision was about locusts destroying Israel’s land. God decided not to destroy Israel with this judgment and decided to use fire to burn up the land. Once again the Lord held back this judgment. He then explains to Amos about the vision of the plumb line to test his people faithfulness and declares that he will destroy the pagan temples and altars in Israel.

King Amaziah of Judah told Jeroboam of Israel that Amos was planning to remove him from the throne and send the people into exile. King Amaziah told Amos to leave. Before Amos left he told King Amaziah that his wife would be a prostitute and that his children would die in the city. He also said that the king would die in a foreign land and that his land would be divided up. Amos pronounced these judgments on the king because he refused to listen to God’s word.

Amos 8 and 9

Amos pronounces some more harsh judgments and he relays the vision of ripe fruit that God had given him. The vision of ripe fruit was used to illustrate how the people of Israel were ready for judgment from God. Amos tells them that many people were going to be carried out of the city and that many others would die. The people didn’t want to listen to Amos and turn from their sins. In the last chapter of Amos, God says that one day he was going to restore his people and not wipe them out. This illustrates the point that Israel will always be God’s chosen people.


  • Amos 1: 1, 2 Explains how Amos became a prophet.
  • Amos 1 God punishes Israel’s neighbors.
  • Amos 2 God judges Judah and Israel.
  • Amos 3: 1 Popular scripture about people believing in the same thing.
  • Amos 3 God explains that he sends warning before judgment.
  • Amos 4 – 6 Judgments from God with a brief call of repentance in chapter five.
  • Amos 7 God gives Amos visions about the terrible ways he planned on destroying Israel
  • Amos 8 – 9 More judgments from God with the hope for restoration.
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8 thoughts on “Amos a prophet of Israel

  1. I cannot help but feel that the USA is a situation today, not unlike Amos said. The current leader of your country seems to be a morally bankrupt man who should not be in ANY position of power. As a so-called leader of the western world many people cringe at his actions/speeches. Basically he is a disaster. What does it say about America for putting a man like him in power.

    1. You onky know part of the stiry. Where are you from? Is your government and country in trouble? Art thou then perfect? Cast the first stone. God bless you and may He bless bless you and country. God bless us all for we are in danger of hellfire. Unless we seek Him and worship HIM with the belief in and that through JESUS CHRIST and the CROSS, and KNOW the He is the Son of the LIVING GOD draped in flesh and bore the sin of all mankind for whosoever will….then and only then…when we get serious with God…somebody IS GONNA TIOUCH JESUS CHRIST, THAT HIGH PRIEST THAT IS OUR MEDIATOR, OUR INTERCESSOR WILL SPEAK TO HIS FATHER AND SAVE UNTO HEAVEN TO LIVE WITH HIM IN GLORYLAND, THAT NEW JERUSALEM…..I know and I believe…….HALLELUJAH………………HALLELUJAH …. .HALLELUJAH..AMEN AND AMEN!

      1. yes Naomi Amen

    2. I don’t think America had much to choose from. I’d rather have him in office than a murderer and non Christian. How could America put a woman in office that is as evil as Satan himself. I wasn’t a Trump fan but I also being a daughter of a Marine couldn’t vote for a woman that had our service men slaughtered either…..and what about all of the babies being aborted…. America is in a bad place but it’s not because of who is in office. We as a nation need to repent and turn back to God!!!

    3. President is a true leader, largely with the support of Many Evangelicals. He has done more for religious liberty than any president in recent history. I would suggest that you Google, Kim Clement prophesy of 2007. God has ordained America to lead us back to recovery, just as prophet Clement spoke by the Spirit of God. Would you condemn King David for his moral failings. to note: President was not close to God and likely not saved much before taking office.

      1. Just like the people asking for a king when they had the King of Kings leading them, here we have Christians (Evangelicals) who are looking to a man whose feet are made of clay. He is human, flawed! What happened to prayer being the answer to all matters? Looking unto Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2)

    4. Yes Biden is a disaster

  2. It is coming to pass as foretold by the prophets, who the true Children of Israel, The Most High’s chosen people are. Will you obey or will you do the devil’s work? In Palestine/Israel 2018, the synagogue of satan announces preparations to build the 3rd temple and proclaim a “king for the world”; this will be the anti-christ. Many of you Christians worship false gods, blasphemous icons, and do not keep the Yah’s laws. Yah does not lie, either you believe the bible, or you don’t and you are dead to Yah.

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